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Securus Technologies Brings Attention to Globel Tel Link (GTL) Improprieties

Global Tel Link (GTL), a company that works with inmate communications, has been found to have conducted itself improperly. The study was ordered by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, which served the state department of corrections and oversaw the telecom services that allowed inmates to call their friends and families.

Securus Technologies has released a report outlining the findings and plans on releasing more reports over the next six months. Some of the main infractions involved artificially inflating charges, and that was done through a variety of means, including adding seconds to the duration of each call, charging calls at higher rates, and double billing.

As a result of these practices, it was found that state taxpayers were left footing the bill that included an excess of over one million dollars.

These reports date back to the late 1990s, but leaders at Securus Technologies aren’t so sure that GTL has learned from its mistakes.

Securus Technologies serves more than three thousand government agencies associated with public safety as well as over a million inmates.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Danilo Diaz Granados Organizes a Fun-Packed Day in Miami, Florida

Danilo Diaz Granados, the co-founder of TOYS for BOYS, held a fun-filled and exceptional event in Miami, Florida. The July event was attended by guests who had been hand-picked by the affluent entrepreneur. It features activities like helicopter rides, fine cuisine, exclusive previews, a visit to the racetrack and a wonderful sunset boat ride. The guests were also treated to bottles of the exquisite Dom Perignon champagne towards the end of the day.

Since the inception of TOYS for BOYS back in 2013, Granados has held several successful hyper-sensory experiences that featured a selected guest list. Granados has reiterated on several occasions that he is keen to create exceptional experiences for his guests. He added that today, Miami’s men have an avenue where they can be treated to extravagant and unique products.

During the extravagant event, guests were treated to a nice breakfast at the sales center of the famed One Thousand Museum. They were then given an opportunity to see the much-awaited residential building yet to be opened at the Biscayne area.

After the preview, the guests got on a helicopter and flew to the Palm Beach Race Track. They each got a chance to drive around the track before taking another helicopter ride back. They were greeted with champagne, had lunch at River Yacht Club and ended the day with a sunset boat ride.

The day was sponsored by two of TOYS for BOYS sponsors namely Technomar and Van Dutch. In fact, the boats used for the sunset boat ride were their newest boats. Other sponsors of the day included One Thousand Museum, Gryphon Racing and Air Commander Aerospace.

Danilo Diaz Granados is an alumni of Babson College based in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He graduated with an Economics and Entrepreneurship degree before moving to Miami, Florida. In the city, he realized that there was a market niche in the Latino community for luxury items.

He then decided to launch a luxury boutique to cater to the market niche. This led to the creation of TOYS for BOYS. Danilo has worked hard to grow the boutique into a premier luxury business in Miami and his efforts have paid off. Today, he also manages another firm called Movilway. He is active on social media pages including Instagram and Twitter.

Your Business Relies on ORM, Find the Best Reputation Management Consultants


As a business owner I know firsthand how important online reputation repair services is. Back in the day online reputation involved pacifying customers via phone but today things have changed. We live in a world where everything is accessible through blogs and through my personal favorite, social media. On social media it is very hard to manage the opinions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Snap Chat. Reviewers can go online and say they hate you just because they love your competitor more. Or they could say they hate your company just because they hate one of your competitors. After all when is the last time you have been able to filter an opinionated teenager or even adult?

As you scroll through the internet you have no other choice but to see that there are many websites out there that have negative reviews. Where there are negative review there also positive ones but one must actively engage with their customers to find an equal balance with both. Managing your brand has so many pros and cons and if you’re not careful could impact your bottom line. In the same token you must also be mindful that having positive reviews can have a global impact. It just depends on what’s out there.

Consider Jet Blue Airways they love to focus on providing convenience for the customer and making sure they always have a positive environment and attitude. While building this brand reputation has taken time it has stuck and so when customers want convenience with their air travel they know to go to JetBlue. While this is great it is also a hindrance. If a customer has complaints and goes online to review JetBlue in a negative manner then it could be hard for a company like Jet Blue to bounce back simply because they’ve been known for their positivity.

A good reputation is hard to work towards but it is easy to lose and so while online reputation is important it must be understood that it takes time and the time can’t be rushed.