Month: December 2017

American Institute of Architects Responsibility in Public Health

     Robert Ivy is the current president of the American Institute of architects. In his tenure, he has called the architecture society to evolve and to integrate themselves into the new trends. In the institute his primary focus is on building, design and construction however he encourages architects explore more. Aside from the standard fields, architecture can also venture into healthcare through innovative designs as Robert Ivy believes. Robert ivy has pushed the idea to an extent where during the annual meeting and the Clinton initiatives, the AIA, announced a decade worth program to cater for public health, sustainability and disaster management. The program encompasses grants or university students and competitions for development of applications and softwares in a competition known as Hackathons.

In a recent interview with the SmartPlanet, Robert ivy went on the various ways AIA will tackle public health. Architecture is a profession that dates from the period of draining swamps to the current monuments growing worldwide. It’s through design that the government invested heavily in the development of housing in New York. The process of building was meant to remove the deplorable conditions through the removal of substandard houses. In the past, architecture views are of a profession that concentrates only on the formalism than improving public health. However, with the coming generation, the institute encourages the architects to be in touch with the social, economic trends. The focus brings a culture that is more aware of their environment and role in public health.

Architecture has a responsibility to society by coming up with structures that reduce health hazards. Buildings construction should be in a way communicable disease have no chance of spreading. Buildings should be made taking into account sunlight access, fresh air and clean water. Choices of the materials used should also be in account; this is the few examples of how architecture id relative to health care.

The American Institute of Architecture hopes to give a positive impact to public health. The American Institute architects are a professional board for architects based in Washington, DC. The institute started in 1857 New York, with the aim of licensing architects. The institute is based on a category of member, namely; architect members, associate members, international association members, emeritus members and allied members. AIA is run by a board of directors and has more than 200 employees. Robert Ivy has received numerous awards for his contribution to editorial excellence in business media.