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The Solutions that White Shark Media Provides to its Clients.

White Shark Media is a renowned digital marketing services provider that was created in 2010. The founders of the firm were Gary Garth, Andrew Lolk, and Alexander Nygard. Mr. Nygard and Lolk currently serve the enterprise as the CEO and PPC vice president respectively. The company has been dedicated to adjusting the type of services that it offers to suit SMEs. It has presently employed more than 140 highly knowledgeable individuals who have been working to ensure that it provides the best solutions. The website of the enterprise,, indicates that over 600 businesses have hired its services. White Shark Media has successfully maintained more than 10 percent of its clients. The excellent performance of the firm was appreciated by the The company has been using its innovation to create great adverts that can significantly support the progress of small businesses. A client review that was on indicates that the firm has been using unique methods that allow it to gain the trust of the customers. The clients have been loyal to the business due to its transparency and imparity.


According to the company’s website, it has had significant progress from the time that it was established. Google noted its progress in 2012, and it formed a partnership with it. The collaboration has been essential in the growth of the company and has facilitated it to reach more clients across the world. White Shark Media has also worked with Microsoft whereby it participated in its Bing Ads Authorized Program. A review that was posted by a client on the Shark Media’s website shows that the firm interacts with customers in a consultative way and this makes them feel like real stakeholders. Its approaches are very satisfying and trustworthy. The enterprise has been striving to remain relevant in the industry by always adjusting to technological transformations.


White Shark Media has always been keen on providing solutions that are past the anticipations of the clients. Its dedication to ensuring that the clients get more has assisted it to create healthy relationships with them. According to a customer representative’s comment on, the firm has been taking care of the needs of the clients and industry stakeholders. The exceptional tradition is embraced by the staff of the company from the management to the newest employee. White Shark Media is also devoted to ensuring that the employees get the best treatment and are also able to learn while they are at work.

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The Benefits of Adopting The Digital Strategies in The Growth of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Xerox recently did a survey of 1000 organizations in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and France to analyze the direction to take to increase small and medium enterprises’ efficiency and profitability. The survey indicated that a ban to various organizational processes is likely to occur, which will transit companies from paper to digital. Eucatex’s head, Flavio Maluf, noted that the change would probably happen in a span of one year. He shed some light on the findings.




The study pointed out that increasing production and minimizing costs are the vital factors that can increase overall profitability. Many organizations employ the print management services in a bid to reduce costs. Among those who represented the small and medium-sized enterprises, 50 percent said that so much time is wasted on processes that use paper, which compromises the value that it was intended to achieve. Germany and the U.S. are strong believers of efficiency. They noted that employees should use their hours in a more efficient way. However, only a small percentage of the participants showed readiness to adopt a paperless industry. Nearly 37 percent saw it better to utilize the services of companies dealing with information technology. About 23 percent indicated that they intended to integrate their operations in mobile devices. Another 27 percent noted that their intention to migrate to a mobile device within this year. France came out as leading in the initiative of moving from paper to a digital platform. The United States is just beginning.


A Good Initiative


According to Xerox Marketing and Strategy Director, Cristiana Lannes, the small and medium enterprises stand to experience great impacts when the transition occurs. These companies can, however, strategize on how to leverage from the implementation by considering information technology as a vital business partner. The change stands to benefit these enterprises regarding improving their customer care services, which will ultimately generate good results.


About Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf undertook a program in mechanical engineering up to the undergrad level at the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University located in Sao Paulo Brazil. He also did some bit of his university education at the New York University.


Flavio joined Eucatex three decades ago, serving in the trade division. He then worked in different capacities in the firm. His efforts saw him rise through the ranks to the position of the President that he currently holds.



Jose Henrique Borghi’s Views on Virtual Reality Influence on Advertising

For a long time now there have been no major technological advances directly influencing advertisement and entertainment in the enhancement of the pieces viewed by people. Jose Henrique Borghi from Mullen Lowe Brasil, an ad agency, shared his views about the possibility of the public viewing advertisement pieces using special glasses. This would see the deep involvement of the audience with the advertising stories as well as the brands.

Exploration of the Theme

Jose Henrique Borghi referred to the South by Southwest (SXSW), one of the biggest innovation events in the world that was scheduled to take part later in the year. During the event held in 2015, the new possibility of virtual reality advertising gained some emphasis. It was widely expected that during the 2016 event, the theme will be explored in a more outstanding way.

Brazil’s Contribution to Technological Advances

In as far as Brazil advertising is concerned, the Mullen Lowe businessman stated that the country is owed deeply due to its technological advances when compared to other states. Already there is a producer in Brazil, O2 Filmes, which started working with virtual reality some years ago. This contributed a lot to the sector and it was chosen by Apex, a Brazilian agency for Export Promotion and Investments, to represent Brazil in the SXSW event in 2016.

Jose Borghi recalls that the producer has had a number of interactions with virtual reality in the past. Ricardo Laganaro, the stage director, will present “Immersive Content: The Future of Storytelling” to the panel. O2 has in addition made a virtual reality movie showing the evolution history of the earth that can be viewed on a spherical dome. The film can be viewed at the Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro. The producer has also come up with a music video for IveteSangalo, a singer, dubbed “The Lighthouse”, which is the most 360-degree video clip ever seen.

Yanni Hufnagel Enjoys College Basketball

College basketball is a game that provides young men and women with an opportunity to compete at a game that shapes bodies and minds. The game of college basketball is huge in the United States. Many of the best young basketball players in the world play college basketball at least for a year or two. While much of the attention is usually shined on the basketball players, there are many aspects to college basketball that make the game special.


Everyone will not be able to play college basketball. The dream of many kids is to go to college and earn a scholarship to play college basketball. However, some kids do not have the ability to play college basketball. For some of these kids, the joy of college basketball and basketball in general is still very high. Many of these kids have a different dream about college basketball, instead of playing they dream of coaching.


Yanni Hufnagel is one of the people who had this dream as a young person. Yanni Hufnagel dream was to be a basketball coach. He took his dream and made it into reality by setting a path to reach his dream. He learned about the game of basketball by taking jobs that would get him near the game of basketball and reading good books about basketball.


This start took him to the point of becoming the manager of the college basketball team where he went to college. The energy that Yanni Hufnagel displayed as a basketball manager allowed him to get an intern position with an NBA team. The intern position lead him to an assistant college basketball position that he like and where he performed very well.


Yanni Hufnagel continued on his road of assistant coaching to his current job as an assistant basketball coach for the Nevada Wolf Pack. He has been in the position for about a year, and he has received good comments from the head coach for the Nevada Wolf Pack along with numerous others.


Yanni Hufnagel has a love for the game of basketball that drives him to be the best that he can be as a coach. Yanni Hufnagel gives his all in every aspect of his job as an assistant coach. From recruiting duties to coaching in practice, Yanni Hufnagel takes his job as an opportunity to be around the game that he loves.

How Bernardo Chua is Leveraging Network Marketing to Spread Health and Wellness Benefits

Bernardo Chua is a marketing professional with a strong focus on the multi-level marketing sector. He is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold, a privately held global company specializing in health and wellness consumer products established in 2008.

The company uses Ganoderma, a special mushroom from China that is renowned for its healing properties. Organo Gold uses the herb as a component of products including beverages such as instant coffee, cocoa and teas, personal care products, and dietary supplements.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua has extensive network marketing experience. He continues to excel by exploiting his in-depth understanding of alternative health and wellness products with innovative marketing and direct sales strategies. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Organo Gold’s business model consists of a strong merchant network with thousands of independent distributors in over thirty-eight countries around the world. In addition, the company also offers membership services through the Coffee Connoisseur Club in the US and Canada.

Prior to establishing Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua worked with Gano Excel. He is credited with launching the Philippines subsidiary and guiding it to tremendous success. He then expanded the business to Hong Kong, Canada and finally moved into the US market.

The skills and experience he gained working for Gano Excel empowered him to establish Organo Gold. The primary ingredient in the company’s products is still the same herb, Ganoderma, popularly referred to as the Reishi mushroom.

Organo Gold thrives on a strong network marketing infrastructure. There are about seven levels of compensation for the independent distributors. The independent distributors also enjoy free training in marketing, networking, and social skills.

They interact with renowned marketing professionals through the company’s training workshops. In this manner, they can improve their professional network marketing skills and also boost their personal development.

Under Bernardo’s stellar leadership, Organo Gold is experiencing quick growth and expansion around the world. Recently, the company received the coveted People’s Choice Award given by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation for being the top global network marketing company in the Philippines. At the same time, the CEO was also awarded as an “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur.”

Chris Burch Recap

Nihiwatu: Chris Burch’s Pride

Nihiwatu is one of the newest and best investments owned by Chris Burch. It is a resort that is based in Sumba Island, one of the remotest islands in Indonesia. The resort started offering services in the year 2015. This was following the renovation of a hostel, which took Chris Burch, and his friend and business partner James McBride, 3 years. The construction of the 5-star resort also cost the duo $30 million. Go here for more details.



Today the resort is the second biggest employer in the island. A percentage of the resort’s profit go towards improving the surrounding community, through the Sumba Foundation. But this is just a drop of what makes Nihiwatu a favorite of the world’s elite.



In total, Nihiwatu boasts of 27 private villas. The villas offers the best view to the nearing beach on the Indian Ocean. You will notice that all villas have Sumbanian antique, ikat prints and local wood. There enough bedrooms for you to tag a party along and there are also indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. Try to check for more details.



The waterfall fall spa is one of the best things Nihiwatu has to offer. The stately spa offer all kinds of treatments. If you don’t want to get out of your villa, the same treatment can be brought to you. In the resort, there is a wellness center that helps you to keep fit. Those who love yoga, can find yoga lessons here. But, you can always hire an instructor to give you a private yoga lesson that is tailored to your needs.



About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a prominent American Businessman that is not afraid to risk venturing in any industry. as long as you give him a brilliant idea, he is good to go. He has business in the tech, hospitality, consumer goods, and even home décor industry.



Based on, his story starts as a young boy raised in a business-minded family. His father used to supply mining supplies and would involve him by giving him odd jobs. So, he grew up loving businesses. His business mind led him to starting his first company while still in his teen. He started an apparel company, The Eagle’s eye. To start the company, he collaborated with his brother and together they invested $2,000. Years later, the company was sold for over $150 million dollars. Know more here.



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Outstanding Awards and Accolades Won by the USHEALTH Group Inc

USHEALTH Group Inc is a conglomerate made up independent health care services providers all united for the sake of making a positive impact on our lives. Paying for insurance is always a bitter pill for many of us to swallow. At the same time, however, it’s impossible to live without a cover taking care of our property, businesses and most importantly, a medical cover when emergencies do arise. USHEALTH Group, as a company, possesses all the desirable attributes you want in a prospective health insurance firm.

Here are some of the benefits associated with becoming a registered member of this organization

  • The group only deals and engages affiliates who have all the certifications and licenses to practice in a given field.
  • Customers get offered tailor-made services and products depending on their current financial situation.
  • The organization boasts of a hands-on experience spanning back half a century
  • Their core services and products are offered at competitive rates
  • The staff and the agents are reliable and trustworthy
  • Customers get full and comprehensive insurance policies for dental, vision, income protection, disability, death, disability and for chronic illnesses.

Top Honors and Awards

In recognition for their outstanding job at bringing quality, affordable and flexible medical care services and products to the masses, USHEALTH Group Inc. has gotten showered with tons of praises and other accolades from their 15 million customers and the other professionals in the healthcare industry. These include, being named as one of the top 50 companies with the fastest and most responsive customer care and call centers in 2013. Asides, the group also has a triple-A rating with the BBB or the Better Business Bureau. They also scooped the coveted Gold prize at the 2016’s One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards.

About USHEALTH Group Inc.

The company’s headquarters are stationed at Fort Worth in Texas. The primary goal of the establishment is to offer viable options for a consumer interested in medical insurance cover needs. The CEO of the health insurance outlet is Troy McQuagge who has worked in this particular industry for over 30 years. Mr. McQuagge recently got feted with the illustrious Stevie Award for the fantastic job he continues to oversee at the group.