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Avi Weisfogel & His Dedication To Help People

Avi Weisfogel, a Dentist located in New Jersey has a passion for helping people. He has almost two decades of education and experience in dental care. He is constantly wanting to learn more. Annually he takes on over 200 hours of continuing education classes. He claims that if there are new techniques he can use to help patients, he wants to know them.


Avi Weisfogel first started out in a dental office called Old Bridge Dental Care. He has worked in the same area for over 16+ years and is well known for taking on cases where it is almost impossible to help the patient. He is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters and focuses his attention to the intersection of dentistry and sleep medicine. Weisfogel and two other dentists started DSM to help patients who have obstructive sleep apnea. Before Weisfogel opened DSM, he was the owner of Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. Where he taught sleep programs to dentists to help increase the number of sleep patients they saw at their practice.


Recently, Weisfogel started a GoFund Me campaign for the charity, Operation Smile. The charity was originally started back in 1982 by Dr. William Magee, a plastic surgeon. The charity was started in the Philippines to help children with birth deformities. Weisfogel hopes to raise $2000 dollars so that he can donate to Operation Smile. Weisfogel tweeted on his twitter account a link where people can make donations towards Operation Smile.


On Tumblr, Weisfogel blogs about his business Dental Sleep Masters, giving updates to his followers on upcoming events and information for physicians on how to join DSM. On his Angel List account, he says that in his spare time he enjoys attending concerts and spending time with his wife and children. Avi Weisfogel is a hard working and dedicated man. He strives to help both children and adults to have good oral hygiene. He claims that oral hygiene can also be a cause for sleep apnea, and that is the reason why he is trying to reach out and help people to have a clean and brighter smile.

How Cone Marshall is structured to Offer Legal Services that Deal with Tax and Trust

Cone Marshall is an established law company that is headquartered in Auckland, Australia. The company is renowned for its specialization in legal matters that deal with tax and trusts. Its services are available in different nations across the globe. Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone are the two principal partners that manage the law firm. Cone Marshall Limited has gained experience in the services that offers since it was created in 1999. Information about the operation of the enterprise can be accessed on


Karen Marshall started her legal practice in another law company before joining Cone Marshall. She worked for the firm that is based in London for about one decade at its commercial litigation branch. In 2005, she moved to Cone Marshall as an associate and in 2006 she was promoted to be a senior partner of the company. Karen has ample skills in the administration of trusts and the providing guidance on constitutional trustee enterprises.


The primary field that Geoffrey Cone has specialized in is the management of trustee and trusts as well as providing global strategies for tax and trusts. The Cone Marshall firm has been creating links across the world and using them to offer its serves. It advises its clients on the establishment of affiliations and companies, worldwide planning and assets, and creating New Zealand-based trusts. Geoffrey Cone was recently named as a Quintessential Tax Lawyer in May 2016 by a publication that is referred to by attorneys as a Law Firm & Experts Directory.


A social media post that was on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ acclaimed New Zealand as an outstanding Model of Transparency. Geoffrey Cone was against the reports, which stated that there had been a lot of secrecy in New Zealand’s banking industry that has made it be a haven for trusts that want to evade tax. According to him, the country has been complying with tax regulations, and it was recognized by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2002.


Mr. Cone argued that the rising number of New Zealand-based international trusts is due to the security level of the country, which has made many organizations believe in it. The nation has an outstanding reputation since it has structured its judiciary system in an excellent way and it has legal infrastructure. Cone Marshall has always been honest in matters that are associated with tax and trust. Marshall has offered to provide legal advice on trusts and tax at a discounted price.


Dr Walden Knows How To Stay On Top

Recently Austin MD Magazine did an article about Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Walden is native to Austin Texas, and in this article she speaks about the reason why she went back to Austin. Dr. Walden was named one of the 24 best surgeons in the United States. She received that title by Harper’s Bazaar magazine.


Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin Texas, and she grew up in Northwest Hills. Her father was a dentist and her mother was a nurse. Dr. Walden has four other siblings, and she grew up in an atmosphere where goals and education were very important. Walden is a woman that has always been determined in life. She went to the University of Texas and got her bachelors degree, and later she went to their medical school. Walden went to the plastic surgery program at UT Galveston, and she went to a post residency aesthetics surgery fellowship program at the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital. Walden was able to thrive at that practice, and she stayed there from 2004 until 2011.



Walden moved back to Texas because of her sons, and she had to start her practice all over again when she got back to Austin. Walden was able to get a lot of support from her mother; her mother still lives in her childhood home. Apart from her mother, Dr. Walden has enlisted the help of nannies and other family members to help in the rearing of her two boys. Her practice has grown in amazing amounts in Texas, and she is able to do 99% of her surgeries in her own operating room.


Dr. Walden is truly a woman that has it all, and her dream is to help inspire other young women to pursue careers in medicine and in business. Walden wants young women to understand that it is possible to pursue these careers with confidence and determination, and she wants to let them know that success is a marathon and not a sprint. Even though success may take time, Dr. Walden is proof that all the hard work pays off in the end.


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Josh Verne Advises on Success Tips

In this podcast, Josh Verne explains to individuals how they should get out of their way and succeed in life and business. The aim is to empower men to live better lives. There are some favorite quotes which explain the journey of success such as “vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” The keys to success include being a leader and not a boss, win-win situations, speaking less and hearing more, having a balanced life, and discovering your passion. Managers who want to earn respect do what they are interested in and use their title to accomplish their goals. Leaders often gain respect from the way they guide their people.


A leader uses the respect given by his people to accomplish the goals. For your own business and life success, you should be a leader. Never force your will on others expecting respect in return. If people want to succeed both in life and in business, they should be in a position to achieve a win-win situation. That way, you improve your welfare and ultimately improve the well-being of others. There should be a win for clients, workers and the community as a whole. By settling situations which are win-win, you will be in a position to find the relevant solutions when you are faced with a challenge. Speaking less will increase the power of your words and more individuals would most likely listen to you. You need to balance your life by progressing in all areas of your life for example health, wealth, relationships, and personal growth. If you want to succeed in life, do things that you love doing.


About Josh Verne

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in initiating, developing, and selling businesses. He is now the CEO of In 2012, Josh Verne founded in collaboration with Jon Dorfman and Paul Dumas. There is no percentage of financing that is offered via payments by the company. These fees can be submitted in an installment of over two, four, eight or 12 months.


However, the installments have to be arranged directly from the bank account of the customer or via payroll deductions. Other forms of payments are rejected. On behalf of, Josh Verne articulated that improves the financial wellness of its customers. That is because they provide borrowers with a complete range of high-quality products at affordable prices. Josh said that they do not impose unfair interest rates or undisclosed fees.

Equities First Lending Solutions

There are a lot of people and companies who are looking for flexible lending solutions. In the current economy, more companies than ever need to borrow capital in order to make investments in their future. If you want to take things to the next level in your business, this is one of the best ways to do it. Equities First is a company that offers competitive and flexible lending options to companies and people who have a high net worth. If you are looking to invest in your business, Equities First is a great company to work with. Not only are they growing rapidly, but they are willing to make investments where they matter and where they can make an impact.

Equities First

From the time the company was founded, Equities First has been focused on their core customers. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to see what innovation comes out of this company. If you want to invest in your future, Equities First is the way to go. Not only do they have a lot of lending solutions, but they also have new technology that can help companies and people alike in this process. If you want to start seeing a lot of options in your lending, Equities First is the way to go. This is a company that is dedicated to innovation and growth throughout the economy.

Final Thoughts

Equities First is a great company to work with. They have worked hard in recent years to take things to a new level in their business. With all of the innovation, they have a variety of lending options for customers. If you are starting a business or simply need capital for other reasons, this is a great company to go to. They can help you take things to a new level in your life. Equities First has grown rapidly because they keep their customers top of mind in a variety of areas. Many companies today struggle in this area, but Equities First has figured out a way to thrive no matter what the conditions are.

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The Success Of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar lives in Maryland with his wife and two children. He has stated he has a love for Orange County California and likes to travel there with his family. His ambition in life is to continue to grow and become a better man each and every day of his life.

In 1977, Todd Lubar attended the Friends school located in Washington DC. His high school years were spent at The Peddie School located in New Jersey. In 1995, he graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor Of Arts degree. This was in the field of speech communication.

His very first job was in the mortgage industry and took him through to 1999. Lubar then teamed up with Legacy Financial and raised their loan profits in Maryland to over 100 million dollars in a given year.

He changed his course by accepting a job with Charter Funding, securing the position of Senior Vice President. He stayed with the company until 2007. With the mortgage industry in the process of making a lot of changes, he went back to money mortgages. Although he has a lot of experience in the mortgage industry, he owns numerous companies in different industries. He became involved with the recycling of automotive scraps and demolition.

Lubar has developed a skill of understanding clients, and has experience in commercial lending. This is regarding both people as individuals and whole companies. His abilities came from his keen market observations over a period of twelve years. He became involved with thousands of lending transactions that further honed his ability to understand the risks involved in almost any scenario involving loans. He makes his decisions based on what the market conditions reflect at any given time.

Lubar has been ranked as one of the top twenty-five originators in the mortgage industry. His experience in so many industries has given him an innate understanding of how business operate best and how to make them grow and succeed. He is now with TDL Ventures as their president.

Keith Mann: He Is Truly A Man Of His Word

When it comes to those that give back, it is hard to find anyone that is on the level of Keith Mann. While it is clearly not a competition and this is not the sort of thing that Keith Mann does to get a pat on the back or get recognized, he takes it very seriously in his role at Dynamics Search Partners. He knows he is very blessed to be in the position that he is in and to have the platform to do something special with it. It is not something that is taken for granted by him for a single day. He enjoys the job, enjoys the people, and enjoys the chance to do something powerful with it.


He is always making the news in a positive way. For example, there was the time where he treated the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch not once but two times. He had seen some of the bad publicity that the police was receiving, which he thought was unfair, and he decided to do something to give them some something to smile about during tough times. After all, his uncle is a detective, so he knows the rigors of the job from talking to him and hearing stories.


He also knows that there are a ton of smart children out there that want to go to school but they don’t get the chance to do because of their financial situation. He decided to hold a fundraiser, which ended up raising over 22 thousand dollars, which will go a long for the Uncommon School districts, which is something that is near and dear to his heart. Keith Mann is always on the lookout for ways to help others and make a difference with his actions and his words.


If everyone did their part and gave back like Keith Mann did, the world would run a lot smoother. The thing about Keith Mann is he truly enjoys doing this and it is not something he does for show, as mentioned. If the word does get out there, hopefully it just motivates others that are in his position to do even more.

Equities First Realizes Success through Alternative Financial Loans

The global lender Equities First has staked its business on the accounts of individuals that have been closed out of more conventional lending opportunities. As an alternative shareholder option, Equities First is reaching business owners that are not able to qualify for extremely stringent financial and credit standards. Through the use of stock based loans, many of these businesses can gain the capital they need at the same rates and terms as traditional loans would be offered.

Additional terms and uses of the loan are comparable to more traditional loans that creditors offer. The capital given can be used for whatever purpose the lender wants, rather than given with limited terms as to its use. Like traditional loans though, there are similar types of loans that are ultimately given to individuals, and repayment terms are standard. Global Equities has realized incredible business growth and success of its own through this alternative loan method.

Equities First is an international financial lender that provides a fundamental corner of the market that would otherwise find it impossible to finance their business endeavors. Gaining capital through a qualified and more lenient borrower, by way of stocks can sometimes be the only way to raise the necessary funds. This global lender ensures that every borrower can get a fair rate and obtain the same avenues to credit as bigger, more established companies.

As lending qualifications become tighter, interest rates go up, and lending options are cut entirely, a huge number of borrowers have begun to look for alternative options that are open to them. Companies like Equities First have noticed the increase in companies and individuals that require access to smaller amounts of capital and made it their business to help ensure the success of these companies. A growing team of financial advisors around the world have come to not only provide funds through loans, but reach into areas of the market that were previously not able to find a solution.

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Michael Zomber Buys The Knife Used in John Brown’s Assassination Attempt


In what appeared to be a red-hot auction organized by Sotheby, Michael Zomber emerged the winner of a rare antique used in the abolitionist movement. The artifact, which is a rare knife, was used in an attempt to assassinate John Brown, a radical slave activist. The knife was taken from Brown by his assassin during a demonstration organized by the movement. The knife has been branded as a symbol of the bloody periods in the American history. Many people expressed strong interest and passion in the artifact, but Michael finally emerged the winner in a tightly contested auction.


According to Michael’s Facebook, John Brown was an important figure in the abolitionist movement, and he is proud to own a piece of his belonging, which is a sample of his personal life and history. John Brown was a radical activist who believed that the American slaves could only attain their freedom through arm insurrection. He was arrested and prosecuted by the government before he could achieve his ambitions.


About Michael Zomber


Michael Zomber is a popular arm collector and artifact expert who has made headlines because of his extraordinary taste for controversial items. For over forty years, Michael has traversed the globe looking for ancient artifacts and armors. He is also a recognized expert in Japanese samurai swords. His love for antiques is concurrent with his enthusiasm about history. Zomber’s rich knowledge about the past historical events and prominent figures in history has cemented his position as one of the best historians in the United States.


Michael is also a story teller who cannot fail to come up with a captivating narrative in seconds. His creativity has given him an edge over others when it comes to the production of screenplays that stand out. He is behind a series of films including the ground-breaking documentary about Japanese samurai swords.


Several novels about the ancient life are attributed to Michael Zomber. His novels have enjoyed a wide read across the globe. Some of his novels include “A Child of the Civil War,” ”Sweet Betsy’s” and “Shogun Lemitsu.” At one time, Zomber was exonerated from prison after wrongful detention.

Getting To Know Mike Baur

Who is Mike Baur? Mike Baur is the co-founder and managing partner of a Swiss accelerator company located in Zurich called the Swiss Start Up Factory. The main goal of this top independent and privately funded start-up accelerator company is to work with young, passion driven entrepreneurial start-up’s who have the idea and drive to take their vision to the next level. Baur and his teams goals are to accelerate the entrepreneurial process time of taking an initial idea and bringing it to the final marketing stage in as little as 3 months.


Baur, who holds an Executive MBA from the University of Bern and an MBA from the University of Rochester New York, has made his background in banking and finances and his passion for mentoring and assisting future start-up’s into his dream career. Having spent almost 20 years in the Swiss banking market, Bauer worked his way from commercial apprentice to becoming an executive board member of a private Swiss bank. At the age of 39, Baur co-founded the Swiss Start-up Factor, with Mike Meister and Oliver Walzer, making SSUF one of the top independent and privately funded ICT accelerator company’s in Switzerland. With the main goal of the Swiss Start Up Factory to support the younger generation of digital technology specialists, SSUF provides services such as coaching, mentoring and office space while introducing these young entrepreneurs to a strong network around the world.


The success of this company is due to the closeness that Mike and his partners work with each individual entrepreneur, having daily contact with each one. Mike and his partners are also available to every start-up for questions, assistance and mentoring, as well as having numerous input sessions to ensure the individual and the program are on the same page. A necessary outcome for each start-up is that they can appropriately run their company in a business environment, and this is one of the very important lessons taught during the program.


The passion that Mike Baur shows in his dedication to young entrepreneurs within his company extends outside of his office walls as well. Baur is very involved in a variety of start-up company’s and offers both financial and mentoring support.