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OSI Industries Represents The American Business Dream


OSI Industries is a company with international influence that begin as a family-owned business. A German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky set up shop in the Chicago area. He started with a meat market. Otto quickly established a reputation for providing a great product. Soon he was able to expand from providing individual service to offering products to other food businesses. Restaurants and supermarkets began to rely on Otto Kolschowsky for his terrific work ethic. He called his company Otto and Sons and expanded throughout the region. OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe.

By the 1950s, Otto Kolschowsky’s sons had taken over the business. They were introduced to a rising restaurant entrepreneur named Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the leader of the McDonald’s organization, which was expanding across the country. Kroc and his team were looking to enter into the Chicago region and needed a meat supplier that they could trust to handle their workload. Otto and Sons were selected for the job and soon became a standout from the hundreds of meat suppliers that were working with McDonald’s at the time. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago.

Otto and Sons brought several innovations to the food manufacturing business that set them apart from other meat suppliers. They specifically catered to their number one client which was McDonald’s. The meat patty cutting machine put them ahead of the competition. It gave McDonald’s exactly what they needed and saved them a tremendous amount of time. Cryogenic freezing chambers allowed Otto and Sons to maintain large supplies of meat that could be provided in a ready-to-work manner for the fledgling McDonald’s franchises. Soon McDonald’s selected Otto and Sons as their primary supplier of meat.  Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Otto and Sons became known as OSI Industries and went on to expand in the food manufacturing business. They maintain manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Asia. Their current list of clientele includes Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza Subway, and Starbucks.

OSI has also grown its worldwide reach by acquiring other companies. Baho Foods was an acquisition made to increase the company’s presence in the European region. Executives at Baho Foods are excited about the merger. Some of their leadership has been invited over to join the OSI team. for more OSI information.

Equities First – Reasons To Consider Stock Loans For Your Business

Many great business ideas that are not implemented because their originators don’t have enough cash to start their business. Unless they get a source of funding, most of such ideas are not applied. We are always told of a few new companies get funding but not informed of several others that lack funding to begin their operations. It is also dangerous to only focus on traditional lenders whose services come with more terms and conditions to adhere. That is the reason Equities First has been furnishing small businesses and high-net-worth individuals using stock-based loans. The company uses your publicly traded stock collateral and provides you with a quick loan that you pay with low and fixed interests rates to a maximum of three years. For more information, you can get the details of the organization at

For every business to run, it requires sufficient working capital to cater for its day-to-day operational necessities. That includes buying commodities, preparing payrolls and meeting short-term expenses among others. No business is perfect, and situations come when the current assets of organization are lower than the present liabilities. If that happens, the organization is not able to cater short-term creditors and continue running its functions. Many times back, Equities First has stood on the gap of many small businesses facing financial challenges, and by offering the financial help, such companies have developed and flourished to date.

Unlike bank loans that cannot benefit every other startup, Equities First offer solutions when your business is in the critical situation of stopping its operations. Signs of such businesses entail the organization not able to pay its workers, not able to pay its creditors, having no working capital or liquidity, expenses becoming more than revenue, etc. The stock loans at Equities First come with numerous benefits hence attracting a large number of borrowers daily over the last few years.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s Practice Helps Clients Get the Legal Representation They Deserve

People who live in Brazil and want to be attorneys have to go through a very rigorous process. It is something that they have to go to school for. Once they have graduated with a legal degree, they then have to pass the bar exam so that they will be able to be a practicing attorney. It has been difficult for the people of Brazil but there are over 60,000 lawyers who live in the country and most of them are practicing. Brazil doesn’t make it easy but people are still persistent and become lawyers. All of those lawyers not only have to go to school and pass the bar exam but they also have to be able to learn the Brazilian Constitution. This is the document that dictates what Brazilians can and can’t do. It also plays a role in the things that people are able to do while they are in the country and while they are practicing law in the country.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an attorney who has been able to help people with the things that they need to know about the Brazilian Constitution. He is well aware of the constitution and what it means for the people who live in the country. He also makes sure that he stays up to date on all of the changes with the constitution so that he will be able to make the best decisions possible. While Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been working to make sure that things are going to work out for different people, he also wants to make sure that things are going to work for himself.

By keeping up with the Brazilian Constitution, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho knows that he is going to be able to make things better for his clients. He is confident that he knows the laws in the document because he wrote some of them himself as the document has evolved over the years. There have been many times when Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho did not know what to do with the options that he had but he has always kept the constitution and his ability to uphold it in mind.

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Lifeline Screening is a Great Health Maintenance Step

Lifeline Screening is an organization that offers preventative measures at discount pricing compared to what we would ordinarily pay for a hospital or a testing or laboratory facility. Many people go about their lives without giving too much thought to their state of health. If there seems to be nothing wrong, then there is not much thought given to their condition.

However, Lifeline Screening can determine if many people do have health problems that could be serious enough to have something done. It is always better to give attention to any condition, especially if it is caught in its early stages.

Lifeline screening offers screening tests in three major areas that can catch such conditions early on. Ultrasound screenings are similar to the test that a pregnant mother will have done to determine the sex of her baby before it is born. Ultrasound sends sound waves that are directed at the part of the body where the organs are located that are being examined. The organs can then be seen on a screen in real time.

Ultrasound can be very effective in viewing arteries that may have blockages, such as the Carotid arteries in the neck, the abdominal arteries, and the ankle brachial arteries. It can also measure the bone density of individuals to check for Osteoporosis and learn more about Life Line Screening.

The Finger-Stick blood test only takes a tiny drop of blood from the end of a finger, but it yields and entire blood panel that tests an individual’s high and low cholesterol, glucose levels for diabetes, C-reactive protein levels for cardiovascular testing, and the levels of liver enzymes.

The Limited Electrocardiograph depicts the level and frequency of the heartbeat, also testing for an irregular heartbeat. If the heartbeat is irregular, it is called atrial fibrillation which can be dangerous because it can cause blood clots.

All the test results are then forwarded to the patient’s doctor for further evaluation and treatment if necessary and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

Does Eric Pulier Intend to Establish Something New?

Eric Pulier is good at what he does. But if you are new to him, then you would probably ask what exactly Eric specializes in or maybe you would question why so many successes are credited to that very youthful looking face. Well, to start with, Eric Pulier does everything or almost everything. He is a brilliant entrepreneur, talented columnist, published author, master technologist, investor, sought after public speaker, mentor and a generous philanthropist.

That is not all about Eric Pulier as he is also a founder of more than 15 companies, successful raising funds to support these business ventures. It is important to note that everything that Eric Pulier puts his hands on is bound for successes. Eric’s notable ventures include Akana, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, ServiceMesh, Desktone, US Interactive, Digital Evolution, vAtomic Systems and Media Platform.

The success of these ventures is a true testimony of why Eric Pulier is a celebrated figure. What could be Mr. Pulier’s next venture? While most of his ventures are centered around media and technology, Pulier is quite unpredictable hence the question has consistently been posed by most of his admirers.

In a recent interview with ideasmensch, Eric talks about what propels him as well as the the habits behind his entrepreneurial success. The decorated Harvard University alumnus graduated with a BA in English and American Literature. Eric Pulier background as a columnist dates back to his days at Harvard University where he wrote as student journalist for the Harvard Crimson. After Harvard, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he first founded People Doing Things in 1991 and followed with other ventures later.

Pulier has made an irreversible mark in the innovative world of technology. He is currently the founder, owner and CEO of vAtomic Systems and is a member of Board of Directors of other firms. In addition, Eric has won notable awards and prizes in the field of technology.

It is difficult to talk about Eric Pulier without mentioning his dedication to charities and assisting those the disadvantaged in the society. His involvement with Multiple Sclerosis Society helped to provide sclerosis awareness to victims. He was also part of the team that cofounded Starbright World, a social media platform that provided connection for children living with chronic conditions.


JHSF, and the Leadership of Jose’ AuriemoNeto are Positive for Brazil

One sure sign of a region that is in the middle of a cultural and economic upgrade is commercial attractiveness. Brazil is home to many cities and municipalities that are experiencing a transformation that is beneficial to commercial and private enterprises. This growth is also beneficial for residents. JHSF, is tirelessly working to promote high-end real estate in several regions of South America’s most populous country. Their interests include marketing Brazilian land to interested international developers, and creating exciting new work opportunities for countless Brazilian residents.


Though JHSF is primarily engaged in large market deals that involve high-profile clients, the results of its progress are felt in every sector of the Brazilian economy. The developments that JHSF helps broker creates many opportunities for laborers and specialized members of the Brazilian workforce. These opportunities range from hospitality staffing, to broad new contracts in the architectural world. The goal of JHSF is to help Brazil maintain a flexible and upwardly mobile presence in the global economic community. This company helps Brazil use its finest and most available resources to accomplish this difficult task.


JHSF CEO José AuriemoNeto is a commercial real estate specialist, and is at the helm of guiding this company to great achievements in the Brazilian market. His main objective as a business leader is to concentrate on commercial property sales deals that will directly benefit local people groups in Brazil.


Though José AuriemoNeto has been directing JHSF for less than a decade, he has opened extraordinary opportunities for the company, its affiliates, and its employees. The Santa Cruz shopping center is a travel and international shopping destination that owes its existence to the leadership of this executive. With a focus on service and exposure, AuriemoNeto is becoming a guiding light for other Brazilian entrepreneurs who are working to increase their country’s prominence on the global economic stage.


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Honey Birdette Extends Its Reach Across The Globe

The Australian based luxury lingerie brand Honey Birdette has been on an amazing rise since it was created in 2006 by founder Eloise Monaghan. In the U.K. the three physical stores opened by the brand look set to be expanded to 37 new stores over the next two years; in the U.S. the Honey Birdette brand is taking a different approach to expansion with the creation of a dedicated North American sales Website to allow a higher level of customer support and satisfaction to be obtained by U.S. based customers.

U.S. based Online sales figures have provided a major boost to the profits of Honey Birdette after the company recently reported Web-based sales in North America had grown by 374 percent over the course of 2016. Almost as impressive were the facts and figures released about the brick and mortar locations developed by Honey Birdette in the U.K., which began with the launch of the Covent Garden flagship store, followed quickly by two more stores opening in the country. The planned construction of 37 more Honey Birdette stores in the U.K. comes after the brand identified a number of major U.K. cities capable of handling the stores of the luxury lingerie company by the end of 2018.

Honey Birdette is based on a simple plan created by Eloise Monaghan when she was looking for gifts for a friends bachelorette party and disliked the downmarket nature of the lingerie and adult lifestyle products she found in Australia. Monaghan was prompted to develop her own brand after discussing the problem with her friends.

Eloise Monaghan remains in creative control of the Honey Birdette brand, which has become well known for the iconic black doors of its physical locations and the luxurious nature of each product created under the leadership of the founder.

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Gracias Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Sr., Gracias

     There are many media companies headquartered in Mexico. For example, Jaque is a Digital Production Company based in Mexico’s beautiful city of La Condesa. They work directly with individuals and companies alike to create and deliver state of the art media experiences. Masclicks is another Mexican full digital media company based in Mexico City. They desire is to be incorporated as your partner in order to achieve your goals. Marnie Agency is a Digital Branding Agency that has worked with brands such as L’Oréal, BMW, Bayer, with duties of Search Engine Organizing(SEO), Media Strategy Development, Web Development, and more. Grupo Televisa is a Mexican multimedia, mass media company that is the largest such company in Hispanic America and the first in the Spanish speaking society. This is an international entertainment business with much of its programming being viewed in the United States on the Univision. Grupo Televisa was founded in 1955 as Telesistema Mexicano. The channel was the first national network to be broadcast in color in 1963. Alfonso de Angoitia is the Managing Director and Executive Vice President.

Alfonso de Angoitia has been on the Board of Directors of Televisa since 1997 and in April, 2009 he was named the Chairman of Televisa’s Finance Committee. Alfonso is considered the financial brains of Televisa as well as an ally of their Owner, Emilio Azcarraga Jean. Alfonso was monumental in putting together a $1.2 million dollar deal between Televisa and Univision greatly improving and increasing their access to the highly desired US Hispanic market. He is one of the four most Executives of Televisa.

Alfonso de Angoitia was born on January 17, 1962. He is married to his wife, Concha Angoitia. They have two children. Their elder son is also named Alfonso de Angoitia. Alfonso Sr. attended Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico where he earned his LLB(Undergraduate Bachelors degree of Law). Also, Alfonso loves to travel to his favorite places. One of his most favorite places to visit is New York City. He has made repeated trips there before and is likely to do so again in the future.

Fabletics is Going From Online to Stores

There are many places that can help you to look and feel good without breaking the bank, but few are going to give you the quality and the comfort that Fabletics can. You may be wondering how they are going from online to a store in such a short time.


Starting Out

When Kate Hudson started Fabletics, she wanted great active wear that anyone could use. She wanted something that was fashionable as well as functional. That is what became Fabletics and what changed the way we do active wear.


Subscription Services

Fabletics decided to do a different type of online sales plan. They decided to do a subscription service instead of just an online store. The way it works is you sign up for the service and then you get an outfit every month. You get to choose the styles you want, but you don’t have to do anything to get them. You only sign up the one time and then you have great clothing coming to you.


Fabletics Goes to a Store

Fabletics was doing so well online they decided to open a couple of stores in the largest cities in the US. Now you can get an outfit for your active needs as well as to wear when you just want to be comfortable. The store offers the same high quality outfits that the online store does, but you can try it on and see if they are going to fit you in the way you want to.


There are a lot of options in active wear. You may think that Fabletics isn’t for you because you have to get it online, but with the new stores, it’s not going to always be that way. Fabletics stores can give you the same high quality active wear that you want without any issues. You only need to sign up online or go to the stores they have so you can have great outfits and be happy with what you re getting. The last thing you want is to not have something that feels comfortable and that don’t have the quality you want.

The importance of Lifeline Screening and disease control

Lifeline screening is a healthcare service proving company. Some health problems can be prevented if detected early enough before they become a health risk. The purpose or the vision of the company is to help people lead healthy lives and live to the fullest. The company partners with doctors to give community based affordable health services to the clients. The team of doctors visits public places like the shopping centers, places of worship and corporate areas.

The best thing about these services is that they require little or no preparations in advance. The procedures of ultrasound and EXG screening is not painful and it also affordable by many. It usually performed by highly qualifies technologists who use very high-quality equipment to get accurate results. The aim is to detect some diseases that are vital and prevent them before they strike. The results are used by doctors so that if need be, treatment can begin immediately.

There are three main preventive screening methods. One of them is ultrasound screening. The method is also referred to as sonography technology. It involves the use of sound waves to image structure in the body. The echoes are then recorded. It is used to detect heart-related diseases. The other one is known as finger stick blood screening which is used to detect diabetes and some heart diseases. The last one is known as Limited electrocardiograph for an irregular heartbeat. This is a common heart disease which can also lead to stroke.

There are other services offered by Lifeline Screening. The Lifeline newsletter helps an individual focus on personal health. It gives information on what the change of lifestyle can do to improve personal wellness. It gives information on how to better control chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure why just changing a few habits.

LLS screening database has generated vast data that is used by universities and research organizations to generate medical findings.

They are also committed to furthering scientific research, and they have collaborated with medical universities like Oxford, UCLA, and New York medical school to increase knowledge on cardiovascular diseases by studying the risk factors for the development and prevention

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