A Bank of the People’s Interests

NexBank SSB is a local bank that is based in Dallas and is proud to fund the Dallas Women’s Foundation, the 32nd Annual Luncheon. The bank will sponsor the foundation to advance the women’s economic leadership and security.

Scheduled for Friday, October 20th, the 2017 Annual Luncheon is to be at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. This luncheon features an appearance by a top 100 Influential list makers, Dr. Hope Jaren, who is also a bestselling author and an award-winning scientist.

Dallas Women’s Foundation holds this event every year and gets over 1300 civic, business and community leaders attending. This foundation is the most significant women’s regional fund and trusted leader in providing positive economic and social changes to girls and women alike.

About the NexBank SSB

NexBank SSB is a bank in the region of Dallas that has assets amounting to $6.4b and its charters dating from 1922. The bank is renowned for mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services geared towards meeting the needs of its clients, including institutional clients, corporations and financial institutions nationwide. NexBank is an elemental component of NexBank Capital Inc., which is a financial solutions company.

NexBank strengthens its name by maintaining a focus on reliable, timely and quality execution. The firm makes use of its seasoned professionals and experts dedicated to the clients all through the financing process thus assisting them in securing the funding they need for their operations and thus fueling their long-term development strategies.

The Bank also carries out commercial Real Estate Lending by liaising with real estate development agencies, and other players in the real estate world to facilitate their planning, construction process, and other opportunities. It also offers help to financial institutions nationally, as well as credit services and treasury management services.

The 12th biggest bank in Texas, NexBank, it is also the 179th largest bank in the country. Established in 1934, it now employs 87 workers in 3 locations. NexBank is a leader in many aspects of the trade with an A health rating as one of their strongholds, along with its money markets rate being 3X that of the country average.

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