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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s Significance in the Brazilian Legal Practice

A lawyer is among the top professions that many kids mention they would want to become when they grow up. Today, legal practitioners play a significant role in the economy. In fact, they are responsible for forming and reforming laws in a country. They feature in the list of top earners in the society. There are close to 620,000 lawyers in Brazil of whom a third practice in Sao Paulo while a sixth in Rio de Janeiro. You have to undergo five years of school and pass the bar examination to become a lawyer in Brazil.

Since 1998, the Brazilian Constitution serves as the nation’s supreme law. Its civil codes are derived from French, Portuguese, Italian, and German civil statutes. Ricardo Tosto’sLeite, Tosto e Barros Advogados is one of Brazil’s elite law firm. Immediately you land in Brazil and wants to hire a lawyer; you can browse the internet to an attorney that best fits your needs. Ricardo Tosto has represented some of Brazil’s biggest personalities.

About RicardTosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Mr. Tosto is one the most influential strategists and leaders in the Brazilian legal practice. He began practice in a small law firm before moving to some of the corporate law firms in Brazil. Later on, he founded, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, a small law firm that eventually became one of Brazil’s largest law firms. Throughout his industrious career, Mr. Tosto has represented multinationals, celebrities, and corporations on the national scale. In fact, he has often provided legal counsel for the Brazilian government, corporations, multinationals, and politicians of different ideologies and more

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho pioneered the adoption of several highly profiled legal mechanism. His legal mechanisms are now conventionally used around the Brazilian legal practice. Besides, he mentored and guided his current partner, who began working as an intern in Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Mr. Tosto is responsible for overseeing his law firm’s most critical cases, providing leadership, and provision of innovative strategies to propel the law firm to success. Importantly, ask fundamental questions such as the law firm’s experience as well as their cost and billing methods before to hiring a lawyer in Brazil.


How Greg Secker Made It in the Trading Field

Trading is mainly centered in investing and trading depending on the current trends found in the market. Most people choose to do trading so that they get real money. When you are a trader, it will be possible for you to be your boss and set your hours. You are also sure to make a lot of money as time goes by just as Greg Secker has done. You need to be educated before you decide to be a trader.

You need to know most of the basics. Most individuals who want to make money from trading just get into it without understanding the process involved. You need to learn the basics required if you want to make real money. You should also have a successful mentor who you are emulating. Most people who are successful now got there by following the lead of someone who had made it in the field. Everyone starts at a particular point, and even the successful individuals began at the bottom and worked to make it to the top. It is also important that you master one trading strategy that you will stick to. One mistake that most people make is changing their procedures on a regular basis. This will lead to confusion and shifting of the focus.

Greg Secker went to the University of Nottingham in 1997. He was able to graduate from the school with a degree in Bachelor of Science. When he was done with school, it did not take a long time for him to realize that his heart was not in the field he had studied. He had been working for the Thomas Cook Financial Services before he began school and during his time in school. He had the position of a trading technologist. He then left the company in the year 2003, to be a full-time forex trader.

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and a philanthropist. He is known for the many good deeds he has done. Although he is successful in business, he has managed to help a lot of individuals on his path. He was recognized and made to the list of the 200 most influential entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

The most effective human rights groups

Children’s Defense Fund

The child Defense Fund is one of the human rights groups that have received considerable support. The organization does not have many demands. The children’s care is the only demand made by the group. In its course, the human rights group has taken its role very positively.

Among its demands are; giving the children a better pay ground as they develop, ensuring that all children are educated regardless of the economic and social background, and elevating the children from poverty. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin |

The organization has received support from both the government and several other private sectors. The Children’s Defense Fund equally goes after the parents who have neglected their children.

The Action Center for Human Rights

The Action Center for human rights is one of the oldest organizations in the world today. Founded by Jack Healey, the organization has been dedicated to the provision of fair treatment to everyone around the world. Jack Healey is one of the pioneers of the human rights movements.

He has always believed in giving people a fair treatment regardless of their status. The Action Center does not make any profits as an organization.

Currently, the group focuses on developing technological measures where human rights can be stopped. There are several applications created to keep every activity in check.

The Action Center receives its funds from the common citizens. It is one of the companies that refused to be funded by the influential people since they will always try to control their operations.

The Frontera Fund of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

The story of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey has been told repeatedly and even used as references in courts for the cases of human rights violation.

The two journalists had their rights violated by a person who had powers and the protection of the state. In their daily article, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested because of the fact that Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Sheriff was exposed on some deals, but this fact did not go well with him. Because he was an influential person in the state, he used his powers to frustrate the defenceless journalists without considering their rights.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had never had a thought of supporting human rights movements before. Their case became a motivation to being their course. After they were found innocent, the duo was compensated a large sum of money which they used to support the activities of the human rights organizations.

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Here’s what to Know about the of Paul Mampilly’s Investment Path

     The road to business success is often paved with challenges, but this does not mean that success is unachievable. Paul Mampilly is a definition of achievement. He is a retired hedge fund manager and former winner of the coveted Templeton Foundation Investment Award.

Professional Highlights

Professionally, Paul has been a focused business leader and he boasts of more than 25 years in business finance management. In 1991, he worked at Deutsch Bank as a manager. He was able to manage popular investors’ accounts. His quality management skills enabled him to manage the Royal Bank of Scotland and Swiss Bank accounts. Years later, Mr. Mampilly joined Kinetics International Funds as a leader. He was able to expand and grow the company’s financial assets.

Between 2003 and 2006, Paul worked at Capuchin Consulting as an editor and manager. Though he founded this firm, he left it to seek for further investment opportunities. In 2008, he decided to take his investment options a little further and invested in Netflix. He was also able to bring vast financial growth to the firm. In 2015, Paul served shortly as an editor at Strawberry Research.

In 2012, Mr. Mampilly took an interest in Sarepta, a therapeutic company. He bought shares here and sold them later at a profit advantage of over 2000%. In 2016, Paul joined Banyan Hills Publisher as a senior editor. Here he has a weekly column where he discusses stock investment. He also uses Profits Unlimited to inspire many of his subscribers based on the financial knowledge gained from Wall Street.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an Indian born American investor and business leader. He possesses a Bachelor Degree in Finance Accounting from Montclair State University and a Masters in Finance from Fordham University. Currently, Paul is keenly involved in companies he founded, mainly Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited. He is also a senior editor at Banyan Hills Publishers.


Generally, Paul Mampilly is an impactful business leader. Everywhere he has worked, he ensures that his subjects get the best investment advice. He gets to tell them on the available profitable opportunities and when to properly invest. Though retired at the age 42, Paul continues to offer investment tips to willing Americans.


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Daniel Mark Harrison’s Journey to Success

Daniel Mark Harrison is a great philanthropist, author, entrepreneur, and a great media expert. He has also been featured by several news sites during interviews and has been rated to be amongst the best. He has been visiting channels like Bloomberg, Reuters and also CNN. He has also been featured on who is who in the media industry like Forbes, The, The Wall Street Journal and also other online dailies. He has been able to prove that he can be a great lawyer and a trained business analyst. He is currently based in Singapore.

Daniel Mark Harrison has also been recognized to be a great scholar. He has gained a lot of fame because of the concept he developed called Factory Banking. He is also currently working on Bipolar Market Economy Equilibrium which is an option that is there to challenge the validity of something called Free Market Economy.

Daniel Mark Harrison has also been writing for coinspeaker and has been on the frontline breaking major news. He has also written several articles relating to Bitcoins and several findings. CoinSpeaker has been trusted as the main source of news for Altcoin and Bitcoin and has maintained to be amongst the leading Bitcoin websites on the web. The company’s readership has grown tremendously in the last few years and is currently receiving over 200,000 visitors every month. Their content is read by venture capitalists, Start-ups CEOs and also Private banks experts. Their staff is great world scholars who work towards meeting their client’s needs.

Daniel Mark Harrison has also worked as an Editor at Marx Rand. The company focuses on general news publication and has been trusted because of their independence when it comes to publishing quality concepts. The publication was even able to point an FBI officer who had been working as an undercover officer at the Ku Klux Klan. The company has been on the frontline trying to provide the best news. He has great writing skills and has also been known because of his leadership abilities at his family’s office called Daniel Mark Harrison and Co. The company has been able to open branches across several parts of the world and have been able to expand family’s assets in a big way.

Louis Chenevert – The Greatest UTC Leader

Louis Chênevert a Canadian businessman. He is former chairman and CEO of UTC (United Technologies Corporation). Louis Chênevert also held the position of president at Pratt & Whitney Canada. Louis holds a degree in Production management from HEC Montreal. HEC Montreal is an affiliate of the University of Montreal. He was awarded an honorary degree from the HEC Montreal in 2011. In the same 2011, Louis was awarded another recognition by the aviation trade magazine for being the person of the year. This was a US-based magazine known as Aviation Week & Space Technology. From this creation, it is clear that Louis Chênevert is not a man of little achievements. He spent the better part of his life making significant contributions.

Louis Chênevert was elected to the position of CEO of UTC in 2006. He left the corporation in 2014 after serving for 8 years. His position was taken over by director Edward Kangas. Apart from this corporation, Louis Chênevert has held prime positions in various other business organizations that include; General Motors, Pratt & Whitney, and Goldman Sachs.

Louis Chênevert’s success at the UTC was one that did not come easy. He had to navigate the company through the infamous great economic recession of 2008. UTC is a huge company manufacturing firm in Canada. How Louis Chênevert managed to keep the company afloat amidst the economic challenges is something that amazes many people.

At the time of his leadership challenges did not only come from external factors such as the great recession, there was also stiff competition among the manufacturing companies in the country and world at large. It, therefore, required the knowledge of a shrewd business leader to offset such challenges.

United Technologies Corporation is a firm that is dedicated to innovation around the field of aerospace and building in Canada. What was Louis Chênevert’s great contribution to the firm is that he managed to keep it on top despite it being a corporation that has operations only in Canada. Louis also managed to maintain the firm wages to workers while at the same time ensuring that the environmental issues were left intact.

Rick Smith is revolutionizing criminal justice communications

Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies, where it is changing how correctional facilities, law enforcement, and incarcerated individuals and their loved ones communicate. Through cutting edge security and communication technology, Smith is making sure that every stakeholder in the criminal justice process gets the information they need to improve communication, cut unnecessary costs, and reduce recidivism to make the system more effective.

Richard “Rick” Smith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Rochester and more information click here.

He began his career at Global Crossing North America where he held several positions during his time with the company between 1972 and 1998. In 1998 Smith made the move to Eschelon Telecom. He served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer from 1998-2000 and President from 2000-2003 before being promoted to CEO. Under Smith’s leadership he increased the company’s revenue from $30 million to $350 million before leading Eschelon Telecom to a successful IPO and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

In 2008 Smith became the CEO of Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies provides communications and monitoring services for public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and prisons, as well as pay phones to nearly 1.2 million inmates nation-wide to connect them with their families and friends. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Securus Technologies has been serving the corrections industry since 1986. Their innovative platform not only provides a direct line of communication between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones – projected to reduce recidivism – but also gives law enforcement and corrections personnel state-of-the-art tools to manage the inmates they’re responsible for and his Linkedin.

Under Smith’s leadership Securus Technologies acquired JPay Inc. in 2015. JPay is the market leading technology company that introduced electronic payments, email and a suite of entertainment and educational mobile apps to the corrections industry. The bold acquisition combined two of the most innovative providers in the corrections space, keeping inmates connected with their communities and learning opportunities in meaningful ways and what Rick Smith knows.

As communications technology rapidly evolves, Smith leads Securus Technologies in facilitating two-way communication between the company and corrections/law enforcement professionals and inmates. Together they are informing products and acquisitions that meet these stakeholders’ unique needs and fulfilling the company’s mission of reducing recidivism, improving safety, and enhancing quality of life and

National Steel Car is Leading Railroad Engineer and Manufacturing Company

Who is Gregory J. Aziz? How does the company he runs – National Steel Car – benefit its customers? What does the company actually do?

Known simply as Greg, Gregory J. Aziz is CEO at National Industries, Inc., serving as the Chair and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for National Steel Car Limited. National Steel Car, after over a century of being in operation, has become the top railroad freight and manufacturer of tank cars in the U.S. The headquarters is in Hamilton, Ontario.


Aziz admits to the company’s success due in a big part to their people – the employees, the staff, and leaders in the company. The employees are the cornerstone of a company that over the years, has become very innovative, dynamic and diverse, focusing on a values-driven purpose.


As employees of National Steel Car (NSC), all involved strive to consistently challenge themselves. They are always raising the bar when it comes to innovative thinking, elevating the company to levels no other rail company can match. According to Aziz, there is a deep sense of purpose to what the employees at NSC do. They build the customers trust by unveiling the highest quality of rail cars, with a performance of delivery that is on time.


But Aziz’ s company does not rely on its past accolades to maintain its impeccable reputation. It is through the pursuit of excellence that NSC achieves its greatest feat, ensuring customer satisfaction. After all, NSC is a proven leader in manufacturing rail cars. In fact, NSC has been proven as one of the world’s premiere railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. See More Info Here.


Aziz was born in London, Ontario in 1949. His education was at Ridley College, with a Major in Economics. He also attended the University of Western Ontario. After college, Aziz joined the family’s wholesale food business Affiliated Foods. Affiliate Foods would expand to a worldwide fresh foods importer over the next decade, including with distribution points throughout Central Europe and South America.


After several investment banking opportunities, in the early nineties, Aziz was able to purchase National Steel Car. By 1994, he was owner and proceeded to transform his company into a leader by example in the freight car manufacturing field. By focusing on engineer capabilities, team building and smart investment, NSC would be eventually growing from 3,500 cars annually to purchasing over 12,000 by the end of the decade.


The company has been certified ISO 9001, and is the recipient of the TTX SECO award every year consistently winning for over a decade.

Gregory Aziz CEO Of National Steel Car

Excellence isn’t easily obtained, it is earned through dedication and experience. No one understands that like National Steel Car, a long-lived giant in the industry of rail car design. National Steel Car has dedicated over 100 years to engineering the best rail cars available on the market. Their ingenuity and commitment to the industry have propelled them to one of the top railroad car companies in the world. The company attributes its success to the people who work to ensure only the best product is released for sale. An example of this dedication to quality personal would be the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car.

Greg Aziz was born in Ontario in 1949 and went to school at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. He worked with his family business and over the next 16 years, it became an international company importing foods from places like Europe and South America. Gregory Aziz worked with investments in New York from 1980 through the 90’s eventually purchasing National Steel Car in 1994. He set to work quickly with a distinct goal in mind, he intended to turn the company into a leader in the railcar manufacturing industry. In the next few years, he more than tripled the production of cars and the number of employees.

In his spare time, Gregory J Aziz and his wife support the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, one of Canada’s most noteworthy fairs. His company also supports a plethora of noteworthy charities such as the united way and the Salvation Army. His service to the Hamilton Community has also included sponsoring the Theatre Aquarius and the Hamilton Opera. To show their dedication not only to the community but to their employees National Steel Car also hosts an annual Christmas party. This party is open to current and past employees and their families and thousands show up to enjoy the festivities and participate in the company food drive. Despite these contributions to the community, National Steel Car considers its greatest contribution the jobs it provides. They pride themselves in paying their employees well and investing in their employee’s improvement as they would their company. Go To This Page to learn more.

Dr Mark McKenna Is An Ambitious Individual

Dr Mark McKenna is a doctor and someone who fights hard for his patients. He is someone who puts all that he is into the work that this man does, and that affects the medical practice that he has. This man is a medical doctor who is registered in surgery and medicine. He is someone who has been in the medical world for some time, and he is someone who works hard to be the best that he can be. Dr Mark McKenna practiced medicine with his father at the start of his career, while also launching a boutique real estate development firm.

Dr Mark McKenna has said that a typical day starts with him getting his daughter up and having breakfast with her. Before Dr Mark McKenna work for the day, he focuses on his family. When interviewed, he shared that he sets goals for himself and that he works hard to follow those goals. He is someone who tries hard to accomplish much with his life.

After Hurricane Katrina hit, Dr Mark McKenna saw the damage that had taken place, and he stepped up to be a part of the relief efforts. He was involved in the work of rebuilding New Orleans. He is an ambitious individual who could not stand by and watch as others struggled.

Dr Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta in 2007. There, he started ShapeMed. ShapeMed is a wellness and aesthetic focused medical practice. He works to help people change their bodies for the better. He is not afraid of starting up a new practice and setting out to do his own thing. His ambition pushes him on to attempt to do all that he can to succeed in life. In addition to starting his medical practice, Dr Mark McKenna has served as the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness.