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Does White Shark Media Care About Their Reviews?

Anyone who has spent time looking over the White Shark Media reviews might wonder if the folks at White Shark care about what others are saying about them. You can rest assured, that they do care. In fact every review, is looked over in the hopes that the company can learn something from the customers review.

One of the biggest concerns that consumers have about White Shark Media is that a customer’s concern has not been listened to. Many of the negative complaints come from a period when White Shark was experiencing rapid growth and was unable to handle every customer with the appropriate customer service they deserved. The good news is that White Shark Media was able to learn from this mistake and took action to correct the issues being addressed by their customers.

The company even took extra steps to add employees and account managing representatives which can offer a direct benefit to each and every customer. The company has also added phone extensions which allow you to reach your ad representative anytime that you need to. You simply call a number, enter their extension and get connected to them directly.

The ad representative then reports to an ad manager. The manager checks your pay-per-click campaign to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. You work together with the representatives over a conference call which helps to make sure your goals are clearly outlined and that all of your needs are being met.

Positive reviews are the lifeline of every business and as a result, White Shark Media is doing their best to make sure they meet or exceed the growing needs of their pay-per-click customers. As you can see, your business is important to White Shark Media and they want you to be one of the millions of satisfied custmers who use their service on an ongoing basis.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Remains Relevant

The dating app world is filled with so many different possibilities. People are very impressed with the way that they’re able to meet other singles without even leaving their couch. The reality, however, is that most dating app developers are hiding in the background. Even some dating app developers that are known are typically simply part of a fly by night excitement that comes with the latest and newest dating app. People tend to hop from one dating app to another when they don’t find what they’re looking for. This is why many dating app developers that are part of a crowd of apps will simply fade into the background after a couple of months. Their names become forgotten as people discover the next new dating app. Whitney Wolfe Herd has shown that she is a name that people are going to remember. She is someone that remains relevant because she created a dating app that was more than a dating app company. Bumble is the dating app that she started with, but Bumble itself is a company that is much more than a dating app and more

Whitney Wolfe Herd would go on to create other components to Bumble like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. These would be things that would totally transform what was originally thought to be a dating app company into a general social media company. This is a new way to look at what is happening when it comes to social media. Whitney Wolfe Herd did not want to limit herself with a dating app even though Bumble has become one of the most popular dating apps in recent times.

With Bumble BFF Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to establish grounds for Bumble users to become friends with people. Everyone is not always in search of a date. Sometimes there are people that are moving to a new city that just may have a desire to make a couple of new friends. This is what Bumble BFF is able to help people do. The same can be said for Bumble Bizz when it comes to the business world. There are so many people that are going to delight in these two aspects of Bumble. It gives people a chance to really see a complete social media experience through a single app. Thanks to Whitney Wolfe Herd people are able to make friends, find dates and expand social network circles with the Bumble app.

Former CEO Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a successful Canadian businessman. He went to HEC Montréal were obtained his degree. In nineteen ninety-nine, Louis Chenevert was elected Pratt and Whitney’s president, previously working for General Motors for fourteen years. In two thousand and six, Louis Chenevert, again was elected CEO of United Technologies Corporation. Louis Chenevert has also had been an adviser to Goldman Sachs in the industrial and aerospace sectors. Louis Chenevert has truly had a successful and diverse career and has put his skills and knowledge to good use for those companies. (See:


When most people thing of America’s industrial sector, they often think of the aging rusted rail line. They think the industrial sector has gone the way of the locomotive. There are some manufacturers that are still around despite Washington, D.C. regulations, and the indifference of pop culture. One of them is United Technologies Corporation, based in Hartford, Connecticut. This massive of a conglomerate is valued at sixty-three billion dollars. Impressive for a rust bucket of a sector, right? Visit This Page to learn more.


The main markets for United Technologies Corporation are in the aerospace and building supplies. The company makes everything from helicopters and jet engines to air conditioners and elevators. Despite the high taxes in Connecticut, Louis Chenevert was able to contribute greatly to the economy. In part, was able to continue the company’s seventy years of paying dividends. The company has also out performed many companies listed on the stock exchange. Find out more about him on yachtingmagazine.


Louis Chenevert’s time at United Technologies Corporation was no always easy. The company had to withstand the worst economic crisis in many years, the two thousand and eight great recession. Through the tenure of Louis Chenevert he saw the stock price rise from the low of thirty-seven dollars to one hundred seventeen. This was done by his hard work of spearheading a companywide reorganization. He was able to streamline services, for example combining elevator, escalator, and air conditioning product and services to provide a comprehensive service to builders. In addition, he did what other companies weren’t. He didn’t outsource work. In fact, he actually brought many engineering jobs back to America.



Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis Continue Expanding Jeunesse Across the Planet

One of the most impressive success stories to come out of the global health and beauty sector over the last few years is that of Jeunesse. Founded by industry veterans Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, the company was quite literally founded in the couple’s garage. After under a decade of operations, Jeunesse Global has grown into one of the most important global health and beauty brands, with hundreds of millions of dollars in yearly revenues.


The company was founded by Lewis and Ray on their third attempt at retirement. The couple believed that they would finally be able to walk away from the exciting and fulfilling life of being serial entrepreneurs. A few months into their most recent retirement, the couple began feeling the restlessness and ennui that comes with days filled with no meaningful activities.


See This Article to learn more about Jeunesse Global.


As a means to pass the time, Lewis and Ray began selling a few neutraceuticals out of their garage. Their entrepreneurial instincts soon kicked into high gear. By the end of its first year, their company, now known as Jeunesse Global, was selling nearly $1 million worth of nutritional supplements. Over the next few years, Lewis and Ray would grow the Jeunesse to stratospheric levels.


Both Lewis and Ray had been lifelong veterans of the health and beauty industry. As someone who had spent a lifetime developing some of the most popular beauty and health products on the market, Wendy Lewis was able to slide back into the role of innovator in chief, developing some of the most popular new beauty products to hit the market in decades.


Read Jeunesse Global for more information about the success of the company.


Take the company’s multi-vitamin, AM PM Essentials, for example. The product is a unique formulation of both daytime and nighttime blends that allows for the optimization of alertness and mental acuity during the day while being formulated for an optimal sleep at night.




Much research has shown that sleep is one of the most important elements in staving off the negative effects of aging. For this reason, PM Essentials is specially formulated to allow for both an easy time falling asleep and the ability to stay asleep, getting a restorative, good night’s rest.

Check out Jeunesse Global’s profile on Linkedin.

Louis Chenevert Looks To The Future

Louis Chenevert has always been a progressive leader. He understands how to plan for the long and short term in order to keep his team focused on every aspect of the mission. Louis became the CEO of United Technologies Corporation and immediately began to make an impact on how business was done, as well as the culture of the organization. He wanted his creators to understand that they had a voice in how business was conducted. This gave them the confidence to express themselves in a manner that would take the company in different directions. UTC became a front runner in its industry while under Louis Chenevert’s leadership. The company prides itself on making a positive influence within the US economy by introducing new jobs to American citizens.


Technology is an industry where creative minds need to have their freedom. The market is always changing. There are new items and tools introduced to the market on a regular basis. These inventions keep consumers on their toes and demanding more. Louis made sure United Technologies Corporation remained on the cutting edge of the movement by planning to hire 25,000 people within a three-year time frame in the United States alone. Chenevert was making a point that UTC was committed to the creativity that it speaks of.


The main organization will always have a major influence on its affiliate brands. Suppliers must be thoroughly taken care of in order to provide a satisfactory product. UTC made the investment in its suppliers by allocating over 40 million dollars over 3 years in order to show dedication to its subsidiary companies.  Check him out on Crunchbase.



Technology comes from the creative minds that produce the material. People will always be the most important aspect of business. Louis committed to investing in his team by creating a program that allowed each person to obtain a college degree. The company pays for the tuition no matter what specialty is chosen. Read This Article for more information.



Louis Chenevert received his education from HEC Montreal. HEC is an affiliate of the University of Montreal. Chenevert completed his bachelor’s degree and went on to have a successful business career. He spent 14 years at General Motors before joining Pratt & Whitney. After Pratt & Whitney Louis became the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He resigned form UTC in 2014.



Read louis-cheneverts-business-successes-past-present-future/


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Matthew Autterson Has Remained Dedicated to Helping Others

For Matthew Autterson, there have been many things he can feel important about. He has always tried to make sure his career is going to grow and the people who he works with are getting the best solutions possible. Matthew Autterson has always done his best in the industry and has known what he can do to give back to the community. It is part of what has made Matthew Autterson the best he can be. He knows there are different things that will allow him the chance to make sure things are working in the industry.


As long as Matthew Autterson has tried to give people the things they need, he knows what it will take to give others the best opportunities possible. He also knows there will be a way he can help people through different situations. Thanks to Matthew Autterson, there have been many changes in the way things are done and in the way, he can make the most out of his career. It has changed because the bioscience field is always growing and getting better. It is what has allowed Matthew Autterson the chance to do more with what he has to offer.


Thanks to Matthew Autterson, CNS Bioscience has grown. The community knows what they are doing and the people who are a part of the community know they are going to be able to get more from what they have to offer. Matthew Autterson likes to play into that and likes to make sure the industry is growing. For Matthew Autterson, this means he has to make the right choices in business and has to show people they will get more from the industry standards. It is what has led Matthew Autterson to make the right choices and giving back to the community. As a supporter of the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for.


There are different aspects to CNS Bioscience, but the biggest thing that Matthew Autterson knows how to do is offer the neuropathic solutions people need if they are going to get more from the industry. As long as Matthew Autterson has tried to help people, he knows there will be new things he can do. In addition, Matthew Autterson likes to give the community what they are looking for as long as they are growing their own businesses. For Matthew Autterson, this is what has set him apart from others and what has allowed him to grow the business he is a part of. Visit This Page for more information.



The many Titles of Tony Petrello: Father, Husband, CEO, Philanthropist, and Cure Seeker

     Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, is known for success in business, but also his generous giving. He is not the stereotypical greedy company exec looking for how he can horde finances. Tony, however, is just the opposite. Tony is a generous giver to the medical field. He desires to give his finances, sources, time, and energy to help promote research and advancement to find medical solutions to complex problems.

One of the reasons for Tony being so compassionate is because he understands. Born prematurely, his daughter Carena at the age of 7 finally began to eat for the first time. He watches his daughter in amazing of such a simple day to day tasks most take for granted. Prematurity caused, PVL, which is periventricular leukomalacia, a disease that when babies are born early can be diagnosed with reducing oxygen to the brain. The PVL eventually caused cerebral palsy, which causes deficiencies in motor control. This happening at birth delayed her development so much that traditionally learned tasks for Carena took much longer than the usual child. Tony and his wife Cynthia got down on their knees praying, then they also began investing fortunes into research in the hopes of finding a cure for their daughter. Tony has always been quite the determined individual.

Tony graduated from Yale with his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mathematics. He then went to study at Harvard Law. Knowing he could land a decent job anywhere, he never settled and eventually landed the position as CEO of Nabors Industries. The company is now known as the largest oil drilling contractor company around the world. With the company running smooth, Tony spends as much time with his family as possible. Doctors examine Carena on a daily basis as Tony can enjoy her exuberant and purposeful life. He explains his daughter as someone who can shine a light in the darkest of circumstances, a real joy. Her heart and life through the troubling illness encouraging him to fight for others and for her to find a cure.

Tony plans on being a great contributor to the search for their daughter’s medical freedom. Donating a total of $5 million dollars now, Tony and Cynthia pledged an additional $2 million dollars. With a combination of his hard work and success and life circumstances, Tony has been placed on a unique road to continue as a beneficiary for many.

For more, please see Tony Petrello Helped Launch the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Matthew Autterson: Master of Finance

Hailing from Denver, Colorado is Matthew Autterson. Autterson has brought the great city of Denver very positive publicity through his contribution to successful businesses. Throughout the development of his career, he has been able to do great things for himself and those with whom he does business with.


It was in 1980 when Matthew Autterson graduated from Michigan State University. While attending this institution, he received his bachelor’s degree in finance. Autterson then went on to pursue a graduate degree. He chose to continue his education at the University of Denver. He enrolled in the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver and proved to be very successful. Between the years of 1980 and 1982, he was employed by First Trust Incorporation and has only gone up from there.


Matthew decided to leave First Trust Incorporation in 1982 and began working with a few others to start up a new chartered trust company. This future company would be held by Integrated Resources, Incorporated, a financial service company located in New York. Working his way up fast, he became the president only four years after development. From there, the company was integrated and underwent a few name changes. By 1998, after going from Broad Inc. to SunAmerica Inc, they were bought for 18 billion dollars by AIG. Finally, AIG was bought by Fiserv in 2001. Through all the integrative changes, the company as a whole remained extremely successful, holding billions in deposits and assets.


Matthew Autterson’s most recent position is on the board of CNS Bioscience, Inc. Specifically, he is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CNS Bioscience Incorporation. CNS Bioscience, Inc. was founded in 2013 and is located in Denver, Colorado. The founder of this company is Scott Falci, M.D. The company’s main focus is neuropathic pain. It is specifically a clinical-stage drug development company. In short, they develop drugs for neuropathic pain to be tested in clinical trials.


Autterson has achieved great success throughout his career. Not only is he successful with his craft, but he has also reached people with his character. He is said to be very genuine, which is a characteristic that most do not think of when they think of a businessman. In conclusion, Matthew Autterson knows what he is doing, and shows a great passion for what he does. He strives to keep his business successful while also keeping customers happy. Get Additional Information Here.


The Many Avenues of Serial Entreprenuer Joel Friant

Serial entrepreneur Joel Friant is an aficionado of the free market with a flair for home-based business, product creation, and mental training for success. Mr. Joel Friant is dedicated to helping other succeed n business and grow their skills to enable them to exceed their expectations in their career and even personal life.

Mr. Joel Friant has previously dabbled in home remodeling and real estate sales. In 1995 he directed his career to the restaurant business and created a rand out of the concept of Fast Food Tai Concept and made himself known as The Thai Guy. Around the same time h also started selling his first product called the Habanero Shake.

Mr. Joel Friant sold his product at some of the biggest grocery stores in the state of Washington. With the revenue, he went back into the real estate industry and started doing foreclosure buying, rehab, and then selling. This is known by the term ‘‘house flipping.” In 2003 Mr. Joel Friant began to work in the real estate mortgage business as he developed a passion for helping others make their dream of owning a home come true. He later become the top employee at the office he worked at

With the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, Mr. Joel Friant set out to discover what is the difference between people who succeed even through hard times in the industry and those who do not. He later converted his research into lessons and written works. Mr. Joel Friant has written a vast number of articles that have been published in global publications. He has also done seminars and speaking events.

In 2012 Mr. Joel Friant started dabbling in online sales. He completed a course in selling on Amazon and eBay and has been using his newfound knowledge to strengthen the ales of his Habanero Shaker products as well as other goods.

The next stop in his interests was the energy cryptocurrencies. He started doing online trading and studied the concepts at length. Mr. Joel Friant converted his knowledge and ideas into tactics and began teaching others how to do online trading.

Make Money Trading Bitcoin Futures with AvaTrade

Forex trading has entered a new era with the introduction of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to the currency and futures market. This new Bitcoin market has brokers offering new instruments for traders to cash in on the cryptocurrency boom. Among the first to offer Bitcoin trading is AvaTrade.

Cryptocurrency is the term given to several digital currencies that are created using encryption techniques. These currencies have no physical form and exist purely as encrypted data. They have gained popularity because they are not controlled by Central Banks or national governments, unlike other Fiat currencies. This makes them an ideal currency for secure, international, and internet-based transactions. Bitcoin has become the most widely accepted cryptocurrency, with many ecommerce sites accepting it alongside traditional payment methods.

Bitcoin futures trading has brought cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. Trading officially opens December 10 at Cboe Global Markets Inc. and CME Group Inc., both Chicago-based exchanges, making it possible for institutional and individual investors to begin trading Bitcoin instruments using AvaTrade’s trading platform.

AvaTrade has been an innovative brokerage company in the online trading business since 2006. The broker was created by a team of financial and ecommerce experts to make a better retail trading experience than was available at other brokers. Since then AvaTrade has grown to serve more than twenty thousand customers worldwide, settling over two million trades a month.

AvaTrade takes the user’s perspective and is well-financed, giving it a leg up on its online-trading competitors. The broker provides 24-hour support desk service in various languages and an extensive selection of platforms and services. This has tailored its trading environment to traders of every level of experience. AvaTrade offers Forex, stocks, commodity, and index trading instruments.

AvaTrade is based in Dublin, Ireland and has other offices in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and Sydney. Because of its simple yet sophisticated trading platforms, the company has won nine different industry awards since 2009.