A Beginner’s EOS Lip Balm Guide

Evolution of Smooth lip balms strive to differentiate themselves from traditional ChapSticks. EOS calls their balms “lip spheres” and packages them in a soft ball that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. This means you can pucker up and apply EOS to both lips in only one swipe!

The contents of the EOS spheres stand apart from conventional ChapSticks, as well. They’re packed with organic, anti-oxidant rich and gluten-free ingredients, to nourish from the inside out, with reference from fr.wikipedia.org.

EOS offers a full rainbow of flavors and benefits, and while they all would make a fun choice, several stand out above the rest, get redirected here.



This purple Smooth Sphere hosts a sugary, brightly flavored balm.



This on-trend, mint colored Smooth Sphere encases a salve that delivers freshness to your pout.



Light pink and dark pink swirls identify this Smooth Sphere, which is part of EOS’ “visibly smooth” line of balms. Coconut milk is known to calm and nourish the body, and this salve supplies those same benefits to your lips.



If you’re looking for a bit of color on your lips, the Sheer Pink sphere offers a touch of pretty, pink-tinted shimmer.



A sphere with SPF 15, this balm gives daily protection to your lips from the sun, while the lemon flavor invigorates your smile.



Available in a more traditional shape, this classic EOS flavor is packed into a tube. You can be sure that any of the salves in their “Smooth Stick” line contain the same elevated, organic ingredients as the spheres.


If these flavors sound too good to choose only one, fret not. EOS offers a convenient 4-pack! With three Smooth Spheres (Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, and Honeysuckle Honeydew), and one Smooth Stick (Vanilla Bean), you can stash these fresh lip savers all around. Check out more EOS products here on twitter.com.

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