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Doug Levitt Recalls Literature Greatness

As an avid lover of all things traveling, whether it be spending my mornings glued to travel blogs or even the occasional online geography test, sometimes you have to be certain your view of the world is correct, it is safe to say that traveling occupies a good portion of my time. So between spending my time fully on the road and exploring everything the world has to offer all of us, I’ll often engage with pieces written by fellow travelers and the such and.

Doug Levitt’s Own Travels Call Out to a Greater Time in Our Country

Crossing through my part of the world and entering my news feed, Doug Levitt’s, a fellow traveler with an extensive resume of previous experience that would make even the busiest body feel lazy, Greyhound Diaries has been making noise on my usual news and culture watering holes so I decided to buy a ticket and take that ride with Doug Levitt.

The Greyhound Diaries, unlike many other works within its genre, tells its story of a country that has long passed its prime and is now searching for better promise as told through the people within its borders that are experienced the same growing pains as well through several different mediums, each in part capturing another portion of Doug LEvitt’s journey across the United States utilizing only the Greyhound Bus system to traverse the space between each place and the next.

Doug Levitt has a Story Richer than Those He Paints with Words in His Works

The man behind the Greyhound Diaries is himself also possessing of a story just as interesting and unexpected as many of the people Levitt encountered during his travels. The writer, poet, musician and former war correspondent for a major news organization begun his journey during moments of intense personal strife and questioning, as most travelers often do, and the resulting works that stemmed from his time spent among a real America carry the same beauty, strife, and hope found in every person Doug Levitt met and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

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UKV PLC Should Not Be Confused For Any Other Wine Producing Company

UKV PLC is not necessarily a winemaking company that is comparable to others. It is a winemaking company that not only offers some high quality products of wine, but it is also one that is continually striving to be as innovative as possible with its manufacturing processes.

Innovation is a key element of the strategies UKV PLC chooses to implement in each of its manufacturing processes. Unfortunately, there are some winemaking companies that aren’t necessarily taking the time that would label them as being extraordinary winemakers. Why should anyone invest in a winemaking company that does not place importance on the effort and time that is required to make wine as quality of a product that it is meant to be? UKV PLC is a wine product that has been renowned as being a company that offers tasty wine. This does not mean that the tasty wine is simply appearing out of nowhere, or out of sheer luck. It is a company that puts forth effort in manufacturing its products. They ensure the fermentation process of the fruits are complete and done properly, as opposed to partially in which the final product tastes rather watery. Be sure to invest in a wine product that you’re going to be able to rely on, not one that is going to leave you feeling sick due to it having undergone less than superior elements of manufacturing.

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James Dondero Gets Things Done

There is nothing better than people helping people. Unless, it its people helping people to help themselves. And, sometimes a challenge or a little friendly push is just the thing needed to get results and growth happening. This truism is exactly fits the a situation involving James Dondero, Highlands Capital Management, The Family Place and a little dream called the Legacy Campaign.


James Dondero is pleased and proud to announce that Highlands Capital Management has a challenge grant in the amount of 1 million USD (United States Dollars) lying in wait. But there are two conditions that apply before the monies can be granted. The first of these conditions is that the money has to be matched with funds the raised by The Family Place for their Legacy Campaign. The legacy Campaign is an effort to build another emergency facility to help relieve TFP, which is operating and maximum capacity, at the moment. More importantly, there is a time limit on how long these funds are available and there is no time to waste.


The fact that Highlands Capital Management is matching funds stands as an impressive act, by itself. More impressive though is the fact that this challenge follows a call to action from the Mayor and Chief of Police of Dallas, Texas. The purpose for this call to action comes from a deep need in the local community in finding solutions to their shortage of resources for emergency services. James Dondero believes that this challenge is proof that the civic community of Dallas knows how to get things done. For him, his business and organization, serving others and filling a need for philanthropic service is what they do every day they go to work.


The ripple effect on this one is pretty far reaching. For what starts with a word from city officials flows through already caring and working professionals and ends with one organization helping another realize a dream. Once the Legacy Campaign becomes a realized goal, construction begins on a new central Dallas counseling center. It is to be named after Ann Moody and its design is expected to serve more than 2,000 clients a year, for years to come.


Vinny Parascandola, Senior Executive Vice President AXA Advisors New York

Vincent Parascandola is the financial advisor at AXA Advisers, LLC that works hand in hand with both individuals and High Net Worth people in giving financial advice. He operates in New York, and he started his career there 25 years ago as an insurance agent for Prudential. His experience in the profession has led to his recognition, he has been given numerous awards and honored. He has been given the insurance agent rookie of the year and many mare awards of honor.


Vincent likes success in whatever he does. His performance and efforts to the insurance industry have been impeccable, and for this, he has been rewarded with job promotions and benefits that come with good performance. This has enabled him to move up the ladder.


AXA Advisors are now well known all over the world as the leading insurance firms. It is now headquartered in Paris, France. It was originally founded in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie. The name changed many times until the name became AXA in 1985.


New York sector, led by Vinny Parascandola has services ranging from investment management to global insurance and many other financial services. The company has branches in Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North America and Western Europe.

With his current position as the Senior Executive Vice President, New York division he carries out various tasks like management development, sales, recruiting, productivity, development of financial professionals and retention of employees.


He has helped families and businesses take steps towards financial security. Firms who consult him can remain stable financially. The business being operational will enable people to secure jobs and retain at the same time make decent profits.


Vincent is in social, and he makes comments on his Twitter handle page on his whereabouts and where he is going to make appearances. To people who like to look good for example, he gives them tips on how to lose weight in a short time (two weeks). He is also on Facebook and sometimes posts photos of him with officials and clients that he meets.

How Rona Borre Developed Instant Alliance Into A Powerhouse In The Staffing Industry

Rona Borre founded Instant Alliance in 2001. This is a firm that specializes in providing staffing solutions to both the financial and tech industries. Her leadership has led the company into being a woman-owned business that is nationally recognized and has been featured in media across the United States including CNN, USA Today, CNBC, and her hometown CBS 2 Chicago. She also holds other leadership positions in Chicago, Illinois such as a seat on the board of the Economic Club of Chicago, The Chicago Network, and the Young Presidents Organization.

In addition to a number of awards that have been given to Instant Alliance under her leadership as Chief Executive Officer of the company, she has also been personally recognized for her abilities and leadership. Enterprising Women Magazine named her as the Enterprising Woman of the Year once. Rona Borre has also been honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners as well as the Business Ledger as an Influential Woman in Business.

Straight out of college, Rona Borre had started working it the recruiting and staffing industry. After a few years, the company she worked for was bought out by an international company which quickly changed the corporate culture and operations of the company. She had also developed an interest in working directly with her clients rather than where she was working. This led her to leave the company to form her own company, although she had to sign a non-compete clause upon exit and she couldn’t contact existing applicants. Fortunately for her, this was a period where the business market was suddenly turned upside down and there were massive layoffs. Many former applicants who found new jobs gave her leads on quality people who needed to find jobs. She recognized that by treating people right they would return the favor, which she has kept in mind ever since.  For more of Borre, check

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One of the things that Rona Borre most enjoys about her job is that every day is different. She enjoys interacting with her clients and connecting good candidates with job opportunities. She enjoys having a privately held company that is action and people oriented.

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Dr. Chris Steven of MB2 Dental Solutions Offers Affiliated Dental Packages to Dentists for Healthier Services

Chris Steven Villanueva is an active dental practitioner who focuses on promoting the best services for dentists who own practices. Having had vast experience in offering dental services as an employee and an employer, he thought it wise to initiate a practice aimed at empowering fellow dentists. He founded MB2 Dental Solutions with a mission of providing affiliated offices a package of services designed to assisting dentists with offering dental services. As the chief executive officer of MB2 Dental, Chris focuses the business on providing an equation to the service provider and the patient. Chris started the company with the mission of supporting the integrity of his profession.






With a clear understanding that dentists need specialized assistance without strings attached, the practice has been supporting dentist practitioners in over seventy affiliated locations. The services offered by MB2 Dental Solutions reach over 50 practices through the 533 employees. With a close-knit relationship and leadership from Chris, the organization is focused on continuing to provide a trend of excellence. While typical dental practice management companies offer regular services, Chris thought that it was wise to introduce modern methodologies into the field. That is why MB2 Dental Solutions is proud of the new range of dental services it offers.



MB2 Dental Solutions



The organization is focused on providing excellent services more than the profits. The dentist owned firm capitalizes on autonomy, the support of dentistry, personal growth, and partnerships through team building. MB2 offers improvement assistance to dental practitioners. For dentists who need personalized assistance, the team always ensures to deliver. The innovations promote better operating standards for dentists. These standards lead to happier practitioners. The happy professionals facilitate strong organic services for business growth. The affiliated services are packaged in a way that ensures dentists run their practices effectively.



Chris’ Profile



The idea of starting a dental practice affiliate rooted from Chris’s passion for bettering the industry of dental practice. After his college graduation, he had two options. One option was joining a big medical practice. He settled for the next choice. This option was to start a dental practice. Instead of just starting a dental practice, he started a practice aimed at helping people who own their dental practice. This is proof that Chris is an executive entrepreneur, committed to making the dental industry a better service provider. Chris was born and raised in Ohio. He relocated to Asia before joining high school in Venezuela. He is the chief executive officer of MB2 Dental Solutions




The Meaning Behind The Word Beneful

The name beneful gives you all the benefits of knowing that your product or entity is packed with goodness. The name resonates the energy pure and natural. It is most popularly associated with the popular dog food brand Beneful. Nestle has it recorded as one of their most popular and trusted brands because of its name. Rest assured, the name signifies that your pet companion will get a nutritious meal packed with all natural ingredients that benefit their heart health and contribute to maintaining their weight. Get real chicken with top vegetables that your pet will love and you’ll enjoy feeding it to the one(s) that you love.

Beneful derivatives from a premium dog food that gives you a prepared meal for your pet companion. Beneful is a one of a kind dog food that is prepared to look like stew giving your pet a gourmet meal. Experience a dog food brand that is perfect for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages with their signature taste tailored just for your dog. Beneful is known for wholesome ingredients that promote real pet health. Give your pet a heart healthy meal that contains corn, wheat, and soy byproducts that are easy for your dog to digest. The Beneful name is trusted by thousands of pet owners worldwide for meaning it will be packed with organic ingredients that are safe for your pet and will give the pet owner peace of mind about what their pet is eating.

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Ken Goodrich’s Resilience Breaths Life Back into Goettl Air Conditioning

Ken Goodrich has a history of picking up crumbling businesses and reviving them back to their lost glory. Before he acquired Goettl Air Conditioning four years ago, the company was nearly hitting rock bottom. The company had seen an unusual change of ownership over a short period, and that was threatening to end Goettl’s over 60 years of dominance in the HVAC industry.


Re-energizing the Staff


Reviving Goettl was a hard bone for Goodrich to break, despite having had successfully revived over ten other businesses. The company from whom he bought Goettl from had tarnished the company’s reputation by being suspected of illegal business. Sanitizing the tarnished reputation was an uphill task for Goodrich, but he is not the type that lacks a way out. He began by putting his house in order; he focused on improving the fading morale among his demotivated staff members. With that successfully done, he focused on earning back the customers’ trust.


Winning Customers Back


In collaboration with his now motivated staff, Goodrich began reaching out to the local community in Phoenix through taking part in already existing communal charity drives. The company also established and funded philanthropic initiatives, such as providing clean drinking water for the homeless. Ken and his team started helping the less privileged in the community to access heating and ventilation services for free. With time, everything fell into place, and Goettl was back on its feet. The company has since expanded to other cities in U.S.


About Goettl


Goettl has been providing heating and ventilation solutions to homes and companies for close to 80 years now. The company mainly operates in Las Vegas but has branches in Phoenix, Tucson, and Southern California.


Three adventurous brothers, Bill Goettl, Adam Goettl, and John Goettl, established Goettl jointly. The company pioneered most innovations in the HVAC industry. Evaporative coolers, for example, were inexistent before Goettl entered the industry.

A Glance At What Has Been The Successful Career Of Illinois’ Businessman Sheldon Lavin


Sheldon Lavin is one entrepreneur who has built an empire for himself. Through his business acumen, he has risen to become one of the world’s billionaires on the Forbes Magazine. How exactly did he acquire his fortune? Sheldon Lavin has made his fortune retailing meat products. He is the sitting CEO OSI Group, LLC. Probably, we always share one of his business’s delicacies during our dinners. The meat processor specializes in products such as pizza, breakfast sausages, ready-to-eat meat, and pork.

The career of Sheldon Lavis dates back to the 70’s when he was a consultant with Otto & Sons. One of his notable achievements at Otto was the funds he arranged for the firm for it to build a meat-processing plant. Once the proprietor of Otto retired, Sheldon became a co-partner in the company with the sons of the owner. Through innovative strategies, Otto & Sons grew and later became the OSI Group, LLC. In the year 1980, Otto’s sons were willing to sell their stake in OSI Group, LLC and Sheldon Lavin bought them becoming the owner of half of the controlling stake in the business. Learn More.

OSI Group, LLC., is one of McDonald’s biggest meat supplier with a retail presence in 17 destinations across the world. The Enterprise also sells meat products to 85 countries across the globe. According to Sheldon, the enterprise culture that has been nurtured at OSI is one of the reasons why the company has weathered tough economic times to become one of the biggest players in its industry. He considers all his 20,000 employees at OSI as a part of his larger family. The OSI Group has keen interests in expanding its operations in Europe and Asia. Contact with Lavis.

Other than being actively involved in business, Lavin is also an avid philanthropist. He is sufficiently involved in charities such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Jewish United Fund and many other charity programs. Sheldon is the father to three grown children and has been a recipient of many awards that recognize his role in business and charity programs. for more .


John Holt Addresses Bankers during Their Annual Strategic Opportunities Forum in Texas

John Holt serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital, Inc. He is a serial entrepreneur and a renowned financial advisor. As such, John serves on the panel of the Texas Bankers Association’s Strategic Opportunities Forums. His most recent participation was when he served in the 5th Yearly Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. It took place in the New Orleans, and their subject for discussion addressed issues relating to the reinvention of community banking.


During that conference, the bankers also talked about perceptions on contending for opportunities by innovation. The panelists and involved managers invested quality time exploring strategic opportunities. In their meetings, they do so through organic development, branching as well as through M&A activity. That forum serves as a platform through which the consultants, bank administrators, and experts evaluate issues affecting their sectors.


Essential Details Concerning NexBank Capital, Inc.


NexBank is a financial firm that is devoted to serving their clients. They usually deliver quality service through the guidance of three key businesses. The core dealings include; mortgage banking, commercial banking, as well as organizational services. At NexBank, every client enjoys fully customized solutions. Most people recognize them for their timeliness, reliability and quality execution. To enable their customers to expand their horizons, they employ seasoned staff who have the heart for service. The entire funding process goes a long way in ensuring fueled long-term growth.


Selected Services Provided by NexBank Capital, Inc.


Most institutions turn to NexBank Capital for assistance in servicing loans. They ensure that their quality service runs across all the industries. Some of the services they endeavor in include; individual servicing organization, managerial agent, collateral trustee, and non-investment grade mortgages. NexBank Capital is a time-proven financial institution known to help in boosting revenues and visibility across accounts. Their customers enjoy assured vital treasury functions and competencies.