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The Story Behind Alexandre Gama’s Foundation of Neogama

     Dating back four decades, in 1982, Alexandre Gama earned the position of copywriter and content creator at Standard Ogilvy & Mather, today known as Ogilvy & Mather. Gama moved from his hometown of Rio de Janeiro to the Big Apple, or New York, New York, to work for Ogilvy & Mather, effectively demonstrating his desire to succeed in the competitive world of advertising.

At the turn of the decade, in 1990, Gama decided to leave his long-standing, fruitful post at the American-based agency to join DM9, an advertising agency tucked away in the heart of Brazil. Alexandre was fortunate enough to earn the managerial titles of creative director and lead copywriter, for which he held for four years prior to working for other advertising agencies. In that four-year span, Mr. Gama had earned more awards than any other advertising agent in the entire country of Brazil.

His next three employers were Almap BBDO, in which he was a major stockholder and the CED, Y&R – formerly Young & Rubicam – as CEO and CCO, then Member of the Global Board. After serving in various positions for these five organizations, he founded the ever-successful, self-named advertising Neogama in 1999, having since completed more than any other advertorial worker in Brazil.

Jason Hope a Tech Expert

Jason Hope is a businessman, futurist, philanthropist and a tech investor who hails from Scottsdale Arizona and has a passion for technology and giving back to the society.

Hope went to Arizona State University where he pursued a Bachelors Degree in finance. Jason furthered his education by attending W.P. Carey School of Business and was awarded an MBA. At the beginning of his career, Hope created a mobile communications company and make money through a portfolio of technology companies. Hope investments include companies that provide Marketing Services such as the search engine optimization, computer and business information systems, Digital Media Solutions and Interactive Software.

Jason being a futurist and a person who is passionate about technology understands technology and uses his skills and knowledge to monitor the industry and make predictions on future of technology. Hope based on the current trends believes that the future of technology is in the power of the internet of things commonly referred to as IoT. This is so because in today’s society devices are becoming interconnected. Hope advice and insights in technology are quite significant to businesses and people who wish to make investments in technology in future. According to Hope, the internet of things is already becoming Viable, and it will not be long before every home in the developing world become independent of IoT connected devices. Today the internet of things has already started to revolutionize technology, and there are IoT devices that can monitor and adjust lighting and room temperature using sensors and monitor biometrics and fitness.

As a philanthropist, Hope has pledged Half a million dollars to go to SENS Foundation. The donation is meant to help the foundation in biotechnological research and fight age related diseases. Hope says that he is more passionate about helping furthering research on anti aging through the use of preventive measures. SENS Foundation impressed him, and from the very beginning, Hope knew that it was the organization that he would like to get involved in his charitable work. The SENS Foundation employs the use of advanced technology to reverse and prevent heart diseases, lung cancer, Alzheimer and respiratory illnesses.

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Jason Halpern Restructuring the American Real Estate Industry

Jason Halpern is a real estate developer in the United States. He is also the principal of his family business, JMH Development since 2010. Under Jason’s leadership, the company has remained committed to creating new and innovative buildings for commercial and rental purposes in New York State. Combining his unique market know-how, vast skills on development and industry experience, Jason has ensured that the company delivers high quality beyond the consumer expectations.

Mr. Halpern has a strong respect for the local communities, and he takes their interests into account when developing an area. Jason is also involved in philanthropic activities. His interest in charitable activities is evident from his support for Joel Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center, a level 1 trauma center specializing in complex emergency neurosurgery, orthopedics, open heart surgery and treatment for burn victims. Jason also partnered with other organizations to support water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia.

DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and Jason Halpern

In 2014, the firm announced to top off the Aloft South Beach, a 235- room hotel, which was opened in 2015 in the heart of Miami Beach. JMH Development developed the project in collaboration with Madden Real Estate Ventures. The project was developed as an adaptive use of the historic Motel Ankara and included an eight-story tower. The property is one of the biggest with significantly larger rooms that its competitors. The idea to top off Aloft South Beach was in line with Jason’s interest in restoring historic structures. The property, which is located one block from the shores of Miami Beach and minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center, presents a new experience for guests touring the area. The guests can now enjoy roof deck lounge, outdoor pool, over 2,300 square feet meeting space, and around clock fitness center. Moreover, the guests have free access to emerging local artists.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

About JMH Development

JMH development is a leading service provider in the real estate industry. The company is experienced in the sector and owns several residential and commercial properties across the United States. The firm’s approach to creating distinctive and luxury properties has been their secret of remaining at the top of the industry. JMH Development has been a pioneer in the development of only one of its kind luxurious properties in mushrooming markets such as Brooklyn, Queens, and Williamsburg.

The firm has so far invested over $500 million in New York state projects including a mega development on 184 Kent. JMH Development has also developed the Townhouses of Cobble Hill, an investment that saw an additional nine luxury houses in the greater Brooklyn area. JMH team is well versed with all steps in the development process from the feasibility study, to strategy, to site selection, to building design and construction, branding and marketing. Their expertise, which spreads to various industries such as residential, commercial, hospitality and mixed-use property segment, has been a major contributor towards the excellence of the firm.

Beneful: Benefitting Man’s Best Friend

The connotative definition of the word, beneful, stems from the dictionary word beneficial. Therefor, the word beneful can be inferred as being beneficial. The dictionary definition of beneficial states, “favorable or advantageous; resulting in good.” This definition correlates to the meaning of Beneful dog food, as well. Beneful dog food has a mission of benefitting or being beneficial in nature to consumers of its products. Beneful’s mission statement captures the essence of what it truly means, “At Beneful, we believe in filling bowls with food that’s both healthful and flavorful.” Beneful’s meaning can be seen by those who positively benefit from a select source, whether it be dog food or not.

Furthermore, The word, Beneful, directly relates to a brand of dog food products administered by Nestle Purina Petcare. The meaning of the word “beneful” is seen within the wholesome nutrition Purina provides for dogs. With an ingredient list boasting of no additives containing glucose, Beneful dog food is perfect for owners looking to give their furry friends a healthy life. The target audience for Beneful dog food is aimed at owners who care about the quality of ingredients in their dog’s food. Since bringing Beneful dog food to the market in 2001, Purina has stated beneful means of or relating to “full of goodness.” Beneful dog food aims to create beneficial lives for dogs while providing nourishing ingredients in hopes of increasing the longevity and quality of life of man’s best friend. Today, Beneful continues to be one of the top-selling dog food brands.

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Kim Dao heads to Korea After Second Stop in Denmark.

Kim Dao planned to spend a week in Korea for a meeting before heading back to Denmark again. Kim Dao arrived at Copenhagen Airport an hour early for the flight and decided to have a French hot dog with mayonnaise on a hot dog bun. On the way to Korea, Kim Dao had a layover in Amsterdam. The flight to Amsterdam made her hungry, so Kim Dao had a Dutch sausage roll. She had about an hour before her flight to Korea  took off. Kim Dao also had some kind of packaged pastry roll,and a 16 ml bottle of water to drink. Learn more:


After her three-hour flight, Kim Dao ate at Korean Joa where the father of one of the spike lenders works as a chef there. She had some kind of a chicken and rice stew with banana squash slices and green onion on top. Later on, Kim Dao met up with one of the members of the group. In the loby, one of translators had a birthday. She was given a small birthday cake in which someone lit the candle with a lighter, and the group sang “Happy Birthday” to her. Learn more:


The group visited Seoul Sky to see live undersea exhibits, sky constellations, and go up a sky tower by way of escalator. The visited a gift shop that sold all kinds of things including a miniature sky tower. Back at the hotel, Kim Dao pointed out what a Korean hotel room looks like. Learn more:


Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Made Sure Grupo Televisa Was Successful

     Since Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has been doing everything that he can for Grupo Televisa, the company has gotten better and more people are able to enjoy the things that they are putting out for production. Grupo Televisa was a great media company to begin with but they are now much more profitable than what they were in the past. It was something that made a lot of sense for them to be able to do and something that helped them to grow their company to the point where they are able to make more changes no matter what is going on with it.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero knew how to make Grupo Televisa better. He knew a lot about finances and he also knew a lot about media companies. He did some things similar with a different media company that wasn’t even as popular as what Grupo Media is and that made a huge difference for the people who were in the area that he was working on. He also did this with a bank when he was working as the CFO so that he could try different things and get more out of the options that he had.

While Grupo Televisa has continued to be successful and people know a lot about how to make things better in the company, It has not always been something that will get better and grow. In fact, it was not doing as well as it was in the beginning when Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero first started there. The company was not making the profits they could have been and that was a huge problem for the people who wanted to actually be able to make money from the things that they were doing. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero changed all of that and brought new improvements to the company.

Eli Gershkovitch Has Made Quite the Impact on the Craft Beer Community

Canada has a wide variety of craft beers to offer. In fact, it is the most popular alcoholic drink in the entire country and brings in more than $9 billion in annual sales. This has led to the widespread stereotype that Canadians adore their beer. Recently, over the last several years, Canadians have become more interested in drinking high-quality craft beers and lower end beers will soon become a thing of the past.

The consumption of beer overall in the country seems to be dropping but craft beer sales are still rising nonetheless. Statistics show that beer sales have remained stagnant over the last couple of decades but craft beer sales have nearly doubled. Often, craft breweries are viewed as micro breweries and small start up businesses. However, this is not necessarily the case in all instances. For example, Quebec’s McAuslan Brewery currently sells over $20 million worth of beer each year. Some popular brands throughout Canada include Propeller IPA, Pumphouse Blueberry Ale, St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, La Fin Du Monde, Lug Tread and Party Animal (


One notable company within the craft beer industry is Steamworks Group of Companies, whose CEO, Eli Gershkovitch, has been in the craft beer brewing business for over 20 years. He started off by opening Steamworks Brew Pub in 1995. Eli has since expanded and opened a full-scale brewery in 2013.


Since opening his brewery, he has been able to achieve 50% revenue. His business has expanded from being a local business to a worldwide brand. Currently, his products are available in Canada, several US states, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland (Westender). Eli Gerskovitch recognizes the vast differences between owning his pub to becoming such a huge brand. He feels that the experience has been transformative. He notes that it is quite the transition from running a small, local business to now having to worry about logistics and marketing. Clearly, Eli Gershkovitch’s passion for craft beer has brought him great success and a highly recognized brand within the craft beer community.


Biography of a Business Titan: Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman started his career by making an impression, and he hasn’t stopped since. In fact, he’s used his talents, skills, and abilities to make an international name for himself, and for good reason. Glen Wakeman has mentored organizations, companies, and business operations in over 30 regions. He’s lived in six countries, counseled companies worth up to $15 billion, and helped just about every type of business imaginable, from start-ups to companies with over 17,000 employees. How does he do it? By thinking of others and being revolutionary.

In the Beginning

Glen Wakeman started out by making an impression at the University of Scranton. He majored in Economics and Finance and earned his bachelor’s degree in 1981. However, he did far more than achieving academic success here. He also found a place in the student government, in the drama club, working for the college radio station, and on several intramural sports teams. He went on to earn his MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1993 and soon began working at GE Capital.

Early Achievements

If Glen Wakeman was trying to start out with a bang, he certainly succeeded. At GE Capital he excelled in business development. In fact, his business development skills were so impressive that the Board of Directors formally recognized him as a role model in growth leadership.

An Innovative Approach

Glen Wakeman founded Nova Four of which he is still the president. He also co-founded and is still the CEO of, LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a SaaS company established in 2015. Beyond that, Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur, a mentor, a writer, and an investor. Many wonder how he has achieved so much over the course of his 20-year career. However, his innovative approach focusing on five key metrics of business has been the cornerstone of his work almost from day one, and this fresh way of thinking and focus on the bare bones of business has been a large factor to his success.

Glen Wakeman has accomplished a great deal in the last 20 years, but chances are we haven’t seen the last of his work ( From his prolific writing to his corporate mentor services, Glen Wakeman’s heart and entrepreneurial spirit are sure to drive him towards even more success in the future.

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Vijay Eswaran Empowers His Representatives and Communities

Vijay Eswaran has become an icon to the independent representatives of the QI Group, a multi-level marketing firm in Asia that has changed the lives of many. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

His career story, taking an idea and a business from the ground level up to a multi-national player in 20 countries and a reported 750 million in revenue, makes him an inspiration to the hard workers below him who dream of even modest success for themselves and their families.

Like many multi-level marketing firms, QI Group has faced its critics. The usual response is to play defense.

Vijay Eswaran has gone on the offensive, and his hard work, emphasizing compliance and honorable business practices, have made it one of the top direct sales companies in Asia. Its sales rates are estimated in the top five across Asian firms.

A culture of corporate professionalism, use of high end technology, and reputable products and services have made QI Group a well-respected player in diverse fields such as telecommunications, travel, and new product development. Many of the top senior executives share similar stories of coming from the bottom and working their through the ranks, bettering their lives in the process.

QI Group also expresses a deep commitment to the spiritual and social growth of its 4.5 million independent representatives. The representatives see Vijay Eswaran not just as another wealthy businessman in Asia but as a person who uses that wealth to create a chain of prosperity stretching down the company and into the communities where its people live.

The company’s culture business skills, jobs, and entrepreneurial energy has revitalized many neighborhoods across the poorer stretches of Asia, where his independent representatives live and work.

As part of that mission, Vijay Eswaran has created two foundations, RYTHM (an acronym for Raising Yourself to Help Mankind) and the Eswaran Foundation, both of which work with nonprofits helping out community groups, women’s programs, youth development, and mentoring programs across the world.

When he is not working with QI, he is also an international speaker and writer. His dedication to helping others is reflected in dozens of awards.

MB2 Dental – Helping Dentists Focus on their Core Job

One of the biggest challenges of dentists is to run a dental practice successfully as they are trained to treat patients with dental problems, not look into the accounts or book appointments of the visiting patients. The administrative jobs at the dental office are something that most of the dentists only dislike, but even after having some employees; find themselves spending hours straightening things up. It takes up a lot of their time and makes it impossible for them to focus on their core job, which in a way, also negatively influences their ability to perform.Dentists are always looking for more time and space to be able to treat more patients, which helps to add to their revenue and in the long-term make the dental practice successful.

However, many aspects need to be focused upon at the same time to ensure the result is a success for the dental practice. It is a problem that was identified by MB2 Dental, which today provides many dental offices and clinics with administrative services. MB2 Dental takes over the dental office and ensures that every aspect of running a dental office successfully is taken care of. However, the dentists or the business owner need not worry as they would continue to retain the full control of the dental office, and any changes or decision that affects the office would be made or taken after thorough consultation with the business owner.MB2 Dental provides many different services to the dental office, including the appointment, reminder calls, billing, accounts, auditing, maintenance, patient care, customer service, HR solutions, recruitment, salary, documentations, paperwork, cleaning, bookkeeping, and more.

These are the services that MB2 Dental provides to ensure that dentists can perform treatment in full confidence and doesn’t have to worry about anything else other than their core responsibilities.Dr. Akhil Reddy studied biological sciences and dentistry from the University of Pacific and is one of the most successful dentists in the United States today. The office of Dr. Akhil Reddy is affiliated to MB2 Dental, and he says that part of his credit goes to MB2 Dental as they have offloaded him of the many worries that he had to deal with earlier on a regular basis. He also mentioned that these days he just visits the office treats his patients and comes back, without having to care or look into the financial or administrative matters each day as earlier. It saves him a lot of time and energy and has helped him become more efficient at work.