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National Steel Car is Leading Railroad Engineer and Manufacturing Company

Who is Gregory J. Aziz? How does the company he runs – National Steel Car – benefit its customers? What does the company actually do?

Known simply as Greg, Gregory J. Aziz is CEO at National Industries, Inc., serving as the Chair and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for National Steel Car Limited. National Steel Car, after over a century of being in operation, has become the top railroad freight and manufacturer of tank cars in the U.S. The headquarters is in Hamilton, Ontario.


Aziz admits to the company’s success due in a big part to their people – the employees, the staff, and leaders in the company. The employees are the cornerstone of a company that over the years, has become very innovative, dynamic and diverse, focusing on a values-driven purpose.


As employees of National Steel Car (NSC), all involved strive to consistently challenge themselves. They are always raising the bar when it comes to innovative thinking, elevating the company to levels no other rail company can match. According to Aziz, there is a deep sense of purpose to what the employees at NSC do. They build the customers trust by unveiling the highest quality of rail cars, with a performance of delivery that is on time.


But Aziz’ s company does not rely on its past accolades to maintain its impeccable reputation. It is through the pursuit of excellence that NSC achieves its greatest feat, ensuring customer satisfaction. After all, NSC is a proven leader in manufacturing rail cars. In fact, NSC has been proven as one of the world’s premiere railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. See More Info Here.


Aziz was born in London, Ontario in 1949. His education was at Ridley College, with a Major in Economics. He also attended the University of Western Ontario. After college, Aziz joined the family’s wholesale food business Affiliated Foods. Affiliate Foods would expand to a worldwide fresh foods importer over the next decade, including with distribution points throughout Central Europe and South America.


After several investment banking opportunities, in the early nineties, Aziz was able to purchase National Steel Car. By 1994, he was owner and proceeded to transform his company into a leader by example in the freight car manufacturing field. By focusing on engineer capabilities, team building and smart investment, NSC would be eventually growing from 3,500 cars annually to purchasing over 12,000 by the end of the decade.


The company has been certified ISO 9001, and is the recipient of the TTX SECO award every year consistently winning for over a decade.

Gregory Aziz CEO Of National Steel Car

Excellence isn’t easily obtained, it is earned through dedication and experience. No one understands that like National Steel Car, a long-lived giant in the industry of rail car design. National Steel Car has dedicated over 100 years to engineering the best rail cars available on the market. Their ingenuity and commitment to the industry have propelled them to one of the top railroad car companies in the world. The company attributes its success to the people who work to ensure only the best product is released for sale. An example of this dedication to quality personal would be the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car.

Greg Aziz was born in Ontario in 1949 and went to school at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. He worked with his family business and over the next 16 years, it became an international company importing foods from places like Europe and South America. Gregory Aziz worked with investments in New York from 1980 through the 90’s eventually purchasing National Steel Car in 1994. He set to work quickly with a distinct goal in mind, he intended to turn the company into a leader in the railcar manufacturing industry. In the next few years, he more than tripled the production of cars and the number of employees.

In his spare time, Gregory J Aziz and his wife support the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, one of Canada’s most noteworthy fairs. His company also supports a plethora of noteworthy charities such as the united way and the Salvation Army. His service to the Hamilton Community has also included sponsoring the Theatre Aquarius and the Hamilton Opera. To show their dedication not only to the community but to their employees National Steel Car also hosts an annual Christmas party. This party is open to current and past employees and their families and thousands show up to enjoy the festivities and participate in the company food drive. Despite these contributions to the community, National Steel Car considers its greatest contribution the jobs it provides. They pride themselves in paying their employees well and investing in their employee’s improvement as they would their company. Go To This Page to learn more.

Dr Mark McKenna Is An Ambitious Individual

Dr Mark McKenna is a doctor and someone who fights hard for his patients. He is someone who puts all that he is into the work that this man does, and that affects the medical practice that he has. This man is a medical doctor who is registered in surgery and medicine. He is someone who has been in the medical world for some time, and he is someone who works hard to be the best that he can be. Dr Mark McKenna practiced medicine with his father at the start of his career, while also launching a boutique real estate development firm.

Dr Mark McKenna has said that a typical day starts with him getting his daughter up and having breakfast with her. Before Dr Mark McKenna work for the day, he focuses on his family. When interviewed, he shared that he sets goals for himself and that he works hard to follow those goals. He is someone who tries hard to accomplish much with his life.

After Hurricane Katrina hit, Dr Mark McKenna saw the damage that had taken place, and he stepped up to be a part of the relief efforts. He was involved in the work of rebuilding New Orleans. He is an ambitious individual who could not stand by and watch as others struggled.

Dr Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta in 2007. There, he started ShapeMed. ShapeMed is a wellness and aesthetic focused medical practice. He works to help people change their bodies for the better. He is not afraid of starting up a new practice and setting out to do his own thing. His ambition pushes him on to attempt to do all that he can to succeed in life. In addition to starting his medical practice, Dr Mark McKenna has served as the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness.

The Background of Alexandre Gama

     Alexandre Gama is an entrepreneur and advertising executive that operates his agency out of Brazil, his home country. He’s arguably best known for creating Neogama, an advertising agency founded in 1999, creating a big splash in the world of communications, public relations, and advertising.

In his natural progression of advancing his career, he’s worked at Ogilvy & Mather, DM9, Young & Rubicam, and aided countless organizations.

Playing off his surname, Neogama was formed in 1999 by Alexandre Gama himself. Having extensive experience with some of the most reputable, popular advertising agencies in the world, Mr. Gama was able to grow Neogama to unheard of proportions in its first three years, becoming recognized as the quickest growing advertising firm throughout 1999 to 2002.

Following the end of its third calendar year of operation, Mr. Gama partnered Neogama with an agency located in the United Kingdom called BBH. The partnership made a splash in the world of advertising in its first year, earning an award from Meio e Mensagem titled Agency of the Year, also known as the Caboré trophy.

While Mr. Gama himself has won a plethora of Cannes’ Lion awards, the partnership between BBH and Neogama earned an impressive two Lions in its second year of operation together, 2003.

Later on down the road, the international conglomerate Publicis Groupe purchased the partnership between Neogama and London-based BBH in 2012. Four years later, in 2016, Neogama pulled out of the deal, legally able to operate Neogama, although only within the borders of its home country of Brazil. This increased independence has instantly improved Neogama’s performance, as Alexandre Gama knows the ins and outs of his own agency better than anyone.

Neogama won yet another Lion, although this time a Golden Lion, for promoting a campaign that mixed together various sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds.

Greg James Aziz is National Steel Car’s CEO

National Steel Car’s expectations must often be blown with Gregory James Aziz at the helm calling the shots at the CEO. The incredible impact he has made makes many questions if they use the 24 hours in a day.


National Steel has been nominated for many awards like the annual TTX SECO award continually for over ten years now. Greg James Aziz knows bringing the company to higher standards seems strange to those outside of the enterprise. The company culture must be rock solid and centered on improvement. National Steel Car has over 300 employees and is still expanding. Gregory J Aziz is pushing this testament with effective goal setting and structuring growth plans. Who would have thought Ontario, Ohio had such shrewd business roots?


Speaking of creative business, National Steel Car has climbed the ladder to be a top Rail company in the world by supplying a broad range of products. The after-market products offered are fulcrum brackets, brake piping, handholds, ladder rounds, body bolsters, trucks, and wheel sets. National Steel Car also offers rail cars from their 30,500-gallon tank car to their impressive super duty box with a gross rail load of 286,000 pounds. This vast product and service offering span is a clear key the success that Aziz wants to push and continue to improve every year. Go Here for more information.

These lofty goals of Gregory were highly welcomed by the employees of National Steel Car. The company has over 300 employees and over 2,500 followers on LinkedIn. The company structure can come under fire the larger the company is. The fact that National Steel Car has kept its employees happy is a direct result of transparent communication about Greg Aziz’s intentions and wishes. Large enterprises have clashes within like Apple did by not correctly spreading the correct messages to its employees. Preventing a public relations nightmare is as impressive as cleaning up a PR nightmare.


Making a splash in the Rail Car Industry could be seen as a strange niche to select. The freight rail industry is worth over $60 billion, and it consists of 140,000 rail miles. That is a ton of track miles to maintain and build rail cars to operate. Warren Buffet bought a rail round company outright in 2009, and the company (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) has doubled in profitability since he acquired the asset. Buffet’s investment proves the big wins that can be made in the industry. Check out more about Gregory James Aziz at

Robert Ivy Has An Impressive Body Of Work

Robert Ivy is Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects and its Executive Vice President. He was eventually named to the position of CEO in 2011. Robert Ivy completed a bachelor’s degree Sawanee: University of the South. He earned a master’s degree from Tulane University in architecture.

Robert earned the position of Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in 1996. Under his leadership the magazine grew to become internationally recognized. Ivy also held the position of Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. This also included the Green Source: The Magazine of Substantial Design. Other Publications under the journalism umbrella were Constructor, Sweets, HQ Magazine, Architectural Record: China and SNAP. Robert Ivy participated in the selection of Frank Gehry to design the national Dwight D Eisenhower Memorial. He was a junior on the panel at the time.

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The Architectural Record earned numerous awards under Robert Ivy’s leadership. It was presented with the Premier Magazine Journalism Award and the American Society of Magazine Editors National Award for General Excellence. This was a unique distinction for a journal such as this. Architectural Record also went on to acquire 26 Jesse H Neal Awards. During this time Robert Ivy received the Crain Award. It is the American Business Media’s highest notation of an individual person. The McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence soon followed in 1998. Robert Ivy remains a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council. Alpha Rho Chi, which is the national architectural fraternity named Robert Ivy Master Architect in 2010. It was a result of his effectiveness and ability to communicate the importance of design. The distinction is shared with other iconic architects such as Dr. Nathan Clifford Ricker, John Wellborn Root, Cass Gilbert, Ludwig Miles van der Rohe, Richard Buckmaster and I.M. Pei. This makes Robert Ivy one of only seven individuals to receive this honor in the 100-year history of the organization.

Robert Ivy published his biography entitled Faye Jones: Architect in 2001. It is now on a third edition. The book shines light on the work of an American architect who worked has an apprentice under Frank Lloyd Wright. The book was noted by the Art Library Society of North America for its exceptional standards of design and production. Faye Jones: Architect is a treasured resource of AIA gold medalist Faye Jones. It is currently ranked very high on Amazon despite being out of print. Jones is noted for a unique style of architecture.

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Lifeline Screening Preparedness

Lifeline Screening is a company that provides sophisticated medical screenings which are inexpensive and easily accessed. In our society today not as many people are seeing a doctor regularly as they feel comfortable if they are feeling OK. They decide that if there are no obvious symptoms then they are in good health.

This direction can be very hazardous because many serious medical conditions begin by displaying very few if any symptoms. Lifeline Screening really fills the gap here. With just a few simple tests, individuals can have the comfort of knowing their current health status. If there are findings pointing to a medical issue then they will be able to go to their doctor for treatment.

It is very easy to set an appointment with Lifeline Screening for the next few days time which takes away the hassle of having to see multiple doctors and other testing offices where schedules often are in conflict.

These tests that are offered by Lifeline Screening are the same screenings found in hospitals and medical testing facilities everywhere. The employees and medical personnel are required to have the same educational requirements and medical training that all hospital and medical employees must have.

The medical screenings that are available cover all of the vital organs, blood screening as well as specific screening for the heart, circulation, cholesterol, liver, bone density, and many other vital testings that indicate your current state of health.

At the time that you set your appointment you will be given instructions about how you can prepare for your screenings. A period of fasting for 6 to 12 hours is recommended if you are getting a blood test, for example. Clothing should be loose-fitting so that you will have a comfortable session of screening.

The ladies should wear slacks and a loose top. The men should wear trousers that are comfortable along with a sports shirt. You will be asked to lift up your top for some tests such as an ultrasound or the electrocardiograph. When your screening is done, you will be provided with a summary which is also made available for your personal physician.

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Gregory Aziz, The Prosperous CEO of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO of a Canadian company which manufactures railcars, National Steel Car. He has been the president and also the chairman of the company since he bought it in 1994 from Dofasco.

National Steel Car is the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America. The company has won the TTX SECO award for more than ten consecutive years. Furthermore, it has enviably earned the ISO 9001:2008 Certification; one which no other company in North America has ever been able to achieve. National Steel Car is also among the top railcar companies worldwide. It has earned recognition, prestige, honor, and respect. Additionally, the company has expanded its regions to the whole of North America and further. Before, it was only the Canadian pride. Now, it is not only a North American Company but also an international company.

Gregory J Aziz is an expert CEO and manager of the NSC. His skills are undoubted, and his economic strategies are professional. He is also a man with a vision and has led the company to prosperity. He credits his abilities to the University of Western Ontario, where he majored in Economics. A part of his experience is also credited to working with several investment banking opportunities in the New York around 1980s and 1990s.

The manufacturing capabilities of National Steel Car are a result of his able leadership of the company. He has prompted it to rise above its level, and within five years of its operation since the time he bought it, he was able to increase the number of manufactured cars yearly to 12,000 up from 3,500. Also, he was able to increase the employment to 3,000 up from 600 yearly.

Greg James Aziz credits the accomplishments of the company to the substantial contribution by their supporters and other individuals. The active employees as well, have contributed to the success of National Steel Car. Having an experience of over 100 years in the manufacture of railcars, National Steel Car has set a good reputation for itself. The company continues to come up with innovations and inventions of new cars and building many railroad freight cars every year.

Greg Aziz was born in London, Ontario, on 31st April 1949. He went through Ridley College, and later the University of Western Ontario. He joined his family’s company, Affiliated Foods in 1971. Greg is married to Irene, and the two have supported and funded several activities in Canada.


Adam Milstein Speaks His Mind Aloud About the Jewish Community and Interdependence with Israel

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is a well known not for profit organization for their deliberate input in nurturing the Jewish Tradition and bringing coherence to the Israelite nation. Adam Milstein together with his wife has been the main propellant to the foundation; putting in their time, resources and wisdom. Through this foundation, students have benefited from once in a lifetime opportunity to learn their culture and the preserved generational antics.

Adam Milstein is credited for yet another success which is establishing the Israeli – American Council which oversees the U.S and Israel relations. He has been on the forefront in tabulating the Foreign Policy of the American to enforce harmonious relationships. Adam Milstein’s wife a Moroccan immigrant to the U.S may have given him some familiarity of what the marginalized class endures. He has, therefore, become the ideal person to air out issue affecting immigrants and cross border relations.

His zeal for community service and acts of philanthropy has won him prestigious titles such as the most recent one, where he was listed as the top 200 Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs. Adam Milstein’s work has surely made a societal impact; many generations will be appreciated. He has bloomed and risen to gain dominance in philanthropy since he is a hand on figurehead who doesn’t mind working in the field with his team. He is currently hunting for increased slots for the Jewish people to learn Hebrew.

About Adam Milstein

The University of Southern California is his alma mater where he graduated honorable with a Masters in Business Administration. He also has a Science degree in Economics and Business from Technion. Adam Milstein had to go through the mandatory Israeli Defense Forces while at school. As an investor and businessman, he has lead to revolutionary changes in real estate. Apparently, he is the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein is an Israeli- American by nationality. He is the founder and CEO of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the Israeli-American Council. He is a board member for Jewish Funders Network, Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs and American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Adam Milstein’s name has been featured among the top100 people positively influencing Jewish Life and top 25 twitter activists.

Larkin and Lacey Try to Help Others with Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund is an organization that literally means the border fund. It is situated on the border of the United States and Mexico. The people who run it are often worrying about those who are close to the border and those who are trying to come to the United States.

The men know a lot about immigration and about the things that they are able to do to help those people who want to immigrate to the United States. They also know that they will be able to help others with the experiences that they have so that they can try and get the help that they need.

Since the Frontera Fund first started, the men have known what they are able to do and what they can try to make things easier for the people who are in the situations that they are working with.

Larkin and Lacey knew that they would be able to make a huge difference for people and chose to start the foundation so that they could provide the monetary and non-monetary help that those who are trying to get their human rights back should be able to have. They want to do everything that they can to help them. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Michael Larcey | Facebook

In very recent news, people are not being treated fairly even though they are supposed to have human rights. This is a huge problem and is something that most people are trying to get fixed.

Even the people who are in these situations know that it is wrong and they are fighting to make things better, but it can be hard for them to go up against the government and others just to be able to get the rights that they know they are entitled to in different situations.

Larkin and Lacey know this and they are doing what they can to ensure that the Frontera Fund is helping them. They have made a lot of contacts with these people and they know how they are able to help them with the situations that they are working in.

They also know that they will be able to make a huge difference in society if they are among the first that really can set a standard for things to get better for other people. They know what they will be able to do and how they can help others with the issues that they are having.

Since there are so many problems with the country and with the things that are going on in the country, Larkin and Lacey have tried their best to ensure that they are doing things to actually help people.

They set up the foundation so that more people could use it and so that they would be able to make a real difference in the world. They want to change the country and want to make it so that everyone has a chance at having equal rights. They believe that it shouldn’t matter what a person’s gender is or where they came from.