Month: February 2017

Magnises Black Card Uplifts Millennials Living Standards

Magnises is a platform that is purposely meant for the young people. Magnises was founded by Billy McFarland and a few months after its inception; it had changed the perspective in which people see credit card rewards. Members of the Magnises club are issued with a Magnises black card that copies the details of a credit or debit card. The black card is not linked to any financial institution. However, it uses a magnetic strip that allows it to be used on behalf of the credit card.  More on


According to its founder, Magnises is a networking club. People interested in widening their networking scope can enroll for membership. Networking encourages and brings community relation among these members. Members of the club use the platform to connect with each other and possibly meet individuals relevant to their development. Becoming a member of this club comes with an annual fee of 250 dollars.


The Club is bringing working millennials together and providing them with a platform whereby they can interact and share ideas. The team owns a clubhouse in Greenwich Avenue specifically for its members. The clubhouse is furnished, and cardholders can access the facility anytime. In the house, members can have meetings, drinks and entertain themselves by watching TVs.  For added info access


According to, Magnises club has entered into over 50 partnerships with the aim of improving the aspect of all the members’ lives. The partnerships range from private drivers, private gym instructors, hotels, bars, and night clubs among many others. Today, the club hosts member’s only events where the holders of the card are treated to chef series dinners, parties, and educational talks.


In 2016, Magnises unrolled the work-pass perk. The work-pass allows the members to rent co-working spaces for only 99 dollars instead of 500 dollars. McFarland said that the company was trying to upgrade the lives of millennials both professionally and socially. Additionally, they launched the club pass and hotel-pass. The perks allowed the members to access nightclubs and elegant hotels at subsidized rates respectively.

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An Admirable Politician, Businesswoman, Philanthropist and my Role Model – Betsy DeVos

Work History of Betsy DeVos

After looking through her long line of work in the political and corporate arena, I decided that so many remarkable activities of hers must be discussed. I admire the strong persona and passion she used throughout her political career of 1982. This was the year I discovered when she first joined in the Michigan Republican Party as the local precinct delegate. For five years since 1992, I read that Betsy DeVos fulfilled the duties of being Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan. For four years since 1996, she served the role of the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. To my discovery, 2003 was the year when DeVos ran for the Republican Party Chairman position and was successfully elected to the post. DeVos’ political activities also involve political fundraising. I was awestruck to discover that she had successfully been able to raise $150 thousand for George Bush’s re-election campaign. I was impressed with her financial acumen, even more, when I found out that she controlled the finance sector for George W. Bush’s administration supremely for two years fulfilling her role as the Finance Chairperson. Betsy DeVos had surprised me with her recent success after the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. I was glad to hear that Betsy DeVos’ lifetime of perseverance in the political field had not gone unnoticed eventually. On the 23rd of November, 2016, the current newly elected President Donald Trump had revealed that he wanted to nominate Betsy DeVos as the upcoming United States Secretary of Education. The American citizens, the entire world and I expect DeVos to revolutionize the current education system. This is because I believe that she has a well-perceived view and experience which she had acquired throughout all of her lifelong philanthropic engagements. I believe that she knows the supreme value of education and she understands its necessity for every child as she had personally met with struggling children from developing nations.

DeVos is an admirable entrepreneur as well being the Chairwoman of WindQuest Group as the company was founded jointly by her lifelong companion 1980. I was emotionally moved to hear that the couple had also jointly produced a Broadway stage play called the Scandalous: The Life and Trials of Aimee Semple McPherson. The show performed incredibly well for three weeks until December 2012.

Philanthropic Work of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos had donated over $139 million in philanthropy. DeVos’ benevolent contributions are focused on arts and education. I was thrilled to find her joint charitable organization, Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to be playing an active role in this.

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Dick DeVos: An Estimated $139 Million Now Reported In His Philanthropy

Dick and Betsy DeVos are one of America’s most generous couple, a trait that runs in the family and their donations have gone to so many non-profit groups including private schools, churches and hospitals in the Grand Rapids, MI area. So many people have wondered just how much Dick and Betsy have given, something that’s never totally been disclosed, but now reports surface that around $139 million has been given to these charitable causes over their lifetime that’s been given through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. That’s only a fraction of what the DeVos family under Richard DeVos Sr, Dick’s father has given at an estimated $1.33 billion.


Dick DeVos is a businessman first and foremost along with his brothers Daniel and Douglas and sister Suzanne. Richard DeVos Sr. founded the family company, Amway Corporation that Dick spent most of his early career with. This company is a multilevel marketing company that sells various household products and health and beauty brands to independent business owners who can then resell them to their own customers. Dick started working in various management capacities at Amway first, but he soon started managing strategic executive decisions as a company vice president. He became CEO of Amway in 1993 and started opening offices overseas and helped it gain profits over $4 billion in his last year alone. He’s currently the Chairman and owner of The Windquest Group, a company that invests in several locally-owned businesses and alternative energy companies.


Dick and Betsy’s biggest priority at the DeVos Foundation has been education reform, especially in expanding private school opportunities for lower income families and inner city children, and funding charter schools. They also have helped start charter schools, including the West Michigan Aviation Academy with a curriculum based in aviation and mechanics. The Kennedy Center’s Institute for Arts Management was renamed in Dick and Betsy’s honor after they made a $22 million donation to it. They’ve also given to local children’s hospitals and Dick was awarded the Spectrum Health Art of Giving award for a gift to a local Grand Rapids hospital. The DeVos’s support conservative non-profit groups including Hudson Institute and Heritage Foundation, and they’ve given to Republican Party Candidates. Dick ran in the 2006 Michigan governor race but came up just short, while Betsy is the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party and now the pick by President Donald Trump for Secretary of Education.