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Solid Investment Advice with a Contemporary Management Twist

It’s difficult to argue investment strategies with someone like Warren Buffet. The Oracle of Omaha has proven that it is absolutely possible to conquer market investing using a “bottom-up” strategy. He proclaims that a long-term, patient, and performance-driven attitude is necessary to creating a nest egg. Timothy Armour, the CEO of Capital Group however, believes that the flaw in Buffet’s strategy is that it ignores changes in certain economic sectors, and the pliable dynamic of demographics.

Buffet’s main philosophical contribution to society is that it is always a good idea to save for the future. Investors need to be constantly aware of what parts of the market are solid and grounded in performance, and those that are promoted because of investment manager branding. He believes active investment vehicles with great risk are far inferior to passive investments that have the strength to withstand market downturns. Also, high management fees are not a good exchange for unpredictable returns, even if they are potentially more profitable. It is better to concentrate on building a portfolio that is filled with non-flashy labels, lower management fees or commissions, and a traceable positive performance history.

Timothy Armour agrees with the pillars of this philosophy, but he believes Mr. Buffet has failed to recognize one important factor in modern investment strategies. Unlike every generation since the US industrial revolution, the majority of people now are responsible for creating their own nest eggs. Radical shifts in the economy, along with a retiring Baby Boomer generation, has gutted the ability of corporate America to provide retirement vehicles for career employees. In short, the majority of younger working people must consider working with high-fee investment management firms to take advantage of a severely unpredictable global market. Instead of long-term being defined by a person’s entire career, it now means surviving a few market cycles, while contributing profit to a personal portfolio.

With more than 34 years as an equity portfolio manager, and having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College, Timothy Armour has amassed incredible knowledge of modern finance and investment strategies. Having an active role in managing portfolios, even as a corporate executive, has allowed Timothy Armour to keep an accurate view of modern changes in the market. This vision contributed to his election as Capital Group’s CEO in 2015.

Armour is extremely insistent that it is not only the strength of an investment vehicle that contributes to positive portfolio growth, but the contributions of a dynamic management team as well. As chairman of a firm with more than 7,600 associates, Timothy Armour has the important responsibility of helping younger generations of investors understand the importance of working with a committed management team.

The Illustrious Life of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer

Eduardo (Duda) Melzer is an RBS Group legacy. His family’s been a part of the RBS Group since its founding. On January 1, 2016, Duda was named Chairman and President of the company. He succeeded his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky, as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

His grandfather founded the company, making Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer a third generation legacy. He’s also founded his own company, Digital e.Bricks, where he serves as Chairman. He’s also a partner of its subsidiary, e.Bricks Ventures, an investment company that operations in the digital sector of Brazil and the United States.

Even though his family owns a successful business, Duda Melzer found his own way. He earned a Business Administration degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. He also attended Harvard University, where he earned his MBA. After graduating from Pontifical Catholic University, he began working at Sweet Sweet Way.

In an article on Dino, when he moved to the U.S. to attend Harvard, he got a job as a senior analyst at Delphi Corporation. He also served as CEO of a non-traditional media company called Box Top Media, based in New York. That was part of the reason he studied Effective Strategies for Media Companies at Harvard.

In 2004, Melzer moved back to Brazil to work for his family. He was brought in as Director General for the National Market. Four years later, he was promoted to acting Vice President of Market and Business Development. In 2010, he was named Executive Vice President of the company.

As organizational changes began, he accumulated the chairmanship of the Board.

These days, Duda time is torn between family, work, and personal passions. Every hard-working professional knows the importance of downtime. Duda spends his time with his wife and children.

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Clay Siegall; Revolutionizing The Battle Against Cancer

Clay Siegall is the mastermind behind the establishment of Seattle Genetics, a leading pharmaceutical firm that targets the cure of chronic illnesses. Clay has in his possession a degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland as well as a doctorate in Genetics from the George Washington University.


Since the commencement of Seattle Genetics, the company has made revolutionary accomplishments in the targeted remedy industry. The firm recently became the pioneering institution to develop an antibody drug conjugate accredited by the Food and Drug Administration. This invention, along with other that are currently in the works, has earned Seattle Genetics productive partnerships with industry giants such as Pfizer and Bayer.


Furthermore, Seattle Genetics has undergone massive growth, transforming from a novice to a renowned entity. Despite this remarkable achievements, Clay visualizes an even bigger future, with the company becoming a global figure. Siegall also believes that current oncologic procedures such as chemotherapies have their days numbered, as the industry embraces the up and coming targeted therapies which are far more efficient and bearable.


Clay developed an interest in medicine and technology from a tender age. The passion for developing cancer therapy came to him while he was an undergraduate. A close relative of his was a cancer patient, who had chemotherapy administered on him. The effects of the medication were adverse and almost deadly, so Clay embarked on a mission to find a more sustainable alternative. The motivation to have autonomy as well as make money also drove Clay to inaugurate Seattle Genetics.


Seattle Genetics makes money in many ways, among which the primary means is through direct sales of products and services. Also, the company gets a significant proportion of profits from leasing out technologies they pioneered. The company had a tough stat, but everything started to run smoothly after conducting the IPO. At a given period, the company almost went on its knees, as the capital was almost depleted.


The company employs sales staff that are well acquainted with pharmaceutical products and terminologies. For this reason, they have maintained a respectable number of customers in their client base. The institution also ensures that there is a close rapport between them and their clientele.



Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Named Best Hotel in the World

Nihiwatu, a luxury 5-star hotel located on a remote Indonesian Island was named the best hotel in the world after a survey carried out by Travel & Leisure magazine for the year 2016. This is interesting considering the fact that the hotel used to be a just a small beach hotel until 2012 when it was purchased by Chris Burch and his colleague, James McBride.

The owner of the hotel, Mr. Chris Burch is a fashion mogul and one of the biggest names in private investment worldwide. He is probably best known as the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an investment consortium with its tentacles touching on multiple industries and areas of investment.

Chris Burch has been personally involved in the development of several international brands that have received worldwide recognition. He is a co-founder of the popular brand Tory Burch and a few other brands within the fashion and modelling industry.

In his own words, Burch and his friend initially purchased the small beach hotel as a gift to their families- something he and his family could use for bonding and the like. Prior to the purchase he had not made any investments of note within the hospitality industry both at home and abroad. But an extensive renovation of the hotel and its pristine location have turned things around in a manner the even Burch never expected. The renovation of the hotel to its present world class status is estimated to have cost Burch and McBride about $30 million. It was renamed Nihiwatu once the renovations were complete and it opened its doors to the world for the first time as a 5-star hotel in 2015, related article on

Nihiwatu is located along the western shores of Sumba, one of the several isolated islands that line the Indonesian coastline. The hotel may be located on a remote Island but the fact that it was ranked the best in the world means that is just the beginning of the story.

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The new beach hotel is made up of a total of 27 modern villas set in the peaceful coastal landscape that the Indonesian Islands have come to be famous for over the years. Among these villas is one special, extensive villa which Mr. Burch uses as his own private Villa. The private villa has 4 houses extending from it each with its own private plunge pool.  Hop over to for an interesting article.

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Paul Mampilly: Profits Unlimited Manager

Paul Mampilly, who was a former hedge fund manager, started Profits Unlimited by joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. The core purpose was to guide Main Streets venture capitalist to give investment opportunities that are profitable. He uses newsletters, which he sends out on a monthly basis, recommending new stocks and keeping track of how investments are doing on his website.

Paul Mampilly has taken the investment to a new level; he does not invest their capital for the clients but has the subscribers buying their stock using their brokerage account. The customers seem to be contented with the arrangements and out of 13 positions Mampilly recommended 11 of them are profitable. It is no wonder he has the fastest growing newsletter in the stock business with over 60,000 subscribers.

Mampilly studied in the New York at the New York University Polytechnic and later in Fordham University in New York where he got an MBA in 1996. He runs an independent publishing house and firm that specializes in Investment newsletters and public research advisories. He works at Banyan Hill Publishing as the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. He began his profession in 1991 working as a Research Assistance at Deutche Bank and rose to the manager of the multimillion account at Bankers Trust and ING.

Mampilly worked for Wall Streets for 20 years. He got his breakthrough when he won an investment competition which was put by Templeton Foundation. He was able to get $88 million after investing $50 million. From the contest, he got a 76 percent gain without shorting any stock despite the fact that this was a time where the financial crises in the country was at its peak.

From October 2003 to July 2006, Mampilly founded The Capuchin Group. Here, he worked as an Author, Editor, and Publisher. He also worked at Kinetics Assets Managements LLC, as a Co-Portfolio Manager. In 2015, from the month of February to December, he worked at Stanberry Research LLC as an Editor of Professional Spectacular. His Career is what has made him the best at what he does, and the major reason he has many followers.

Anthony Toma Founded Nine9, the UnAgency

Nine9 is an UnAgency that works with talented men, women, and children within the entertainment industry. The mission of Nine9 is to develop and employ the 99% of people working in the industry which are many times ignored by other talent agencies. Much of what Nine9 does is for the individuals they work with, who provide the talent. Nine9 wants to provide the tools and the support necessary for these individuals to succeed in the business. They recognize a professional attitude, respect, and kindness are all needed for the partnership to work successfully. Nine9 wants to see passion from their talented men and women, and they will provide quality castings and bookings for everyone.

Anthony Toma found the opportunity of working in the talent agency business while he was working in the grocery business and looking for a franchise to develop. He bought into the franchise in Orlando, Florida and developed 26 different locations across the United States. When the franchise failed, however, Toma thought he could do better. In 2003 he founded Coral Reef Productions, which would eventually become Nine9. Toma is able to drop his kids off at school in the morning, on the way to work. He pays attention to social media, listens to motivational audio tapes, and makes lists as to what needs to happen for the day, week, and month. He then, communicates to the corporate people what he thinks needs to be done. He listens and asks for their feedback, to make his ideas even better and learn more about Nine9.

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 Equities First Holdings, Your Best Business Partner!

In the world of financial equities and alternative sources of finance, Equities First Holdings is a leader and lender in this capability. As a matter of fact, the company has been in operation for over one decade of professional experience. When Al Christy founded the company in 2002, he determined that it will become the most adopted source of alternative loans during the harsh economic crisis. Moreover, Equities First Holdings has also seen a great adoption in the use of stock-based loans during this severe financial crisis. During the harsh economic crisis, banks and other credit institutions tighten their lending capabilities in a manner that is unprecedented in this industry. For his reason, they end up working to attain better business entropy.

Since 2002, Equities First Holdings has issued more than $2 billion to its clients. When the company was founded, it was established to offer alternative sources of finance and advice. Therefore, it has provided these services through the help of its most sophisticated service employees. Equities First Holdings was also determined to reach all the parts of the world. Since then, its presence is now seen in the main continents Equities First Holdings has offices in Perth, Sydney, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. Click Here for Equities News .

Stock-based loans are the primary product offered by the company. He uses of stock-based loans has been increased during this harsh economic crisis. While most people think that margin and sock-based loans are seamless, hey have many differences. As a matter of fact, one can be tempted to choose the use of stock-based loans over the margin loans. For you to qualify for a margin loan, you must also sate the intended use of the money. However, this is not the case with the stock-based loans. The loan use is not pre-determined. for more .

A Female Super Doctor, Dr. Jennifer Walden Excels as Plastic urgeon

Cosmetic plastic surgery has received a bad reputation ever since it became popular in the sixties. Today, there are 8,100 board-certified members in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, but only 851 of those are women. That didn’t prevent Dr. Jennifer Walden from becoming one of the best plastic surgeons in the U.S.


She was involved in a thriving practice in NYC, and now she has brought her talents back to her hometown Austin, Texas where she grew up. Dr, Walden is able to add a feminine perspective to help women who come to her for help. Her practice revolves around cosmetic surgery, which includes breast augmentations, rhinoplasties or “nose jobs,” facelifts, eyelid lifts, liposuction on the abdomen, inner thighs, and arms, and other minimally invasive procedures such as Botox injections and filling soft-tissue. These procedures cost between $7,000 – $10,000 per procedure.


Dr. Walden’s goal in performing this surgery is to allow these improvements to give women more self-confidence and a better quality of life. Jennifer allows them to feel better about themselves so they do not go through life with continual disdain about their appearance.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has been registered as a Super Doctor since 2014 and was selected as one of the 24 Best Beauty Physicians in the United States by Harper’s Magazine in the same year. She attended the University of Texas and received her Medical Doctorate with Highest Honors at the University of Texas Medical Branch. To become a plastic surgeon, she participated in five years of post–medical school training and another two years in a fellowship.


After completing her residency, she moved to New York City for eight years and became program director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, a prestigious position. Dr. Walden is known internationally for her superior work and is honored for her skills and abilities. She has since moved back to Austin and has built another successful practice. She is also a philanthropist who believes in giving back to her community. Dr. Walden is honored for ber practice, as an author and for her work assisting those in need.


Rona Borre Makes Her Mark

Rona Borre started Instant Alliance in 2001 from the spare bedroom in her condo. She showed up each day, dressed in a business suit, even she was the only person there. She said that she had big plans and wanted to look the part.

Today, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the United States, and the annual billings are in the millions of dollars. She caters to Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized concerns, and smaller firms as well. She focuses on financial and technological professionals because everyone wants them. They are the people who propel a company to the next level when a company is in the growth stage.

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One of the strategies that Borre uses is one that most of the competition overlooks. While they are spending their time look through thousands of resumes, Borre and her team are getting to know the executive team of the company that they are doing the hiring for. Borre wants to know everything about them. She needs to know what the culture of the company is before she gets someone to work there. If a person doesn’t fit, it will all go bad, check this on

Once she finds out what she needs to know, she will move mountains to find that person, and it works. Instant Alliance has only a one percent attrition rate of the people hired, and that is a phenomenal statistic.  Additional article here.

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The Solutions that White Shark Media Provides to its Clients.

White Shark Media is a renowned digital marketing services provider that was created in 2010. The founders of the firm were Gary Garth, Andrew Lolk, and Alexander Nygard. Mr. Nygard and Lolk currently serve the enterprise as the CEO and PPC vice president respectively. The company has been dedicated to adjusting the type of services that it offers to suit SMEs. It has presently employed more than 140 highly knowledgeable individuals who have been working to ensure that it provides the best solutions. The website of the enterprise,, indicates that over 600 businesses have hired its services. White Shark Media has successfully maintained more than 10 percent of its clients. The excellent performance of the firm was appreciated by the The company has been using its innovation to create great adverts that can significantly support the progress of small businesses. A client review that was on indicates that the firm has been using unique methods that allow it to gain the trust of the customers. The clients have been loyal to the business due to its transparency and imparity.


According to the company’s website, it has had significant progress from the time that it was established. Google noted its progress in 2012, and it formed a partnership with it. The collaboration has been essential in the growth of the company and has facilitated it to reach more clients across the world. White Shark Media has also worked with Microsoft whereby it participated in its Bing Ads Authorized Program. A review that was posted by a client on the Shark Media’s website shows that the firm interacts with customers in a consultative way and this makes them feel like real stakeholders. Its approaches are very satisfying and trustworthy. The enterprise has been striving to remain relevant in the industry by always adjusting to technological transformations.


White Shark Media has always been keen on providing solutions that are past the anticipations of the clients. Its dedication to ensuring that the clients get more has assisted it to create healthy relationships with them. According to a customer representative’s comment on, the firm has been taking care of the needs of the clients and industry stakeholders. The exceptional tradition is embraced by the staff of the company from the management to the newest employee. White Shark Media is also devoted to ensuring that the employees get the best treatment and are also able to learn while they are at work.

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