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Raised in Story City in Iowa, Drew Madden is a leading healthcare IT professional. With a professional career spanning over a decade, Madden has worked at the top level in some of the best Healthcare IT enterprises in the US. He attended Roland-Story High School in Iowa County. Upon completion, he joined the prestigious University of Iowa, where he acquired a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE), in Industrial Engineering. While at the University, Madden also acted in the capacity of Student Advisor for four years, until his graduation in 2002. Shortly after his graduation, Madden received a job opportunity from Cerner Corporation. During his four-year stay at the company, he worked as an Integration Consultant, charged with implementing Inpatient Clinical applications in several major Chicago hospital systems. By the time of his departure from the company in 2006, he had received certification in PharmNET, CPOE and eMAR application modules.

In January 2006, Madden was hired by Ingenix Consulting where he worked as a Senior Epic consultant. He was responsible for implementing Epic Inpatient applications in multiple hospital systems in the Midwestern region. In December 2009, he was promoted to become Regional Sales Director in the company. A year after his promotion, Madden left the company. During his tenure at the company, Madden had received further certification in several application modules. With a very impressive resume, Madden secured a job as the Executive Vice President of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. in December 2010. His meteoric rise was illustrated even further when he was promoted to become the Company’s President, barely seven months after his arrival.

Under his stewardship as President, Nordic Consulting was able to grow from 10 to 725 employees, 3 to over 150 client partners and increase from annual revenues of $1 million to $ 130 million in six years. Drew Madden departed from the company and went on to establish his own firm along with four other IT professionals, known as Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Madden now works as a Managing Partner in his newly-founded company based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Matt Badiali and Solid Investments

     Matt Badiali is an individual who likes to talk about investment matters. That’s the reason he regularly offers his insight to a company that’s known as Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing focuses on helping people learn about investment methods that are secure, intelligent and reliable. Badiali is someone who does his homework about investments. He cares deeply about investments and isn’t afraid to travel the globe for insight. He’s been to Switzerland, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Turkey, Haiti and Singapore. Badiali has spent time near more mines than most people can grasp. He’s toured a vast range of oil wells located all around the planet, too. He’s conducted many interviews with CEOs (Chief Executive Officers). He’s assessed many geologic reports of all types.

Badiali is a seasoned geologist who also happens to be an investment aficionado. He’s an expert in natural resource investments. Natural resource investing can be potentially rewarding. It can help people access significant and rapid gains. People who want to do well in natural resource investments can learn a lot from Badiali. He writes a Banyan Hill Publishing column that’s known simply as “Real Wealth Strategist.”

People who know about Badiali know that he’s someone who puts a lot of time into research and studying. He can talk to people in substantial detail about all subjects that relate to the agricultural, energy and mining industries. He’s learned about natural resources for more than twenty years. He’s done a lot of work on drill rigs throughout the years. He’s even had oil wells he could call his own, surprisingly enough. He didn’t do all of this work without good reason, however. He did all of it in order to achieve his natural resource investment objectives.

Badiali has spoken with so many individuals who have a lot of influence in the oil field. T. Boone Pickens is one prominent example. He’s even been on the same exact stage with Pickens. People who are familiar with the oil industry know a lot about Pickens. Badiali has strong relationships with Rick Rule and Ross Beaty as well.

Badiali knows how to write about profitable investments. He knows how to speak about them eloquently and clearly, too. He in the past was a geology instructor at both the University of North Carolina and Duke University. He enjoys teaching people about the ins and outs of rock-solid investments of all varieties.

A Bank of the People’s Interests

NexBank SSB is a local bank that is based in Dallas and is proud to fund the Dallas Women’s Foundation, the 32nd Annual Luncheon. The bank will sponsor the foundation to advance the women’s economic leadership and security.

Scheduled for Friday, October 20th, the 2017 Annual Luncheon is to be at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. This luncheon features an appearance by a top 100 Influential list makers, Dr. Hope Jaren, who is also a bestselling author and an award-winning scientist.

Dallas Women’s Foundation holds this event every year and gets over 1300 civic, business and community leaders attending. This foundation is the most significant women’s regional fund and trusted leader in providing positive economic and social changes to girls and women alike.

About the NexBank SSB

NexBank SSB is a bank in the region of Dallas that has assets amounting to $6.4b and its charters dating from 1922. The bank is renowned for mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services geared towards meeting the needs of its clients, including institutional clients, corporations and financial institutions nationwide. NexBank is an elemental component of NexBank Capital Inc., which is a financial solutions company.

NexBank strengthens its name by maintaining a focus on reliable, timely and quality execution. The firm makes use of its seasoned professionals and experts dedicated to the clients all through the financing process thus assisting them in securing the funding they need for their operations and thus fueling their long-term development strategies.

The Bank also carries out commercial Real Estate Lending by liaising with real estate development agencies, and other players in the real estate world to facilitate their planning, construction process, and other opportunities. It also offers help to financial institutions nationally, as well as credit services and treasury management services.

The 12th biggest bank in Texas, NexBank, it is also the 179th largest bank in the country. Established in 1934, it now employs 87 workers in 3 locations. NexBank is a leader in many aspects of the trade with an A health rating as one of their strongholds, along with its money markets rate being 3X that of the country average.



Depression is a topic that few people, other than therapists, like to talk about. We’ve all felt depressed at some point in our lives, and during depression, it is tough to speak with people about our problems. In this article, we will talk about an app and blog called Talkspace.


Talkspace is an app and blog site, which has made it possible and easy for people suffering from depression to speak with a therapist, from the comfort of their home, and on mobile devices. In the Talkspace blog, Alicia Winkle (5 years as therapist) was asked a series of questions relating to depression and therapy. She became a therapist in order to help people deal with their own obstacles. She realized this was what she wanted to do after she had her own obstacles, which led her to drop out of her previous field of study, nursing.

People often hide their depression, but it follows them on a daily basis. It can even be dangerous for the person suffering from depression. It is tough for depressed people to understand that they are beautiful, successful, young, and have everything going for them, while still being depressed. Being depressed does not mean that all of these things are no longer true, it only means that you are in a negative state of mind. Talkspace was created so that people could speak to professional therapists such as Alicia Winkle.


In conclusion, we provided a short version of what Talkspace is, and what it does. It is a blog website, and app that helps people deal with depression by giving them the ability to speak with professional therapists. Alicia Winkle states that, “We don’t have to completely understand everything a client shares with us.”

Dr. Jennifer Walden Experienced and Expert Plastic Surgeon Practicing in Austin, TX

These days, plastic surgeries are very common among the people. Gone are the days when people used to be afraid to go under the knife as the latest treatment and surgical procedures have increased the safety associated with the surgical procedures. It has become more comfortable for the people to trust the plastic surgical procedures and go for different surgical procedures available these days to improve the overall appearance of their body and face. Sometimes, cosmetic surgeries are required after an accident or an injury as well, and there are surgical procedures available to take care of such requirements as well with precision.

One of the plastic surgeons in the United States who is well-known for carrying out hundreds and thousands of surgeries throughout her career is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She has featured on many TV channels, radio shows, podcasts, newspaper, and even magazines as a commentator on plastic surgery. The views of Dr. Jennifer Walden are much appreciated in the plastic surgery field, and many of the celebrities from across the globe are her clients as well. Some of the treatment she specializes in are liposuction, breast augmentation, skin cancer, breast reduction, lip augmentation, eyelid lift, facelift, a soft tissue filler, Botox, and more

Dr. Jennifer Walden did her graduation and masters in medical from Medical Branch of Galveston, Texas University. After completing her masters, Dr. Jennifer Walden moved to New York, where she did her fellowship at the highly reputed Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Dr. Jennifer Walden believes that it is essential to understand what the clients are looking for from the plastic surgery before going through the process. It would help in ensuring that the result is as per the expectation of the patient. Dr. Jennifer Walden has years of experience in the field and knows how to calm the client and win their confidence with her expertise .

Crowdsourcing Consumers Trust the New Way to Shop and Fabletics

Crowd source reviews are increasingly changing the way consumers are making purchases because of the reviews. Consumers trust the reviews they read much the same as they would a personal recommendation from someone they know to make their final decision about purchases.


One of the brands that have seen more than favorable sales because of these reviews is Fabletics, which has grown over 200 percent since its launch in 2013. This equates to over $235 million in revenue and over a million paying customers. TechStyle Fashion Group corporate marketing officer Shawn Gold said a portion of the band’s success is due to the reviews, or recently referred to as the crowd. TechStyle is the parent company of Fabletics. The proof that consumer reviews can increase customer’s sales Fabletics has shown that and it is happening across all industries.


Part of the reason this is happening is because more people are using the internet more for all parts of their lives including reading reviews before making purchases. That is why reviews have become a significant factor since people more often are researching businesses before making purchases. Crowdsourcing is making a difference in this and the proof is in a recent BrightLocal study data showed 84 percent of people trust internet-based reviews the same as they would a personal recommendation. This is a percentage that has been increasing every year and further, the study showed that 60 percent of people seeing negative reviews did not use the business or make a purchase. Vibes in a study for holiday shopping found 33 percent of in-store mobile searches were to compare prices, while 65 percent of searches were to read reviews or for more information about a product.


Actress Kate Hudson is the face of Fabletics since their founding in 2013. TechStyle Fashion Group founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenburg thought about starting an athleisure brand and Kate Hudson’s name was the first they thought of to represent it. Fabletics president Gregg Throgmartin said Kate Hudson was very involved from day one.


Ms. Hudson took on the project reviewing budgets, determining social media strategy and continues to be involved in the design process. Kate Hudson works with the team to keep the styles fresh and reviews sales numbers weekly to know what clothing is selling and what sales aren’t up.


The goal of the company was to have the best product and it delayed the launch of the products six months to get good quality and they are fervent about quality Mr. Throgmartin said. Ms. Hudson made communications about the product clear and the sales model. In 18 months Fabletics had a top rating from the Better Business Bureau and satisfied customers.


In 2014 Febletics had triple-digit growth and it grew at about 43 percent in 201-2016. The company projects it will see $250 million in sales in 2017. What the company recognized Mr. Throgmartin said is the rapid growth is data-driven. Data runs the business with customers responding on social media that lets them know the quantity of product they need to manufacture. It also lets the company know the type of designs with the technology that lets them collect data.

Karl Heideck Analyzes a Lawsuit against Well Fargo

News reports indicate that the City of Philadelphia recently filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Company. The city is alleging that the bank dishonored the Fair Housing Act of 1968. It is argued that the bank used predatory lending practices targeting minority mortgage borrowers. However, the bank has denied the allegations noting that it has fair practices. Wells Fargo claims that the lawsuit is unsubstantiated. The City of Philadelphia filed the lawsuit on May 15 in the district court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in the US. The bank has been facing a series of scandals last year where bankers were opening bogus accounts in the name of its clients. Therefore, this lawsuit is the latest in the series of problems facing the large bank.

Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in the United States, with a population of 1.57 million people. The town has a large minority population with about 43 percent of its residents being black and 12 percent being Hispanic. The alleged lending practices of Well Fargo towards the minority population in the city hurt the city’s economy because most borrowers who applied for loans to refinance their mortgages had their applications turned down. That resulted in the foreclosure of the applicants’ homes. The city argues that the practice hurt the city because it caused lower property values in the affected locations, more frequent vandalism cases, and higher crime rates.

Wells Fargo has its headquarters in San Francisco. The City of Philadelphia also accused the bank of steering Hispanic and black borrowers into getting riskier loans than other borrowers with higher interest rates even if they qualified for low-risk and low-interest rate mortgages. The city claims that it investigated the claims for about one year before filing the lawsuit. The city also claims that black borrowers were twice likely to be given higher interest loans for loans with a repayment period of ten years. Additionally, Hispanics were 1.7 times likely to get riskier mortgage loans than other white borrowers. However, Wells Fargo disputed the claims made by the city through their spokesman.

About Karl Heideck

Karl earned his Bachelor of Arts in English language and literature in 2003 from Swarthmore College. He also received his Juris Doctor in 2009 from the Temple University Beasley School of Law. Heideck focuses practice in an array of areas such as risk management, civil litigation, compliance management, and helping clients throughout Philadelphia areas.

Karl is currently concentrating as an attorney dealing with bank litigations, fraud cases, and securities. Karl is also focusing on acquisitions, liquidity, transactions problems related to the mortgage crisis of 2008, and risk management. Karl Heideck has gained many years of experience working as a litigator.

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The Success of JHSF as a Premium Brand and the Role of Jos Auriemo Neto

The success of JHSF as a premium real estate developer for the high-end Brazilian sector is a story of innovation for decades. But, that was written and directed by José Auriemo Neto, the Executive Chairman of the real estate firm. The firm that was a residential real-estate developer, predominantly, spread its wings to other sectors of the business under the leadership of Neto. He paved ways for the firm into the retail sector, executive airport, and more. This helped the company to improve its brand building and earned the reputation of highest-quality real estate solutions provider.

As the Chief Executive of the firm, Neto oversees its public developments, hotels, commercial buildings, residential projects, and more. He is also strategizing and giving vision to the future plans of the business group and monitoring the projects that are currently undergoing. Neto joined the premium real estate developer in the year 1993 and helped it to create a service department in the year 1997 – Parkbem, a parking space management firm. In 2006, he assumed the role of the Chief Executive of the group and began with retail division by getting the rights for development of Shopping Santa Cruz. Subsequently, he supervised the entire development stage of the mall and directly managed its operations in the initial years.

In 2011, Neto was elevated as the Executive Chairman of the JHSF. Additionally, he made the firm partnering with many international brands and bring them into the Brazilian soil. Some of them are Pucci, Hermes, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, and more. It was also a point of innovation for the Brazilian retail industry, and it helped them to be integrated and competitive with international players. Neto attended his engineering at FAAP University and secured his Business Administration from FASE. He aspires to make Brazil as a hub for inexpensive real estate investment.

Matt Badiali Expertise in Investment Writing and Research

     Matt Badiali is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing is an independent research firm and publishing house. It specializes in the publishing of investment newsletters and research advisories. The company has grown its subscribers from 50,000 to 200,000 over the past two years. The company is based in Delray Beach, Florida. He is also an economist, research analyst, and an investment writer.

Matt Badiali puts a lot of time and resources in his investment prospects and research. He has worked in a number of countries including Iraq, Hong Kong, Singapore, Haiti, Switzerland, Turkey and Papua New Guinea among other countries. He has also gone to many oil wells and mines worldwide. Mr. Badiali has interviewed numerous Chief Executive Officers about their resource overlook and analyzed countless geologic data. Matt is experienced in the inspection of mines, consultation of environmental companies, drill rigs and also speaking at conferences on geology.

As a professional geologist, Matt Badiali during his researches likes to look at how skilled crews charged with drilling responsibilities are and how long it takes to drill a single hole. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Badiali was a geologist for a drilling company as well as a consultant for an environmental company. The senior editor holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and a Master’s degree in Geology from the Florida Atlantic University.

Banyan Hill hired Matt Badiali to be its Natural Resources Expert, given his knowledge and expertise in geology. He is in charge of carrying out research and providing investment opportunities recommendation on energy, precious metals, agriculture and other natural resources sectors for readers and subscribers of Banyan Hill newsletters. He is among the leading natural resources experts in the industry.

Before joining Banyan Hill, Badiali was an editor at the Stansberry Research. He acted as the editor of the Stansberry Research Report, which is an advisory providing information on metals, energy among other natural resources and is published on a monthly basis. He worked in the publishing house for over 11 years.

Badiali’s mission as an investment writer and researcher is to assist his readers to grow in knowledge and be able to protect their wealth. Despite the fact that his background primarily focusses on the identification of profitable opportunities in the natural resource sector, Badiali will also embark on finding new opportunities across the market suitable for investments by Banyan Hill subscribers and readers.

Equties First Holdings Australia

Equities First Holdings Australia is a global institution who provide financial solutions for businesses, corporations, and individuals who are applying for a stock-based loan or margin loan. It’s a global company with operations in- Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, and North America. Many of the investors are able to chose lending options, such as competitive stocks and security.

Equities First Holdings Australia is a leader in financing. They have provided many individual’s and company’s with the money they need for financial growth. The lending opportunity rates are astounding, and professional experts are there to assist you with all your loan or financial needs.