All About Dr. Villanueva!

Dr. Villanueva is the CEO and the founder of MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that is truly one of a kind. MB2 Dental Solutions help dentist all around the world come together to perfect their dentistry skills, people skills, and over all techniques in general. The company believes in sticking together in order together long term success.

Dr. Villanueva is doing an amazing job with MB2 Dental Solutions. They even joined together recently to raise money for all of the victims that were affected by the powerful storm of Hurricane Harvey. This is a company that has the total package!

Dr. Villanueva has had lots of experience in the dentist field before starting his own company. Dr. Villanueva has worked as a dentist mentor, a dentist trainer, a dentist, and an advocate for doctors. Dr. Villanueva is the ideal person to have a company like he has because he has worked himself up. He knows how doctors feel because he has been in their shoes before.

Dr. Villanueva is a person who is big on having morals and integrity. He always encourages his affiliates to practice with honesty and dignity. This is the best way to run any business because your customer will earn respect for you since you are straight forward and honest.

Even though Dr. Villanueva has opened MB2 Dental Solutions, he is still in the field practicing dentistry first hand. He also is still mentoring new dentist who come straight out of dentist school. Educating and teaching new dental professionals is one of Dr. Villanueva’s favorite things to do. The experience is always fresh and exciting to him.

Dr. Villanueva had an interesting life growing up. Even though he was born in Ohio, he was raised in South America and Asia as well. Dr. Villanueva has the gift of learning things at a very fast pace with a deep understanding.

Dr. Villanueva has the best of both worlds as of today. He is happily married to his wife, whose name is Carol Villanueva. Carol is also a doctor as well. She has an amazing practice that is located in the state of Texas. In addition to both of them having an established career, they also had the luxury of being able to have kids. The couple has four beautiful healthy children and they are extremely happy. Dr. Villanueva surely has a lot to be proud of!