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Bob Reiner on the Link Between Success and Responsibility

Talk Fusion CEO and founder Bob Reiner recently sat down to speak with Inspirery on the growth of his business over the past several years, as well as what lessons other entrepreneurs can take away from it. In addition to speaking about the viability of certain businesses in the digital age, Reiner also spoke at length about the need for transparency and responsibility in the digital sector. In particular, Reiner highlighted the effect that his company’s philanthropic work has had on communities around the world, and how it has helped to shape both his company’s culture, as well as consumer perception of his business and his products.

Perhaps what is most interesting though, is the fact that Bob Reiner did not enter into the digital telecom business with much previous experience. Instead, he had spent nearly ten years as a policeman before deciding to make an important change to his life. After developing connections and building a team, Reiner was able to make his dream a reality. After hearing his story, it’s easy to see where his philanthropic spirit comes from.

In terms of the business itself, Talk Fusion has grown in popularity over the past several years thanks to their innovative use of growing telecommunications technologies, including products like Video Email and Video Newsletters. By incorporating these technologies into existing businesses, Talk Fusion has managed to have a profound effect on its clients.

Of course, giving back to the community is just as important as boosting corporate efficiency, and that’s why Talk Fusion works closely with its clients to help them develop stronger connections with their own communities. In addition to branding services and video products, Talk Fusion also offers clients the opportunity to set up and maintain a charity account, which can help provide money to the people who need it most. It’s for this reason that Talk Fusion has managed to establish itself as not just a leader in digital video products, but in philanthropy as well.

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A Beginner’s EOS Lip Balm Guide

Evolution of Smooth lip balms strive to differentiate themselves from traditional ChapSticks. EOS calls their balms “lip spheres” and packages them in a soft ball that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. This means you can pucker up and apply EOS to both lips in only one swipe!

The contents of the EOS spheres stand apart from conventional ChapSticks, as well. They’re packed with organic, anti-oxidant rich and gluten-free ingredients, to nourish from the inside out, with reference from

EOS offers a full rainbow of flavors and benefits, and while they all would make a fun choice, several stand out above the rest, get redirected here.



This purple Smooth Sphere hosts a sugary, brightly flavored balm.



This on-trend, mint colored Smooth Sphere encases a salve that delivers freshness to your pout.



Light pink and dark pink swirls identify this Smooth Sphere, which is part of EOS’ “visibly smooth” line of balms. Coconut milk is known to calm and nourish the body, and this salve supplies those same benefits to your lips.



If you’re looking for a bit of color on your lips, the Sheer Pink sphere offers a touch of pretty, pink-tinted shimmer.



A sphere with SPF 15, this balm gives daily protection to your lips from the sun, while the lemon flavor invigorates your smile.



Available in a more traditional shape, this classic EOS flavor is packed into a tube. You can be sure that any of the salves in their “Smooth Stick” line contain the same elevated, organic ingredients as the spheres.


If these flavors sound too good to choose only one, fret not. EOS offers a convenient 4-pack! With three Smooth Spheres (Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, and Honeysuckle Honeydew), and one Smooth Stick (Vanilla Bean), you can stash these fresh lip savers all around. Check out more EOS products here on

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Karl Heideck Enlightens the Young Lawyer

Karl Heideck Enlightens the Young Lawyer

Karl Heideck Enlightens the Young Lawyer

Becoming an exceptional lawyer is not an easy task. The road begins at college through to law school. However, the facilities do little in ensuring that the student gets prepared for the real challenges in the legal field. Karl Heideck explores the mandatory things that young lawyers should know;

Be Informed on the State Bar Requirements.

Different states have different requirements that lawyers should fulfill before practicing. Therefore, it is important for a young or aspiring lawyer to get informed about the conditions. Some of these rules are defined and should get fulfilled from school. Young lawyers should, therefore, learn the practices of the states in which they are to practice. Follow him on twitter :

Create and Nurture Networks

While still at school, it’s important to build connections. Establish networks with students, lecturers, and practicing lawyers. These connections come in handy when looking for jobs and mentors.

Always Ask Questions.

Information is power when it comes to practicing Law. Therefore, young lawyers should not shy away from asking questions. Curiosity enhances their knowledge and improves confidence.

Selection of the Area of Practice

Your personality should always determine the area of practice law. A young lawyer should choose an area that comes easily to him/her.

Score Good Grades

When it comes to attaining that associate position, grades get considered a lot. It is, therefore, important to ensure you pass all exams with flying colors.

Understand the Market

The lateral market keeps on changing. Refresh your skills and adapt to changes.

Don’t Focus on Prestige

Breakthroughs mostly come in less prestigious law firms. Chances of moving up or making partner are higher in these institutions. Finally, always be kind to people including clients and workmates.Students seeking mentors can find that in an exceptional Attorney called Karl Heideck. Karl Heideck was listed by Hire Counsel as a contract attorney in April 2015. Before then, he practiced in the Greater Philadelphia area for more than 10 years.Karl Heideck held an associate position at Conrad O’Brien. Additionally, he served as the project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP. Karl Heideck is a graduate of Temple University where he attained his Juris Doctor. He also holds an arts degree from Swarthmore College


David McDonald Shifts His Focus To The Chinese Market

At OSI Group, the management team fully understands that corporation cannot be run using a one-size-fits-all business strategy. The company’s president, David McDonald, has put lots of efforts to ensure that the company’s subsidiaries are run independently and using management teams of the host country’s talent pool. This approach has ensured that the corporation’s products satisfy the needs of each target market.

David McDonald OSI Group notes that taste buds’ vary from country to country, and that a product that may be delicious in one is not necessarily treated the same in another. A singular universal management approach can negatively affect the business and its brand. OSI management’s approach makes it easy for the subsidiaries to comply with government regulations and cultural nuances in their areas of operations.

Read more: Q&A with Dave McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group

OSI Group is a global value-added protein products provider. The Aurora-based company is known for its delicious beef patties and sausage links. Its list of products also includes sandwiches and pizzas. The company sells its products through leading retail and foodservice brands such as McDonald’s. Recent estimates put the total number of processing facilities run by the corporation at 80. These factories are spread in over 17 countries, with China and the US having multi facilities due to their large economies. According to Dave, the high number of facilities has been made possible by the company’s strategic plans, such as the acquisition of Baho Industry.

David notes that OSI’s 20 years of operations in China have been successful. Recently, OSI geared up its efforts of dominating the country’s market by establishing additional facilities and partnering with leading Chinese brands. This move has seen its Chinese client base grow to include Burger King, Subway, Yum, McDonald’s, Saizeriya, and Papa John’s. According to David, OSI’s focus on China is good for the company as the Chinese market is the world’s largest growing consumer market. The country’s population is also growing more affluent.

David G. MacDonald is the president and chief operating Officer at OSI Group. Previously, the executive leader served as OSI Industries’ project manager, a position that gave him crucial skills and experience for his current positions. Dave is the North American Meat Institute’s chairman, Marfrig Global Foods SA’s independent director, and a member of OSI’s board of directors. He holds an animal science degree from the revered Iowa State University.

EOS Offers Customers The Best in Lip Care

Evolution of Smooth has been in business for less than a decade, but has already managed to become the second best selling brand in the United States. The company’s founders were able to convince a buyer from Walgreen’s to feature the lip balms a few years ago, and now EOS products are commonly seen in Target and Walmart. EOS lip balms have also become more popular because celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian have been seen using them. A number of style and beauty magazines like Allure and Cosmo have also featured EOS lip balms and recommend the products to their millions of readers. Find out more here on

EOS offers several lip balm flavors, and the products are filled with beneficial ingredients that smooth and soothe the lips. Cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E are in EOS lip balms, and these ingredients prevent dry, cracked lips and prevent sun damage, hop over this site. Flavors to choose from include Vanilla and Vanilla Mint, which are popular during the fall and winter. Summer Fruits and Strawberry Sorbet are best sellers in the warmer months, and Honeysuckle Honeydew stands out for its fruity and floral scents.

EOS also sells shaving creams and hand lotions with ingredients that condition and protect the skin, shop at

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How Beneful Brand is Changing the Way You Feed Your Dog

Beneful brand dog food is changing the way you feed your dog, that is unless you don’t mind giving your dog foods pack with unhealthy toxic ingredients. The team at Beneful are always looking for ways to improve their line of dog food, and their grain free with real farm-raised chicken Beneful dry dog food is changing the way pet owners care for their furry family members.

Not only will your dog race to their food bowl when you feed them this grain free with real farm-raised chicken dry dog food, you will be taking steps to help them live a healthier and longer life too. One look at the food and you can see those delicious chunks of chicken for Beneful, with colorful and healthy accents like pumpkin, spinach, and blueberries too. Your dog will never want to skip a meal again when they see this in their food bowl.

Every bowl you feed your pet is packed with 23 vitamins and minerals and is part of a complete and balanced nutritional diet. One thing you can count on when you are buying Beneful, each bag of nutritious food is produced at the US Purina Beneful dog food facility with extensive quality checks along the way.

Brilliant Investor behind the Success of Capital Group

Tim Armour, CEO of Capital group, applauded Warren Buffet for being one of the smartest investors. This is after Warren Buffet placed $ 1 million to a charity that is capable of giving him better returns instead investing in S&P 500 which is not an active investment, is costly, and above all, has high risks. According to Tim Armour advice to investors, he said that low-cost investment is the real deal as long as you are ready to be patient with it.

During the shareholders meeting, Warren Buffet advised shareholders on how investing in a mutual fund, in the long run, is the worst decision. This is because it attracts high management cost fees and the its risk are hard to predict, therefore for investors to be on the safe side, they need to make sure that their investments are of low cost . Warren Buffet was of the idea that investors should hire the best fund managers to help them in investing smartly.

Tim Armour advises investors to find smart and active financial managers who can follow market trends. This will help investors to be active and relaxed.

Tim Armour is the CEO and chairman of Capital group. He also serves Capital Research and Management as the principal executive officer and chairs the Capital Group Management Committee. His 34 years of experience is all with the Capital Group. Tim studied at Middlebury College, pursuing a degree in economics.

He started his career at Capital after being a participant in The Associates Program, after that he worked as the one in charge of U.S service companies and international telecommunication as the portfolio manager.

Tim Armour led the partnership of Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management for establishing asset management products meant for Korean Markets. The agreement will help in coming up with asset allocation products and retirement solution. According to Tim, the partnership will help to come up with a plan to enable Korean investors to come up with investment solutions.

The success of Capital group can be attributed to Tim Armour for always making a smart investment on behalf of the Capital Group.

Larkin and Lacey Foundation – Supporting Organizations Working for Issues like Human and Migrants Rights

The world today is going through a dire humanitarian crisis, and many different countries, particularly in the middle east are reporting surmounting cases of human rights atrocities like never recorded before. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

It is time for people from across the globe to come together and resolve the pending issues that are causing such humanitarian crisis, and even though many of the stable governments are making consistent efforts, there is a lot more that needs to be done. Many humanitarian and charitable organizations are donating to fuse the crisis in different parts of the world and are volunteering to help and support these crisis-stricken regions.

One of the problems that have proved to be disastrous for the world today is the rise of the terrorist organizations and growing number of terrorist activities across the globe. Not only does it cost the lives of thousands and millions of people annually, but it has also made millions of people homeless. Millions of people have displaced in the aftermath of the terrorist activities in the Middle East and its neighboring countries. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

These people are looking for shelter, food, education, and safety, and while many countries have welcomed refugees with open arms and provided part of the refugee population refuge in their country, many others have chosen to look the other way.

However, the human rights atrocities and humanitarian crisis are not only witnessed in the war-torn areas and countries, but many developed countries are suffering from a surge in human rights violations reporting.

The United States has seen a major rise in the racial crimes and intolerance against the migrants in the recent years. Many organizations are trying to reduce the numbers of such cases in the country and raise awareness about such issues that can cripple the country from inside.

Some of the major human rights organizations that are working towards the betterment of the world as we know it, especially in the field of human rights violations are Human Rights Watch, Protection International, Human Rights Foundation, Council of Europe, Amnesty International, Global Rights, Human Rights Group, United Nation Human Rights Foundation, and International Federation for Human Rights.

In the United States, the owners of new media firms known as Village Voice Media and the Phoenix Group, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, were arrested during the wee hours of the night from their respective homes.

The arrest was made by the Maricopa County Sheriff named Joe Arpaio. The arrests were carried out without proper evidence to validate the arrest, and the court decided in favor of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

As the champions of the human, civil, and migrant rights, their media firms raised voice on many issues, which is what caused the biased arrests, but the federal court not only acquitted them from the case but also awarded them $3.75 million in compensation for the harassment they suffered due to the arrest.

Jim and Michael made the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund from the amount they received which is spent to support the organizations and efforts championing the cause they believe in such as human rights, civil liberties, migrants rights, and more.

Anthony “Tony” Petrello: The Law and Mathematics Genius Who Made It Big In the Corporate World

Anthony “Tony” Petrello has had a star-shining career at Nabors Industries, Inc. When he joined the company in 1991 from Baker &McKenzie LLP, not many would have expected him to prosper in a field he had little experience in then. Despite being a lawyer by profession, Tony took up the COO role and fitted perfectly in it. He was later appointed as the company’s President and excelled in the role as well. In 2003, a dozen years after joining the company, Tony was promoted to become Nabors’ deputy chairman, CEO, and president. As he continued to impress in his roles, he was promoted to assume the chairmanship of the company in 2012. Since then till now, he holds the positions of chairman, CEO, and president. Tony is also a board member of Hilcorp Energy Co.

Anthony’s Early Career

Before joining Nabors Industries, Tony was practicing law in Massachusetts under Baker &McKenzie LLP. He was one of the managing partners of the law firm that he had joined in 1976. Before that, Tony had spent three years working as a consultant to the Attorney General of the State of Massachusetts. Tony qualified as a lawyer in 1979 after graduating with a JD from the high-status Harvard University. Besides law, Tony is a mathematician and holds a master’s degree in the discipline from Yale University. His twitter account :

Anthony’s Compensation

Anthony Petrello was among the highest paid business executives in the United States for the year 2015, especially because he triples up as board chairman, CEO, and president. His total compensation for the year was in excess of $15.2 million. The breakdown of this figure from proxy statements showed that $1.575 million was received as salary while bonuses accounted for $1.5 million. Even though he received no compensation in stock options, he got $10.8 million as stock. Other unspecified compensations accounted for the remainder, which was in the region of $10.8 million.

Lloyd Groove- Tony’s Friend

Lloyd Grove was Tony’s teenage friend with whom he had shared a room at the university. The two were mathematics students at Yale University. According to Lloyd, Tony was a math genius who always made Prof. Lang proud. Lloyd describes Tony as a fun-loving young man whose accent was more of Italian.

George Soros Political Stand

George Soros, the 85 year Hungarian, committed over $25 million on Hilary Clinton’s behalf, along with other Democratic candidates, is making a comeback. Known as the leading boogey man of conservatives, George Soros has recently but quietly come back as the funder of Democratic politics. People close to Soros have been said to say that he has seemed more engaged in politics then he has seemed to of been in recent years

The motivation has been said to of come from his faith in Clinton and his fear of Donald Trump, which he seems to think, is possibly doing the work of ISIS. Clinton’s campaign has been helped by the mobilization of the richest. It has allowed Clinton to be able to build a huge campaign that overbeats Trump. On Thursday Hilary is supposed to accept the presidential nomination where Soros is supposed to attend to watch. Needing to closely monitor the situation of the economy in Europe, though, Soros had to cancel attending the event. Know more on about George Soros.

Seen as an upside for Clinton, Soros was known to of been willing to put out the cash in all efforts to beat Donald Trump. The donations and the efforts put forth by the richest benefactors have been seen to of helped Clinton’s campaign. By the end of June Soros had already donated about $7 million dollars towards supporting Clinton called Priorities USA Action. He has also been said to possibly be donating another $3 million to the group. Marc Elias partly runs the group “The Voting Rights Trust”. The group disclosed its donors which also mean Soros donations are formally and publicly told to the government. American Votes is another group that George Soros has also committed $2 million to. Soros was found to of said that he supported Hilary Clinton but that he was not too fond of Obama which was started by Wood along with other statements in an interview at a center city bar. Clinton was then included in End Citizens United which was said to of received from Soros a $5,000 check. Johnathon Soros was then found to not want to comment on his father’s political giving increase. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.