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Ricardo Tosto Discusses the Law of Micro-Business Taxation in Brazil

Brazilian law has not always been very business-friendly, and in the view of many people, this lack of encouragement has been detrimental to the country’s development. However, things are slowly changing, and the government has introduced a new taxation system for very small businesses, also known as micro-businesses click here.

A micro-business is a one-person or two-person business. This definition includes freelancers, although lawyers are other service professionals are excluded from the definition in Brazil. Registering as a has a number of tax benefits, but is only possible if the business’s gross profits do not exceed 60,000 reais per year.

Individuals and partners who register as a micro-business pay a monthly pension contribution. Although they must file a federal tax return, they need only pay income tax if their net profit exceeds a certain percentage threshold over gross profits, which is 32% for most services, but lower for other businesses. Taxes are only owed on profits above that threshold, and personal deductions also apply to the taxable income.

These new small business registration schemes allow entrepreneurs to start small and build their business. As their profits grow, they may opt to incorporate their business or simply move up to other forms of small business organization.

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian attorney and expert in business law. His firm, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, was one of the first Brazilian law offices to offer large-scale dispute resolution solutions to corporations.

Ricardo Tosto earned his LLB and practiced as an in-house counsel before starting his firm. A well-regarded member of the Sao Paulo Bar, Ricardo Tosto is a frequent speaker at events, and strongly believes that the academic side of the law enhances its practice. In addition, Ricardo Tosto is known for his track record of legal publications and works on Brazilian legal history.

José Borghi Creates The Most Adorable Advertisements In Brazil.

Brazil is the home of a Brazilian advertising genius by the name of Jose Borghi. He is a creative intellectual, highly praised for such work as the famous “Mammals Parmalat.” Within this creative advertisement a group of Brazilian children are singing poplar songs of the nation of Brazil, all the while dancing and wearing costumes that are intended to cause the children to appear as stuffed animal characters. It is a highly popular commercial that won Jose much attention across Brazil.

Success did not come overnight for Jose. He struggled with being creative in his early years, and it was when his sister once decided to take him to a theater that jump-started his creativity. While at the theater, Jose witnessed some of the most dazzling Brazilian advertising that was available. All of the advertisements had earned an award from one of the most famous festivals in the world, the Cannes Film Festival. Watching the variety of highly acclaimed commercials, and seeing that they each had been presented with a lion-shaped trophy, Jose was encouraged to become the ad agency genius that he is today.

Jose went on to study at the PUC-Campinas, a highly respected Brazilian university, so that he could obtain a degree in Advertising. From this experience Jose went on to work at Standart Ogilvy, where he was inspired by others in the industry. From there, he decided to form his own advertising agency. So he and his friend created one together. Erh Ray and Jose formed the BorghiErh agency, which acquired enough success to be bought out by Lowe, a popular ad agency in Brazil. Success continued to flourish and gained the attention of the Mullen Group, further enhancing the company, now to be called Mullen Lowe. for more.

The Legacy of Rona Borre

Rona Borre is a well-established entrepreneur

Rona Borre, a holder of BS in Business from the University of Arizona stands out as one of the leading female entrepreneurs in Chicago. She is the CEO of Instant Alliance, a nationally recognized business enterprise that has consistently increased revenue over the years since its founding in 2001.


Under outstanding leadership skills, Rona has been able to empower, nurture and influence her team to create an inspired culture which drives business impact. With the help of her talented team, she has been able to achieve tremendous success in her line of work.


According to, due to her outstanding excellence, she was acknowledged as the Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine, in addition to the numerous accolades awarded to her agency. She has featured in various Medias like CNBC, USA Today, CBS 2, Crain’s Chicago and CNN. Her hard work and passion of recent have honored her as an Influential Woman in Business by the National Association of Women Business Owners and The Business Ledger.


Rona Borre is a well-established entrepreneur, graced with a position at a board where she plays leadership roles with the Young Presidents Organization, Economic Club of Chicago and The Chicago Network.  Source:



Rona is yet to achieve more globally and climb the ladder of success. She is one of the women leaders who have proved that when you pursue excellence, success will follow suit.

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Jeffry Schneider – A Finance Professional

A corporate world needs so many elements to engineer its success. Perhaps, human beings are seen as the best ingredient for the targeted achievements to be realized. For instance, let’s consider Jeffry Schneider as a good example. Jeffry Schneider is one man whose efforts have been reflected in the smooth establishment of the boutique Austin-based Ascendant Capital LLC. He has accomplished a lot in his company.

For this purpose, Ascendant Capital has grown rapidly for a five-year period. No wonder, it had more than thirty employees with a handsome amount of $1 billion on behalf of numerous managers. An equally significant aspect portrayed by Jeffry Schneider’s effort is how Ascendant Capital can hold more than fifty broker-dealers, 250 investment advisers and many family offices. Likewise, this man has enabled the organization to venture in real estate business, automotive, and technology.

Above all, Jeffry Schneider’s plan is to increase the company’s capital by raising $50 million monthly. Having considered the above-discussed attributes made by Jeffry Schneider, it’s also important to look at a vital role played by him. As a team player, Jeffry Schneider has succeeded in binding his members together to achieve the required goals.

This culture of teamwork has made the company have a good working environment and peaceful co-existence of members. Furthermore, firms like Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch and Alex Brown and Sons became successful during his tenure. Besides his profession, Jeffry Schneider is fond of staying physically fit, and good health is paramount to him. Also, he’s a celebrated father who likes traveling.

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Eric Lefkofsky : Using His Fortune to Fight Cancer

About Eric

Eric Lefkofsky is currently ranked at #1275 in the world’s billionaires’ list by Forbes with a net worth of $1.88 billion. He has amassed a significant percentage of his fortune from technology-based start-ups. He is the honcho at Groupon, 2010’s fastest growing entity, according to Forbes.

He has also worked in numerous prominent firms over his long career. Moreover, Lefkofsky is an active contributor to the fight against cancer as well as a passionate humanitarian.

Educational background

South Field Lathrup High was where Eric Lefkofsky received his secondary education. He attained his undergraduate BA degree from the University of Michigan. Eric later went to the Law school of the same university, where he was awarded Juris Doctor in 1993.

Accelerated Disruption

The book is an editorial masterpiece written by Eric. The primary subject matter covered is the bringing of entrepreneurial ideas into fruition. This piece is a step-by-step guide for successful businesses. Right from the first page, the book explains how to overcome obstacles as well as how you can transform your business into a client magnet. Additionally, it enlightens employers on how to treat their workers for best output.

Tempus Inc.

Over the years, Eric has displayed unrivaled commitment in the fight against cancer. Not only has he poured a significant amount of dollars towards the cause, but he also inaugurated Tempus Inc., an enterprise whose sole objective is to eradicate this menace.

Tempus is transforming the approach taken in diagnosing cancer. Rather than following conventional methods, the firm uses genetics to establish the extent of the disease. Genetic samples from patients are run through high-end laboratory infrastructure after which personalized medication is given to every client. The company uses modernized lab equipment to enhance the credibility of the test results.


Eric has been involved in humanitarian causes since 2006 when he started his family foundation. The organization’s objective is to alleviate living standards of the impoverished. Over the years, the charity has supported numerous causes across the country, particularly the terminally ill, with a bias towards cancer patients.

Additionally, the group runs a mentorship program, named Moneythink. This incentive seeks to educate the youth on various financial issues.

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Desiree Perez: The Force behind the Tidal Renaissance


Music streaming has become a big business in recent years. It is a sector where major companies are making millions of dollars. There is no denying that Tidal has been lagging behind for a while now. However, Desiree Perez is working hard to turn things around for the popular music streaming company and make it more successful.


Tidal’s management has changed quite a few times in the recent past. Despite a few executives stepping down, it did not deter Jay-Z from pushing on. Even after membership seemed to have staggered, he remained undeterred. Today, with the help of Desiree Perez, Tidal is no longer struggling to survive, it is thriving.  Check and read here


Desiree Perez has a very simple strategy, get the customers interested. She has played a crucial role in getting major artists to sign contracts with Tidal. It is what she does best, she is a tough negotiator, and she knows how to finalize deals. Although Jay-Z knows quite a lot about the music business, he is just not that good at getting deals signed. She has helped Jay-Z grow from rap music to the music streaming business. It has not been easy, but she has managed to make it look so.

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When Perez joined Tidal, she managed to get more artists to sign up for the service than any other executive before her. One of her greatest wins was getting Kanye to sign on and make his album “The Life of Pablo” available exclusively through Tidal. She has also managed to get people talking about Tidal again after signing deals with Rihanna, T.I., and Beyoncé.  Source:


Perez is not new to the entertainment industry. She is married to Juan Perez, who is the head of Roc Nation Sports. Desiree Perez’s negotiation skills are well known. She has even been credited for Beyoncé’s Formation stadium tour and Rihanna’s Samsung deal. A peek inside Tidal shows that it has revamped its service to concentrate on what is new and upcoming. Moreover, Perez belongs to the Hova Circle, an influential group that is behind Tidal and Roc Nation. Among its members are music bigwigs like TyTy Smith, Chaka Pilgrim, Jay Brown, and Jana Fleischman.

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Roberto Santiago’s Story – Bringing Glam into Joao Pessoa’s Retail Industry

An entrepreneur, businessman, and sportsman, Roberto Santiago is a man to watch out for in Brazil’s retail industry. He is making the most of the new opportunities in Brazil’s urban growth, and his entrepreneurial activities are making shopping in Brazil’s upcoming cities thrilling.

Here is a brief journey through the life of Roberto Santiago from his days as a café employee to his current prestigious status as the owner of the Mangeira Shopping Mall.

Education and Career Background

Roberto Santiago attended the Pio X Marist College where he took an interest in business studies. He later majored in business at the University Center of Joao Pessoa in Brazil where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration Studies.

Santiago’s career started off on a low note shortly after attaining his degree. His first occupation was in the hotel and catering industry as he was an employee of Café Santa Rosa. Over the years he worked in several other industries under different capacities until he discovered the opportunities in the cartonnage industry. He started his cartonnage company and specialized in designing decorative products. Since then, Roberto Santiago has been venturing and investing in the retail industry.

New Heights

Roberto Santiago’s career has peaked since he ventured into the retail industry. He is popular for owning one of the grandest shopping malls in Joao Pessoa: Manaira Shopping Mall. The shopping mall is one of the newest in the city and, consequently, one of the most modern ones.

The Manaira Shopping Mall is designed to offer virtually everything under one roof. It hosts several retail stores that specialize in selling different products such as electronics and furniture. It also houses several stores that push the latest fashion trends in the city and the country. Additionally, there are several restaurants that serve diverse cuisines ranging from local delicacies to western snacks and meals.

The shopping mall is also a bustling entertainment center. To start with, it houses a large movie theatre that features 3D technology and ergonomic seating designs. It also houses the Domus Hall where a host of performances and events are held. The hall is always booked for a diverse array of events ranging from music concerts to cultural exhibitions.

The Manaira Shopping Mall is very popular with young shoppers looking for that contemporary look and feel. And, for Roberto Santiago, this is enough motivation to set up even more contemporary shopping malls around Brazil.

Equities First UK as a Great Solution of Lending

A vast array of people have been searching for ways to attain capital that they may need for their own personal reasons. Whether such reasons be to start a business, donate to a charity, take a vacation, pay for a vehicle, or anything else, the individual may want to obtain a loan from a lender that gives them the best opportunity of paying the lowest interest rates with the fairest terms that they could ask for. Unfortunately, many people have been unable to find a lender that truly offers them a good deal on a loan. This is why they should look to Equities First Holdings to provide the loan that they need.

Equities First Holdings is a lender that offers some of the best deals in loans in pertinence to repayment terms and interest rates. Be sure to give one of the representatives a call if you would like to begin your process of obtaining a loan from a lender that’s truly reliable, honest, trustworthy, and well-reputed. Their services are perhaps unmatched in the lending industry as they’re non-judgmental and they essentially provide loans for just about anybody.

Oftentimes, high net-worth individuals have difficult obtaining loans. Many lenders may feel like they do not necessarily need the loan, thus, giving them reasons to feel like it is an inventive to provide it to someone who may actually need it. However, like ordinary people, high net-worth individuals may need to borrow money for their goals as well. Many high net-worth individuals are unaware of just exactly where they can find a lender who will not look at their net worth and think that they do not need the money so they will not waste their time. Instead, it’s important to note that someone with a high net worth can absolutely get a loan by dealing with the right organization.

Investment Tips As Offered By An Expert

Timothy Armour is the chairman of the Capital Group, a global leader in investment solutions. He was appointed to the post in 2015. His appointment was a result of the passing on of the former chairman, Jim Rothenberg.

Tim was seen as the best choice due to his long service for the company. He spent all of his careers, spanning over three decades at Capital Group. He started out as an associate and rose through the ranks, over the years. Armour is an alumnus of Middlebury College, where he attained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He is based in Los Angeles , California.

CFA analyst, Janet Yang is a big fan of the way Capital Group is run. She gave the firm and a rating for upholding its quality services. Yang reiterated that the group’s outstanding work and results in the investment industry cannot go unnoticed. She praised the management, which includes Tim, for sustaining high standards and being a role model to other firms in the sector. Additionally, she noted that Capital Group leaders rarely leave their post for jobs in other enterprises.

In 2015, the group announced a business partnership with the Korea-based Samsung Asset Management. The aim was to increase their global superiority in the investment market. By partnering with the largest investment company in Korea, Tim said that it would enable his firm to extend their excellent services to Korean investors. Capital Group’s products would also distribute by Samsung Assets, according to the agreement.

Investors expressed fears over the slow growth of China’s economy. As a measure to counter the slow economy and depreciation of its currency, the Chinese government conducted a market selloff. This had a massive impact on global economy, as China is one of its great influences. A huge decline in export activities was reported. The Capital Group chairman said that for these problems to be overcome, oil prices should be lowered to boost the economy. He attributed the slow growth to China’s transition from a closed, investor based economy, to an open, and consumer-centered one.

Timothy advised investors to seek managers who will ensure they achieve the maximum return possible. He stressed that employing average managers translates to average results. According to him, a suitable manager is the one who conducts research, takes an active approach, and is willing to take high risk actions because they have great rewards.

Brad Reifler Helps Middle-Class Investors to Diversify Their Portfolio

In the modern times, investors are looking for ways to turn their money into more money. However, they do not have the right opportunities. Brad Reifler is a finance executive from the United States, and he has all the answers for investors. Brad Reifler has been in the finance sector for many years, and he has the experience needed to help the businessmen.

For many decades, people thought that the elite class had the secret to making money. The elite class represents only one percent in the US, and they have always been given opportunities to do well in their investments. There is a significant economic gap that exists between the wealthy and the poor, and Forefront Income Trust, started by Brad Reifler wants to close it. Unlike all the investment programs in the US, the Forefront Income Trust is expected to cater to the needs of the non-accredited investors.

The finance executive has been focusing on the accredited investors for many years. According to him, these individuals make at least two hundred thousand dollars in a year, and they have a net worth of over million dollars when their homes are not counted. As the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler has realized that the most important investors are left out in the market. The hedge fund manager will now be shifting all his efforts to the investors who are not accredited. The company has designed a unique plan that is expected to work for them.

In the past, the hedge fund manager received the life savings from his father in law to invest. However, he was shocked when he realized that the strategies his father wanted him to use could not be allowed, just because he was among the non-accredited investors. The ninety-nine percent individuals in the country had limited investment options. This made the successful hedge fund manager start developing a public fund where people like his father in law would invest in without any restrictions. The plan would help to bridge the gap between the elite class and the ninety percent population which has been widening over the past years.