An Executive Summary Mr. Rafael Salvi

     Competition among big businesses in today’s business world has become very profound, and companies seeking to continue operating have had to innovate and evolve to keep up with the pressure and to continue thriving. Mexico as a strongly developing economy has seen many companies that have not had the ability to keep up with the intensely competitive nature of other big companies ousted out from the market seen. This type of completion has been realized in the media market seen also, but the abilities of business such as Televisa to adapt quickly to such competitions have seen them survive for many decades now.

This high resilience to the ever changing media landscape has made Televisa innovate new ways to generate its income so as to survive the fierce competition from the other media houses. The increasing population has also enabled the media company to have millions of increased target audience. They have also had to divulge from solely depending on the government as its source of generating income and sought other potential avenues such as private company advertisements.

The media market in Mexico has seen the introduction of new market players venture into the scene and ventured into domains such as print media, broadcast, and the television industry.

The ability of media companies such as Televisa to withstand such new competitions is through the company’s ability to change its CFO’s with the changing times, each time injecting new energy that understands each era the company sees. One recent appointment to the chair of CFO and Director was Mr. Rafael Salvi.

Mr. Rafael initially joined Televisa in 2004 and had managed to serve in different capacities before being appointed to sit at the helm of the company as its Chief Financial Officer and Director. The move to appoint him came as a way to ensure the company’s survival in this new age of information and technology. Rafael had previously worked at the National Banking and Securities Commission as the Chairman of the Board of Banking Supervision.