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Wengie Hacks Your Hairdo

Youtube has come quite some distance since its early days of hosting funny cat videos, the funny cat videos are still there though thankfully, and has quickly become a source of not only entertainment but education as well. A quick search is all that stands between viewers and learning a new language, developing a new skill, or finding new ways to improve your life. So open a new tab and pause Grumpy Cat’s Yule Time Log Fire for a moment while we hack your life with Wengie.


Wengie Teaches You How To Keep Bobby Pins From Walking Away


Two things are true about bobby pins, one they are never around when you need one and two they never stay in one spot. Every time I buy a new package of bobby pins it is almost like a little game to see how quickly I will lose all of them and where they might end up.


Helping you avoid the same mistake, Wengie put together a helpful little life hack video aimed at those who can’t keep their pins from straying. The charismatic Youtube Darling shows viewers how with just a little magnetic tape, an old Tic-Tac container, and some ingenuity they can keep their bobby pins where they belong and always close by.


So if you’re like me and are tired of constantly losing bobby pins to the universe click over to Wengie’s channel and watch her latest life hack video, the cat videos can wait.