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All about George Soros’ Donations

Open Society was established by Soros in 1979. It is a donation-making establishment. It has branches and associates all around the globe. The foundation aims at advocating democracy. It additionally battles issues of inequality and discernment, among different causes.The Open Society Foundations has stations in more than 100 nations. It has attempted to stop dictatorship and promote civil rights. It has also upheld disregarded communities including immigrants, minorities, and the LGBT group.


In the 1940s, Soros, who is Jewish, escaped Hungary to Britain. He left to evade Nazi employment. His family afterward moved to the United States. There, Soros grew into an outstanding most prosperous investor in the universe.He has been engaged in philanthropic endeavors for several years. Counting his latest donations, he has contributed more than 30 billion dollars to different causes.Mr. George Soros made 1 billion dollars wager against the British pound in 1922. The grand deal gave him the nickname “the gentleman who shattered the Bank of England.” His belligerent trading of the currency forced the government to depreciate the pound.


For years, Mr. Soros sponsored the Open Society Foundations via yearly contributions. The endowments were approximately 800 million dollars or 900 million dollars every year. But starting a couple of years back, he expanded his donations.The donations were a significant aspect of his estate development. It brought the association’s contribution to approximately 18 billion dollars this year. The Open Society Foundations affirmed the large grant recently.The large contribution makes the association the planet’s biggest humanitarian charities. Also, the present value has established the foundation as more prominent than the Ford Foundation. It has also made it the second-biggest donation behind tech Bill Gates’ establishment.Open Society’s entire expenses are about 14 billion dollars over its long while presence. Its 2017 financial plan is 940.7 million dollars. It makes endowments to seven areas around the world. It concentrates on issues such as progression and economic governance. It also focuses on justice amendments and civil rights, as indicated by the association.

Political involvement

Soros is a major contributor to U.S. liberal causes and Democrats. He has been a forthright opponent of President Donald Trump. Since he was chosen, Open Society Foundations has highlighted its endeavors to help victims of hate misconducts. It states that hate has been offered “another stage” under Trump.On September 2012, Soros donated 1 million dollars to support President Barack Obama’s re-election. Weeks after the presidential election in 2016, Soros contributed 10 million dollars. The money was to battle hate misconducts. Soros also was a benefactor of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.


Soros’ total assets amount to 23 billion dollars. He is included in a list containing the 400 wealthiest billionaires in the United States. George is also a famous hedge fund director.In 1969, the 87-year-old established Soros Fund Management. It is today a secluded family office. Soros Fund Management is the unit that deals with the billionaire’s private wealth. It is also accountable for managing the Open Society grant’s ventures.

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The Reporting Career of Jeff Yastine

     Passing knowledge to others for free is not quite an easy thing to do. Most people prefer keeping their investment or business secrets to themselves so that only their close friends or relatives benefit. However, Jeff Yastine is one impeccable man who is selfless. In the year 2015, he joined Bayan Hill Publishing company as the editorial director, a position he holds to date. His arrival to this position was not empty-handed, but with slightly over two decades of personal experiences having been trading in the stock markets as an investor. In addition, he worked as a financial journalist whereby he gained more knowledge in journalism.

His selfless act of sharing knowledge is vivid in his weekly articles to Bayan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily whereby he helps all types of investors to understand business and money trends. Whenever he spots a good gap in the market that can help in the generation of profits, he quickly highlights in his articles. Apart from the Sovereign Investor Daily, Jeff Yastine also contributes to Winning Investor Daily whereby he limits himself to economic and business matters.

Although his success is highly supported by his determination and input to his career, Jeff Yastine has gained a lot from individuals he emulates. He has successfully interviewed individuals such as Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and Michael Dell who are the epitome of proper business and investments. This gives him an edge over other editors since he is more exposed to successful individuals as well his well-molded background in investments.

While Jeff Yastine has been reporting roles, he has been recognized and applauded on a number of occasions for helping investors in the avoidance of losses. For instance, he successfully predicted and warned investors about a real estate crisis that was about to occur in the mid-2000. This goes together with his warning about the unstainable rise of the dot-com bubble in 2000. That said, his analysis techniques are ideal and suit him best for his position in Bayan Hill Publishing Company.

Apart from analyzing economic figures in his country, Jess Yastine traveled to Cuba on two different occasions to make important reports. In the years 1994 and 2003, he was able to report perfectly on the roles of foreign investors in Cuba. His history and success have enabled him to pocket several awards, and he was nominated in the year 2007 by the Business Emmy Award for his incredible reporting on various American issues such as roads and bridges.

Sheldon Lavin: The Face Behind OSI Group Success

Sheldon Lavin is the chair and CEO of OSI Group. OSI Group is a private firm with headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The food company deals with meat processing and retailing services. Mr. Sheldon Lavin joined the meat processing plant 47 years ago after leaving the banking sector.

Professional History

The journey to working in a meat business started in 1970 when Mr. Sheldon Lavin was still in the financial institution. OSI industries through Otto and Sons firm were looking for finances to fund their operations. The bank advised Mr. Lavin to take an ownership post at the Otto and Sons firm. He agreed to the offer if only he could get the same leverage amount like the other members of the company.

Sheldon Lavin became more involved with the organization in 1975, and he started looking for foreign investors. McDonald’s later asked him to join the business in full-time to grow OSI. Sheldon Lavin gave in to the request as he appreciated entrepreneurial strategies and culture used by McDonald’s.

OSI Group is born

OSI Group started from here and grew in Europe, North America, Taiwan, and South Africa. Lavin bought half shares of the firm in the 1980s after an investor sold out their controlling interest. Years late, the remaining stockholders retired giving Sheldon Lavin full ownership rights. When he took over, he planned on making the enterprise big and is still perusing the company growth regardless of its extension to India, Philippians, China, Australia, South Africa, and Japan.

McDonalds and OSI business have encircled the world and taken culture out of the country. The enterprise is among the most significant protein suppliers across the globe. It has more than 55 plants in 16 countries. Lavin knowledge in finance and accounting plus his experience in the financial industry has enabled him to take OSI to its current position.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has a degree in Finance and Accounting. He has received awards for business and non-profit activities. The OSI International Foods Ltd president takes part in charity movements. He has contributed towards Inner City Foundation, United Negro College Fund, National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS), and Jewish United Fund. Lavin also works at Rush University Medical Center as General Trustee. He has worked with National Fish & Wildlife Foundation where he served as a Director. Holding various positions make him a competent leader and the right president of OSI Group.

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Rick Smiths Era in Securus Technologies

There many qualities that a company has to consider to be sure that the person they choose for the chief executive seat is the right individual. This is because the CEO directly affects the performance of the company. Sometimes, it is his innovation that saves the company from subsiding when there is competition. It is the skills of the CEO that ranks the position of a company in an economy. The Securus Company is an example of a company that has maintained its top position in the economy. No company has been able to second Securus Technologies in the provision of high tech provision.

Securus Company CEO assumed office in 2008. Since then a lot of progress has been noticed. His first improvement was on the architecture of a company. He renovated the structure by customizing it to fit the company’s needs.

Securus Technologies serves a lot of people. Over a million inmates depend on their services. About 2600 correctional services and 3400 prominent businesses also depend on the services of Securus. This is because no hacker has been able to crack their devices. This makes them reliable in securing data. Handling such a company, therefore, requires a lot of skills and knowledge. Rick Smith is well equipped.

Rick Smiths Academic Background

Education is key to efficiency in the management of a company. Without a good educational background handling the financial records and other fundamentals of a company may not be easy. This is why a good CEO needs to be educated.

Rick Smith is a product of high learning institutions that well ranked globally. He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He also has a master’s degree in mathematics and engineering. Sit is also an MBA holder.

Rick Smiths Level of Experience

The other factors that matter when it comes to good leadership are experience. This is because it gives an individual the skills of dealing with other people. It also improves the communication skills, which are vital to any chain of production.

Rick Smith had worked in numerous institutions before landing in Securus Technologies. He left an excellent history in each of these institutions.

For instance, the last place he worked before joining Securus was Echelon-Telkom. Here as their CEO, he improved their revenue from $30 million to $350 million. He also aided EBITBDA in raising $80 million.

Final Verdict

Rick Smith has a very excellent history. This must be among the reasons why the board of directors appointed him as CEO.

With the development of the company, it is evident that this was the right decision for the company. Rick Smiths work has proofed that his skills on leadership are unquestionable.

Securus Technologies will be one of the other legacies of Rick Smith.


Jason Hope- Changing life through the Internet of Things

According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things will be the biggest technological advancement that the world have ever seen. It is a technological wave that will be so huge that it will change the current setups as we see or know them. Interment of Things will hit the core of human life. From performing daily household tasks to running businesses, the application of the internet of things will be a possibility. The Internet of Things is a technological advancement that will see electronic devices interconnect with each other. They will be able to communicate with each other in such a way that they will share information amongst themselves. The net result will be better efficiencies and better usage of resources. Internet of Things will eliminate the wastages that happen in our lives today.

How the 'Internet of Things' could be fatal #IoT @Harri8t

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 4, 2016

Through the internet of things, it will be possible to interconnect kitchen devices, lighting devices, the vehicle and any other electronic device around us. Jason Hope predicts that the Internet of Things will attract huge investments by big corporations in the future. The big corporations will start recognizing the technological benefits offered by the internet of things and they will pump money into innovation projects aimed at realization of the internet of this dream. As some companies move in to implement the Internet of Things idea, more and more companies will seek to join in for the fears of being left out in technological abyss. Companies will get into a competition amongst themselves to see which comes up with the best innovative products. According to Jason hope who happens to be a big believer of the internet of things, there is likelihoods that all conceivable devices will be able to interconnect, and his Linkedin.

Jason Hope sees the current wave of smart technology which is seen as optional being the only way of doing things in the future. Although people today relate smart technology with just doing online stuff, in near future there will be better possibilities with the internet of things. People will be able to prepare coffee, turn off/on lights all from the comfort of their devices. You won’t have to visit the kitchen personally to make coffee anymore. Jason Hope sees a future where companies will be competing on which the best company to come up with the most is advanced applications to be used together with this technology. He adds that the race in the future will be a competition to satisfy the consumer. Companies will leave no stone unturned in search for opportunities that will change the life of the consumer, and read full article.


Raised in Story City in Iowa, Drew Madden is a leading healthcare IT professional. With a professional career spanning over a decade, Madden has worked at the top level in some of the best Healthcare IT enterprises in the US. He attended Roland-Story High School in Iowa County. Upon completion, he joined the prestigious University of Iowa, where he acquired a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE), in Industrial Engineering. While at the University, Madden also acted in the capacity of Student Advisor for four years, until his graduation in 2002. Shortly after his graduation, Madden received a job opportunity from Cerner Corporation. During his four-year stay at the company, he worked as an Integration Consultant, charged with implementing Inpatient Clinical applications in several major Chicago hospital systems. By the time of his departure from the company in 2006, he had received certification in PharmNET, CPOE and eMAR application modules.

In January 2006, Madden was hired by Ingenix Consulting where he worked as a Senior Epic consultant. He was responsible for implementing Epic Inpatient applications in multiple hospital systems in the Midwestern region. In December 2009, he was promoted to become Regional Sales Director in the company. A year after his promotion, Madden left the company. During his tenure at the company, Madden had received further certification in several application modules. With a very impressive resume, Madden secured a job as the Executive Vice President of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. in December 2010. His meteoric rise was illustrated even further when he was promoted to become the Company’s President, barely seven months after his arrival.

Under his stewardship as President, Nordic Consulting was able to grow from 10 to 725 employees, 3 to over 150 client partners and increase from annual revenues of $1 million to $ 130 million in six years. Drew Madden departed from the company and went on to establish his own firm along with four other IT professionals, known as Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Madden now works as a Managing Partner in his newly-founded company based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Mikhail Blagosklonny and His Plans for Oncology

Mikhail Blagosklonny, researcher, professor, and philanthropist, has played a significant roll in the study of cancer and again. Mikhail Blagosklonny works as a professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York. He has headed up major research on the topic of cancer treatments. Mikhail Blagosklonny is also editor-in -Chief for Oncotarget where he has published the results of his extensive research about the natural process of aging.

Arguably, one of his more noteworthy accomplishments is his advocation for the use of Rapaymycin, a cancer drug, for the purpose of lengthening life of humans. This study has been a break through in this field of science, and remains unparalleled in its import to date.

Why all the fanfare regarding the use of Rapaymycin? One reason is because of the immunosupressant qualities of the drug. When an organ transplant occurs, there is danger of rejection of the new organ. If the rejection happens, the transplant fails. To help prevent this from happening, doctors typically prescribe anti-rejection drugs such as calcineurin inhibitors, or immunosuppressant drugs. The downside to the use of these drugs is that over time, they can actually damage the kidneys of the patient. Rapaymycin has a low level of toxicity on the kidneys, therefore reducing the chance of damage.

Another break-though application of the use of Rapaymycin is in the treatment of cancer. When fighting cancer, Sirolimus is commonly recommended because of its antiproliferative properties. Rapaymycin, in proper doses, is able to boost the immune response of the body against tumors. By the same token, tumor regression is also enhanced. By using Rapaymycin, the chances of contracting cancer in transplant patients are decreased.

As a researcher and professor in Oncology, Mikhail Blagosklonny is particularly interested in the connection between cancer and aging, and why cancer is more common in people above a certain age. His goal is not only to figure out the why of when cancer occurs, but also the logistics of treating cancer. He hopes to discover a method of treatment that is not as costly and painful as they are today. Mikhail Blogosklonny wants to find a way to destroy the cancer cells without damaging the healthy cells, which are vitally important in the process of recovery.

In the field of aging, Mikhail Blagosklonny continues with research regarding the effects of Rapaymycin on longevity. So far, the studies have shown that when Rapaymycin is administered before the flu vaccination that there is some immunological rejuvenation in elderly patients. Though the research is still in progress, Mikhail Blagosklonny is hopeful that the drug will lead to increasing a person’s longevity.

Topics that have inspired Mikhail Blagosklonny have attracted attention in the medical field. The progress made has generated interest from many others in his field around the world who will carry on the studies. Mikhail Blagosklonny believes that treatment for cancer will be developed. He also believes that the treatment will not be a luxury, but will be cost-effective and available to everyone.

Matt Badiali and Solid Investments

     Matt Badiali is an individual who likes to talk about investment matters. That’s the reason he regularly offers his insight to a company that’s known as Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing focuses on helping people learn about investment methods that are secure, intelligent and reliable. Badiali is someone who does his homework about investments. He cares deeply about investments and isn’t afraid to travel the globe for insight. He’s been to Switzerland, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Turkey, Haiti and Singapore. Badiali has spent time near more mines than most people can grasp. He’s toured a vast range of oil wells located all around the planet, too. He’s conducted many interviews with CEOs (Chief Executive Officers). He’s assessed many geologic reports of all types.

Badiali is a seasoned geologist who also happens to be an investment aficionado. He’s an expert in natural resource investments. Natural resource investing can be potentially rewarding. It can help people access significant and rapid gains. People who want to do well in natural resource investments can learn a lot from Badiali. He writes a Banyan Hill Publishing column that’s known simply as “Real Wealth Strategist.”

People who know about Badiali know that he’s someone who puts a lot of time into research and studying. He can talk to people in substantial detail about all subjects that relate to the agricultural, energy and mining industries. He’s learned about natural resources for more than twenty years. He’s done a lot of work on drill rigs throughout the years. He’s even had oil wells he could call his own, surprisingly enough. He didn’t do all of this work without good reason, however. He did all of it in order to achieve his natural resource investment objectives.

Badiali has spoken with so many individuals who have a lot of influence in the oil field. T. Boone Pickens is one prominent example. He’s even been on the same exact stage with Pickens. People who are familiar with the oil industry know a lot about Pickens. Badiali has strong relationships with Rick Rule and Ross Beaty as well.

Badiali knows how to write about profitable investments. He knows how to speak about them eloquently and clearly, too. He in the past was a geology instructor at both the University of North Carolina and Duke University. He enjoys teaching people about the ins and outs of rock-solid investments of all varieties.

A Bank of the People’s Interests

NexBank SSB is a local bank that is based in Dallas and is proud to fund the Dallas Women’s Foundation, the 32nd Annual Luncheon. The bank will sponsor the foundation to advance the women’s economic leadership and security.

Scheduled for Friday, October 20th, the 2017 Annual Luncheon is to be at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. This luncheon features an appearance by a top 100 Influential list makers, Dr. Hope Jaren, who is also a bestselling author and an award-winning scientist.

Dallas Women’s Foundation holds this event every year and gets over 1300 civic, business and community leaders attending. This foundation is the most significant women’s regional fund and trusted leader in providing positive economic and social changes to girls and women alike.

About the NexBank SSB

NexBank SSB is a bank in the region of Dallas that has assets amounting to $6.4b and its charters dating from 1922. The bank is renowned for mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services geared towards meeting the needs of its clients, including institutional clients, corporations and financial institutions nationwide. NexBank is an elemental component of NexBank Capital Inc., which is a financial solutions company.

NexBank strengthens its name by maintaining a focus on reliable, timely and quality execution. The firm makes use of its seasoned professionals and experts dedicated to the clients all through the financing process thus assisting them in securing the funding they need for their operations and thus fueling their long-term development strategies.

The Bank also carries out commercial Real Estate Lending by liaising with real estate development agencies, and other players in the real estate world to facilitate their planning, construction process, and other opportunities. It also offers help to financial institutions nationally, as well as credit services and treasury management services.

The 12th biggest bank in Texas, NexBank, it is also the 179th largest bank in the country. Established in 1934, it now employs 87 workers in 3 locations. NexBank is a leader in many aspects of the trade with an A health rating as one of their strongholds, along with its money markets rate being 3X that of the country average.

How Gregory Aziz Shaped The Rail Industry In North America

Gregory James Aziz is the President, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of National Steer Car, a frontrunner in railcar manufacturing and engineering firms, headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. He was born in London in 1949. After studying at Ridley College, Greg Aziz went to the University of West Ontario where he majored in Economics.


In 1971, he joined a family-owned food supply business and steered it for 16 years to become a global importer of foodstuffs from Central and South America as well as Europe. The enterprise became a key distributor of fresh foods to wholesalers across the United States and parts of Canada.


From the mid-1980s to early 1990s, Greg Aziz capitalized on many investment banking opportunities. In 1994, he managed to organize the acquisition of National Steer Car from Dofasco. He aimed to makeover the company into North America’s top railroad freight car builder.


Greg maximized the robust engineering capabilities of National Steel Car by injecting substantial human and capital investment and emphasizing on team-building. Within five years, the company’s production shot from 3,500 to 12,000 railroad freight cars per year. The firm also increased its workers from 600 to 3,000 within the same period. Refer to This Site.


National Steer Car’s management team likes challenging itself, and it keeps raising the bar higher. The Chairman, Greg Aziz is skillful in identifying new talent which he invests in the development of innovative products incomparable in the rail industry. Consequently, National Steel Car is well-known for building high-quality railroad freight cars and delivering on time.


Gregory is passionate about engineering and manufacturing excellence. National Steel car offers superior railroad products, producing thousands of freight cars annually. It is the only North American freight car manufacturer certified ISO 9001:2008, with numerous recertification rounds. The firm has been consistently winning the highest award of the TTX SECO for over a decade.


Greg James Aziz believes in giving back to the community. His company has sponsored the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army, and the United Way, among other charities in Hamilton. National Steer Car also throws a Christmas party for thousands of its employees including the retired ones and their families. Gregory and his wife Irene also sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada.


National Steel Car’s performance has built a loyal client base with valued relationships. The company is relentless in perfecting the rail industry through hard work and commitment to integrity.