Adam Milstein’s ‘Inspired By Israel’ Competition Purpose

Philanthropist Adam Milstein is devoted to promoting Israel’s culture and heritage, and as a tribute to all the things the nation has accomplished in the modern era he’s been a host of a video competition known as “Inspired By Israel.” This competition has been going on for two years now and the entrants come from all over the world. The Grand Prize is $8,000 but runner-ups also have a chance to win monetary prizes. The winner in 2016 was a video titled “Superman’s Got Nothing On Israel” about Israel’s humanitarian aid, and 2017 was “The Immigrant” about how a young girl returned home to her nation. Adam Milstein funds the competition through his family foundation in partnership with StandWithUs and 12 Tribe Films.

Adam Milstein has accomplished a lot as both a real estate broker and an Israeli activist through the Israeli-American Council. He was born in Israel back in 1952 and is also a veteran of the Yom Kippur War. He is married to Gila Elgrably Milstein who he met during the war and has raised three daughters. Milstein attended the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology where he got his bachelor’s in business and economics, and then got his MBA at USC. He became the cofounder and Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties which is the holding company billions in commercial real estate and residential lots. Milstein has raised billions in financing and arranged many purchasing deals.

Adam Milstein has a philosophy to his philanthropy that focuses on being active in all the groups he supports, having a path-life impact on every target group he reaches and forming philanthropic synergy between community leaders. For families with young children, the Milsteins have started a program that teaches Hebrew and shares Jewish literature. The Israeli-American Council also partners with groups like Birthright Israel to get college students active and also to sponsor trips for them to go to Israel. Adam Milstein has partnered both with liberal political donor Haim Saban and conservative businessman and President Trump supporter Sheldon Adelson, and he considers himself on neither side of the isle.