Month: January 2017

Essence Of True Nobility

George Soros is an artist at living, His work of art being his esteemed life. Being a native to Hungary he moved to England in 1947 and secured work shortly after graduation as an investment banker. He eventually moved to New York as he rose through the ranks to become a sort after investment manager on He eventually branched off to establish his own company later named THE HEDGE FUND and solidifying his position as the greatest investment managers of the modern era.

George Soros later distant himself from the intrigues of the financial markets to invest in people as true living means we can be responsive to the other person. This was achieved through his widely credited OPEN SOCIETY social platform currently involved in various project well spread over 100 countries. This philanthropic projects range from basic human rights to education of native Africans under apartheid to fighting the spread of communism in Eastern Bloc by facilitating the reproduction of restricted texts. His passion for progressive on change led to adoption of transparency virtues in the extraction industries especially those directly involved with natural resources resulting in profit driven conflicts. His dedication to human rights activism has seen him voice his opinion in regards to asylum seekers from the Syria. He details a comprehensive plan policy that is far less disruptive and cheaper in the long run that can easily be adopted by the EU which maintains human dignity.

Democracy connotes debate and dissent, and as a stern democrat he was influential in bankrolling a legal battle against voting laws effected by the government administration of George W. Bush. The restrictive measures included nullification of ballots that might have been cast in different precincts as well as early voting that would effectively make casting of votes hectic during weekends presiding the election date on This was his initial involvement in political matters in America.

Respect for law like any perishable commodity can be lost if not nourished and as such George Soros has been on the frontier voicing his displeasure to the injustices being committed by Russia’s president Putin to the people’s government of Ukraine under the watchful eye of the European and American administration at He creates his own sub-culture of going against the herd by valuing the less privileged in society stating the potential tragic and far-reaching geopolitical effects that might result from the erosion of Ukraine’s independence and the growing influence of a Victorious Putin Administration if left unchecked in Europe. Leading to a predictable military confrontation between the nations involved although Russian aggression will negatively impact on the simulative effect in greater European countries. Such a blunt exchange will have few benefits, reducing the pressure on currency to settle with the bond holders as well as lowering the interest risk on premiums. He continues to advocate for the eradication of corruption in Ukraine’s black hole reducing the chances of a potential sovereign default hence persuading more cash injection to Ukraine’s economy by its foreign bank shareholders.

So Many People Are Now Getting To Know About FreedomPop Services

FreedomPop has become known by many because of everything that they are offering to their customers. With so many people looking for a better way to obtain wireless services, without having to pay high prices, many are finding that FreedomPop has everything that they are looking for. With free cell phone services as well as low-cost paid services, FreedomPop can accommodate anyone with any kind of wireless needs. Take a FreedomPop review for instance, many of them will talk specifically about the free phone service because it’s one of their longest-running programs.


The free service doesn’t come with a cell phone but can have one shipped out to the customer by having them pay for it on the FreedomPop website. With a cell phone costing as little as $10, it’s easy for anyone to get a smartphone that they love from FreedomPop. Even though the free service has been around for a while, things have changed, including the amount of the services that are being offered with the free plan. There are 200 minutes of talk time, 500 MB of data, and the text messages are unlimited with the free service.


Anyone who has chosen the free service can use it on one of two types of phones, which is a GSM phone or a CDMA phone from Sprint. Those who are going to use a GSM phone must first ensure that the network lock is completely removed, allowing it to be used on the FreedomPop network. Also, a FreedomPop sim card must be obtained from the company to use it any GSM phone, regardless of which plan is chosen. Speaking of choices, there are several other cell phone service choices, such as the paid plan for $10.99.


The paid plan is very popular because of the unlimited talk and text, but there is only 500 MB of data included with this plan. Adding the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service plan to a cell phone for only five dollars per month will give unlimited data to anyone who is in need of it, especially if they don’t have the unlimited everything plan. The $19.99 unlimited everything plan is truly the most popular plan from FreedomPop because it has unlimited data as well as unlimited talk and text. The unlimited everything plan can also be used with a Sprint phone as well as a GSM phone that takes a sim card.



Doug Levitt Offers A Voice For The Silenced Strugglers

Struggling Americans are looked at in many different ways. None of them are respectful. They are instead looked at as if they are less important than others. There is also a stigma that has been placed on people who have less than others. As a result, struggling Americans are often ignored at best. In many cases, people who are down on their luck are just left with no other option than to just take it. Fortunately, there is someone who is around to give a voice to the struggling Americans. He is Doug Levitt. He has traveled for years on Greyhound collecting stories from struggling Americans.


Doug Levitt has a heart for the struggling. It concerns him that so many people that have been fortunate pay very little regard to those who are put in a position where they have to struggle. Often times, people find themselves in a position where they have no choice but to start over. Doug has recorded plenty of stories throughout the years, and he will tell people that there is a lot of diversity to the stories. There are plenty of factors and unpredictable circumstances that could land someone in an unfavorable circumstance.


Among the circumstances that have led to people struggling are betrayals, broken relationships, dishonest handling of finances at the hands of institutions, and plenty of other circumstances. Often times, the struggling American is there as a result of being victimized. Then the cycle continues as they experience harsh treatment from people who turn a cold heart to those who are less fortunate than them. One thing that Doug hopes to do is fight the stereotype about the less fortunate. Once the stigma and stereotypes life, then the struggling Americans will be looked at in a more favorable light. The Greyhound Diaries hopes to contribute to the enlightenment of people towards the hardships that are faced by the less fortunate.

Brad Reifler Has Started Many Companies

One of the most powerful men in the world of American finance is Brad Reifler. In a career that has spanned 35 years, Brad has managed to make himself a fortune by being able to anticipate various fluctuations in the global marketplace. He then takes advantage of these fluctuations by making investments that allow him to make a substantial profit for his clients. Brad has also started a number of capital management companies that have enjoyed an enormous amount of success and profitability. He continues to show his amazing money management skills even after all of these years. The world of investing has certainly not passed him by.

Brad Reifler did not show any interest whatsoever in making a career for himself in the financial world. He liked to read. Therefore, he briefly considered making a career for himself as an author. However, he soon realized that the odds of becoming a successful author are very small. He preferred to get involved in a more stable profession. He got his higher education at Bowdoin College. He was not totally sure what type of job he wanted at this point. He had always enjoyed following the various global markets. This made him decide to try his hand at trading various commodities. He took out a few loans and the Reifler Trading Corporation was soon born. Profits for the company took off in a very short period of time. It was not long before Brad realized he had chosen the right profession.

Pali Capital is the company that Brad Reifler became famous for starting. He guided the company to tremendous profits while serving as its Chief Executive Officer. He also held the same job during his employment at Forefront Capital. Yet another company that Brad was involved in founding was Reifler Capital Management. The revenue at Pali went all the way up to $200 million each year that Brad Reifler was in charge of the company. This will tell you everything you need to know about his tremendous business acumen. He continues to amaze his colleagues with his ability to make smart investments.