A Glance At What Has Been The Successful Career Of Illinois’ Businessman Sheldon Lavin


Sheldon Lavin is one entrepreneur who has built an empire for himself. Through his business acumen, he has risen to become one of the world’s billionaires on the Forbes Magazine. How exactly did he acquire his fortune? Sheldon Lavin has made his fortune retailing meat products. He is the sitting CEO OSI Group, LLC. Probably, we always share one of his business’s delicacies during our dinners. The meat processor specializes in products such as pizza, breakfast sausages, ready-to-eat meat, and pork.

The career of Sheldon Lavis dates back to the 70’s when he was a consultant with Otto & Sons. One of his notable achievements at Otto was the funds he arranged for the firm for it to build a meat-processing plant. Once the proprietor of Otto retired, Sheldon became a co-partner in the company with the sons of the owner. Through innovative strategies, Otto & Sons grew and later became the OSI Group, LLC. In the year 1980, Otto’s sons were willing to sell their stake in OSI Group, LLC and Sheldon Lavin bought them becoming the owner of half of the controlling stake in the business. Learn More.

OSI Group, LLC., is one of McDonald’s biggest meat supplier with a retail presence in 17 destinations across the world. The Enterprise also sells meat products to 85 countries across the globe. According to Sheldon, the enterprise culture that has been nurtured at OSI is one of the reasons why the company has weathered tough economic times to become one of the biggest players in its industry. He considers all his 20,000 employees at OSI as a part of his larger family. The OSI Group has keen interests in expanding its operations in Europe and Asia. Contact with Lavis.

Other than being actively involved in business, Lavin is also an avid philanthropist. He is sufficiently involved in charities such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Jewish United Fund and many other charity programs. Sheldon is the father to three grown children and has been a recipient of many awards that recognize his role in business and charity programs.

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