Regulating Payday Advance Loan Companies

One of the ways that people have been able to get loans if they have bad credit is to go to a payday advance company. The are now plans on bringing in a consumer protection agency to make sure the rights of the people who do take out these loans are protected. These loans can often get borrowers in deeper debt than they were in before they walked into the business. The companies have very high interest rates, and they require the borrower to pay back the money with the next paycheck. If the borrower needs more money, then it can be given until the next payday, but there will be fees taken out of the check before a loan is given stated AnastasiaDate in a recent warning. If the federal government gets involved, then it can help regulate the businesses so that they aren’t taking advantage of those who need financial help.

The Dorchester Collection – The Best Luxury Hotels in the United States and Europe

The Dorchester Collection is known for the best luxury hotels in the US and Europe. They offer the best services in centrally located cities that are cultural centers of the world.

In the United States the Beverley Hill Hotel located in Beverly Hills, California is surrounded by 12 acres of property with gardens and beautiful landscaping. There are 208 rooms and suites and over 23 bungalows. Many of the room and suites have private gardens, patios, kitchen, balconies and fireplaces. They have a pool, fitness center, and several restaurant and bars that serve food and drink. It even offers many special services for children. Transportation and business services are an added plus at the Dorchester Collection.

The Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles is another luxury stop that visitors love. It has over 58 guest rooms and 48 suite with many special services. Room have 42 inch flat screen TV’s, high speed internet, bathroom with heated floors, spa tub, and work desk. The large pool serves many treats for guests in the hot weather like ice cream sundaes and mini lemonade slush.

Relax in the spa and work out at the fitness center for ultimate in luxury. Dine at the Wolfgang Puck Restaurant with fresh seasonal food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They feature many special events like afternoon tea for adults and children on Friday and Saturday. Other special events are wine tastings, cooking classes,and the Hudson Whiskey tastings. The hotel has a full service business center and complimentary transportation within 3 mile of the hotel.

The Dorchester Collection has several hotels in Europe located in London, Rome, Paris, Milan, Geneva, and Ascot. Each hotel offer luxury suites, dining, spa services, fitness center and many special events. When you want to stay in the most upscale hotel with exceptional services, The Dorchester Collection will met your needs every time. It offers the ultimate in guest luxury and services.

Manufacturing in China Stalls But Gains in U.S. and Europe

The European Central Bank has commence its quantitative easing and the influx in capital seems to be igniting growth in the manufacturing section of the Eurozone. The PMI or “Purchasing Managers’ Index,” which the Eurozone uses to track manufacturing progress by reviewing the surveys of thousands of manufacturing companies jumped to a four year high of 54.1 from an already robust 53.3 index reported in February. The contrary is being sen in the factories of China and analysts speculate that Beijing may be on the verge of introducing a stimulus package of its own to keep pace. Indicators have supported these findings as the Asian Development Bank has estimated that the expected growth of China’s economy over the next year is only 7.2%. This is trailing the anticipated growth in the european economy as the ECB easing policies pumps more capital into the market spurring growth. Indicators Show Strong Manufacturing Growth in Eurozone but China Lags

Across the pond the U.S. manufacturing sector also showed signs of spurred activity and growth stated This is in spite of gains the dollar has made against the Euro and other currencies and the now inevitable interest rate hike anticipated by the Federal Reserve later this year.

Bankers have noted that this is a good sign for the European economy as the effects of he ECB quantitative easing policy would not have taken hold at the the manufacturing level yet.

U.S. Federal Reserve to Pay U.S. Treasury $96 Billion dollars for Earned Interest on Bond Sales

The U.S. Federal Reserve made a record annual payment to the United States Treasury of almost $97 Billion Dollars (USD) for the fiscal year 2014. This reflects an increase from the previous fiscal year of 2013 of $79 Billion Dollars. These numbers are based on the Federal Reserve’s financial statement which is prepared by accounting firm Deloitte & Touche. U.S. Federal Reserve Makes Windfall Payment to U.S. Treasury

The payments are based on earned interest income from the Reserve’s bond purchases which have increase steadily over the past the several years. While the total amount that the Federal Reserve has earned was closer to $115.9 Billion, by federal law the Reserve must pay the major portion of the earned interest over to the federal government.

The payments that the Federal Reserve have been able to make is a result of its aggressive bond buying program started in 2012 as part of a plan to spur the economy. However, the payments made are still a small portion of the total assets of the Federal Reserve. Zeca Oliveira has learned that the Reserve’s total assets are measured at over $4.5 Trillion dollars.

Technically, this makes the U.S. Federal Reserve the first private trillion dollar company. As misunderstood by most people, the Federal Reserve is not a government agency. It is a private bank owned by other private banks and forms a service in concert with the U. S. Treasury.

Depression Is Affecting the Economy

Dealing with mental health disorders is something that is extremely difficult. Individuals who experience depression suffer greatly because of it. However, they are not the only ones suffering. The economy is actually suffering because of depression as well. It has been estimated that $44 billion is spent by the United States in lost wages every single year.

The World Health Organization says that about 350 million people are suffering from depression around the world. They say that depression can reduce productivity in the individuals who suffer from it by about one third. No wonder why so much money is being spent on lost wages.

What is being done about this? Some researchers, including Dr. Debra Lerner, are trying to find solutions to this increasing problem. She, along with her team of researchers, has tried to provide telephone-based therapy and basic counseling to individuals who are experiencing depression. Their goal according to Gianfrancesco Genoso, is to help individuals recognize that the unhappiness they are experiencing is not necessarily about their work, but it is about their health. A lot of individuals who are experiencing depression simply have not made this connection yet. They think that work is what is causing them to feel depressed. However, the have a genuine health condition.

Individuals who are experiencing depression should seek medical attention. Also, they may be able to do things in their personal life to try to improve their difficult situation. One of these things is spending time with family and friends and engaging in up building activities instead of isolating oneself.

Pope’s Views On Campaign Finance Reform Leads to Additional Media Adulation


It wasn’t so long ago that the mainstream media looked upon the Roman Catholic with disfavor and mistrust. The decade’s long scandal with the priesthood and the safety of children in their care has been global and damaged the church’s public image in the United States. Likewise, the church’s positions on abortion, contraceptives, and marriage did little to engender any kindness from the media. That is changing now under the tenure of Pope Francis. Sergio Cortes said that first off, the pontiff believes that support for global warming is a legitimate Christian position based on the God-given mandate to be good stewards of the earth. The Holy Father’s embracing of the controversial scientific theory has been warmly received by liberals. Likewise, his views that evolution could in fact be the means by which God created mankind are also viewed favorably.

Now, the Vicar of Christ has denounced the corrupting aspect that money plays in politics. While his comments were directed at the upcoming elections in his native Argentina, the American left has been quick to seize on the remarks. The left has blamed the 2010 Supreme Court ruling called “Citizens United v. FEC” for their crushing midterm defeats in 2010 and 2014. Still, the left’s views on campaign finance reform remain largely arbitrary. Wall Street money is corrosive when it comes from the Koch brothers or is given to the GOP. Wall Street money is fine if received by President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Burger King Franchise Owner Sells Gifts to Help Employees

Tom Barnett is the owner of 24 Burger King restaurants all over the state of Arizona. This year Barnett was the winner of Burger King’s corporate prize that they give out every year to the person they determine to be the Franchisee of the Year. The winner is based on several criteria. The award is based on customer complaints, health inspections, and safety scores. With the winning title, Barnett also received a new Rolex watch and a Corvette car, together estimated to be about $60,000.

According to the story on, Barnett felt as though the award was unfair to his employees. After all, Barnett was not the one scrubbing bathrooms or working a double shift to keep the restaurant running well. So, Barnett did what might be the most honorable thing and sold his prizes. With the $60,000 he received from the prizes, he matched that amount out of his own pocket. Now armed with $120,000, Barnett gave out bonuses to 100 of his employees which ranged from $500-$5000 each. Alexei Beltyukov has read that an employee said that a lot of people shed tears when they received their surprise, and generous, bonus from Barnett.

Barnett’s Burger King franchises have some of the least turn over in the industry. On average, an employee of his works for him for about 10 years, which is nearly unheard of in the fast food industry.

Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners Head Successful Fundraiser for Uncommon Schools

In an effort to make college as attainable to low-income students as it is to those with means, Keith Mann, founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, dedicates not only his time, but also his money to Uncommon Schools. A network of 42 charter public schools, Uncommon Schools provides support to its teachers and leaders so they can focus on teaching urban students how to achieve their educational desires.

Keith Mann recently headed up a fundraiser sponsored by Dynamic Search Partners to benefit Uncommon Schools. This successful event was hosted at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden and raised more than $22,000 with the help of donations made by supporters in the financial services community. With a goal of preparing millions of less fortunate student to attend and graduate college, Keith Mann said to CBS News 8, “We support this mission and work towards providing everyone the opportunity to go to college.” With Schools already in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, Uncommon Schools plans to open a new school in Brooklyn for this coming fall semester.

Sitting in on classes and meeting with soon to graduate students, Keith Mann was moved by the enthusiasm and motivation he saw in the students. Through programs funded by Dynamics Search Partners, students are taught how to best prepare themselves for college, internships and their future professions in the business world. They are given tactical as well as practical skills that will enhance their abilities and which they can utilize in college and in their future endeavors. In addition to the fundraising support, Dynamics Search Partners also donated $10,000 of its own funds to meet the testing needs of each student.

The AWC : Revitalizing The Industry

Specializing in fine and rare wines, the Antique Wine Company serves over 20,000 clients all over the world. For over thirty years the company has thrived and even broken a few records. It all started with Stephen Williams, the CEO of the London based company, when he founded the wine merchant in 1982.

Armed with a dream and a passion for vintage wine the AWC was born. However, CEO Stephen Williams wanted his company to accomplish more than an array of vintage wines. So, the company went one step further. Over the years they’ve acquired current wines they feel are the vintage wines of the future. No matter your thoughts on how they define “vintage”, the company undoubtedly deals in only the finest of wines. For this reason, the fine wine industry hails the AWC as experts. This is why AWC makes it their mission to provide management and assistance to palaces, beautiful hotels, and Chateaux.

Aside from fine wines, the Antique Wine Company is also known for breaking industry records. For example, in the year 2011 they sold the most expensive bottle of white wine in history. The 1811 Chateau d’Yquem sold for $117,000! The buyer (Restaurant owner Christian Vanneque) wanted to display the bottle, but he decided he would rather enjoy it himself. They also created the very first wine drinking application for the iPhone. In addition to breaking industry records, they also plan to educate the masses. AWC offers fine wine masterclasses and assorted wine courses at their AWC Wine Academy, which launched in 2011.

More important than their accomplishments is their product. One such product worth mentioning is the Grand Chateau Series. The AWC consulted cabinet maker Viscount David Linley to give birth to these handcrafted wines. What makes these wines unique is the presentation. They created the series with the idea of miniature architectural recreations of nine chateaux in Bordeaux. Each of these models contain 18 bottles pertaining to the specific building. Plus, some of the bottles date back to the 20th century, some as far back as 1860.

Starting with a vision a revolution in the fine wine industry began. For over 25 years the Antique Wine Company worked its way up to the top of fine wine. Since their creation the AWC has broken into other markets, like the Asian fine wine industry, and plans to keep going up.

Manufacturer’s Beware

In a welcomed move long desired by consumers, France this week ordered that all manufacturers who sell electronics in the country must tell their vendors and consumers how long their products are designed to last. Most companies make money by following a policy of planned obsolescence, which means that they design products to stop working at a particular time because consumers will then have to buy new electronics more often.

Manufacturers will also have to inform their vendors of the exact date they plan to stop producing replacement parts and the vendors in turn will have to inform buyers before any purchase transaction is completed. France also plans later in 2015 to pass a measure that requires manufacturers to replace electronics for free for up to two years. This plan is not surprising as most manufacturers have designed their products to last only one year resulting in many consumers dealing with products that suddenly stop working only a few days after their one-year warranties expire.

Alexei Beltyukov knows that, for consumers, this measure is a huge win in the battle against planned obsolescence. France has helped pave the way for governments in other countries to make similar rules that hold manufacturers responsible for selling substandard products literally designed to fail. Once manufacturers are required to behave this way, it will also save them money to provide the same information and replacement policy benefits to consumers in every country.