Bruce Levenson Has Made The Hawks Go Full Circle

Bruce Levenson is the principal owner of the Atlanta Hawks, and he is also the chariman of UCG. He started UCG in his apartment, and he was able to grow that company with his friend Ed Peskowitz into something grand. He loves basketball, and he jumped at the chance to invest in the Hawks.

Initially, he was a member of Atlanta Spirit LLC. This group of investors that spanned from Washington DC to Atlanta owned the Hawks, the Atlanta Thrashers and Philips Arena. The group recently sold the Thrashers, and they were able to focus on the Hawks.

The Atlanta Hawks have never been a competitive franchise in the NBA, but Bruce began serving on the NBA board of governors. He become an influential member of the NBA owner’s club, and he was able to bring in new management to make the Hawks better. He brought in Steve Koonen to manage the team’s operations, and the Hawks have had a major turnaround.

The Hawks are one of the best teams in the NBA, and the fans in Atlanta are coming out in droves to see the team play. ESPN has done features on the team. Bruce was able to turn Philips Arena into a first class arena, and he was able to make it more fun to watch Hawks games.

This turnaround is going to make the value of the franchise skyrocket when it is sold. Bruce Levenson was able to take an NBA franchise that nobody cared about, and he made it into something that someone will pay close to a billion dollars for.

The mark of a good business owner is someone who can increase the value of the business almost immediately. Those business owners know how to make enterprises more enticing to other people, and Bruce will sell the Hawks to a single owner who can continue his tradition of excellence.

Who in the World is John Textor?

Perhaps you are familiar with the infamous Michael Jackson “illusion” that stole the show at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards or the still, oh so talented lifelike 2Pac digital creation that rocked the stage, like never before, with Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, Wiz Khalifa and more during a 2012 Coachella performance. Or, perhaps you are an advocate Transformers movie fan who marvels over the force-to-be reckoned-with Transformers in action. Then you are familiar with John Textor, the mastermind behind these captivating, larger-than-life digital works of art.

Aside from these notable works, Textor, in conjunction with Digital Domain and its parent company Digital Domain Media Group, headed the visual effects of over 25 large scale films including the raw and adventurous Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End, Tron: Legacy, Real Steel and Flags of Our Fathers. He is the Producer and Executive producer of the science fiction fantasy film, Ender’s Game, which celebrated its global release in November 2013, and he is also the producer of Art Story, an animated feature currently in the works by Disney filmaker Aaron Baise and Chuck Williams.

Under his leadership, both Digital Domain and Digital Domain Media Group have enjoyed countless awards including CLIO Advertising Awards and multiple Academy Awards. In 2009, the group received the Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Arts, the epitome of animation honors, being recognized as the first visual effects company to create a convincible digital human actor in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The digital human was so real, the group also walked away with the Academy Award for Best Make-Up. Both honors reestablished Digital Domain as the visual effects leaders of the industry.

John Textor’ s other esteemed accomplishments include the completion of the digital resurrection of Elvis, a virtual Mets team, a $100 million joint venture agreement with the media mogul of Abu Dhabi, the transformation of Digital Domain into a film production company and the first of its kind dual enrollment Bachelor program with Florida State University.

Textor, a Palm Beach native, began as an avid skateboard participant, which, undoubtably, later earned him a position as a highly successful Chairman for the global snowboard brand, Sims Snowboards. In college, he dabbled in computer programming, where he became enamored with the internet and its endless possibilities, before going on to develop Wyndcrest, which invested in start ups Textor believed were capable of capitalizing off innovation. From 1997-2003, 13 out of 23 of Wyndcrest’s investments turned approximately $40 million into about $700 million in shareholder profits.

Today, Mr. Textor is currently a Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, where he enjoys a rewarding career as the resource to the Chief Executive Officer and the President-Head of the Studio. His expertise includes special projects, which also comprises his leadership in the extended use of realistic digital humans, venues and partnerships with major media groups, strategic partnerships and rights acquisitions.

2015 Investment Tips From The Famed Sam Tabar

Are you like many American’s who elect to begin each new calendar year with a slew of good intentions to revamp your current habits? Well if you tune into CNBC regularly you may have seen the investment tips offered by Sam Tabar for financial success in the investment world for 2015. For those who haven’t heard of Tabar, he is a Columbia Law School educated investment strategist who has had great success in a variety of markets, including the highly volatile commodities market. Tabar has held many noteworthy and authoritative positions in the investment sector including being named the Head of Business Development and the Managing Director for the SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors. He later took over for Merrill Lynch and Bank of America as the Head of Capital Strategy in the Pacific Asian Region. He has years of experience in hedge fund management and regulatory and compliance issues. With such established credentials and a history of investment success for investment banks it’s little wonder that the media listens when Tabar speaks.

One alternative Tabar suggests to these investors for the 2015 year is to learn to invest in the private business arena. Unlike the traditional stock and mutual fund markets is the alternative market made popular by social entrepreneurship, investing in these businesses can not only bring favorable returns but can aid others in the social startup arena. Tabar puts his money where his mouth is by sharing his recent returns on his investments in THINX, which is a women’s garment manufacturer with a socially conscious company culture. The THINX Company offers aide to less fortunate women in the poverty stricken African countries by donating seven menstrual sanitary cloth AFRIpads with the sale of each pair of women’s undergarments.

In his advice to new and casual investors Tabar offers some elementary, but important advice. He speaks of how many new investors can get set on a single stock that is outperforming others in the market, yet he warns against tunnel vision. Tabar acknowledges that while investing in such a money maker can offer immediate returns, becoming too invested in any one type of investment vehicle can be dangerous. That when over invested in any one strategy a single change in the market can cause great losses for the entire portfolio.

Tabar also warns that the commodity market is far more volatile than mutual funds or the stock market. His advice for the most success in 2015 investing is available on CNBC.

Skout Taking Off As A Dating App


There is a new dating and social app which is coming out,if not already available. Like all social and dating apps, there are some things each user needs to made aware of. Skout is a community, a community meant to being friends and potential couples together. Like all communities, there are some protocols to follow. It’s best that I bring them to your attention now, so you know what you are getting into.

There are many advantages to using this app, if used in the proper way.

Let’s look at few of these guidelines right now.


1) The app is organized into two separate groups. One group is for the teens. This group is also divided up based on schooling and age appropriation. The other group is for the adults. The adults are also divided up into groups. There are rules that apply for each group. What’s okay with one group, might not be appropriate for another. Skout is very careful about this.

2)Instead of using specifics, the app uses general information. This way the user doesn’t have to reveal anything he or she doesn’t want to. You can also make your own choices as to what to exchange, talk about and when to meet up. This app lets you decide how to move forward with your information and your relationships.

The other benefits kind of goes along with the first one. Those in one group can only talk to those in their age bracket. In other words, a 20-year old won’t able to talk to someone in their 40’s. Skout sets you up with those men and women your own age. This is a big benefit. It’s also a protocol that not many dating or social sites/apps actually put into practice.

3) Skout will ban you for inappropriate behavior and verbiage. They have a zero-tolerance policy on this. If they catch you posting or saying something inappropriate, they will ban you. In general, this site/app has been known to ban over 30,000 users due to wrongful behavior.

4) Skout monitors everything. Their monitoring services are on 24/7. If they notice anything suspicious, you will be notified.


What is considered inappropriate or wrong. Here is a list of what they consider unethical.

1) Those who register under a false age. Example: Someone who is 12 and registers as a 38-year old.

2) Those who harass and send suggestive photos and other images. Sexting fits into this category. Anyone caught sexting or harassing someone, without consent, will be notified and banned.

3)If any member asks for a donation of any kind will be banned.

4) Selling products or spam of any kind will not be tolerated.

5) Any thing that triggers copyright infringement will not be tolerated. This could include photos, graphic images, or other verbiage. Basically, you need to give credit where credit is due. Otherwise, it violates the Skout guidelines.


We are a community here at Skout, be it on your computer or mobile device. With that being said, we ask our users to police each other. If you suspect that someone is infringing on the policies, notify Skout right away. If you are being harassed by someone, it’s up to you to stand up for yourself. We can’t do it for you, nor do we intend to.

It’s the users that help make the app increase in popularity. As long as you do your part, we will work hard to do ours.


Losing a Job: Bad for Health?

Many people might think that losing a job can be advantageous to a person’s physical health. They might reason that unemployed individuals have more time to cook at home and exercise or spend less money on junk food or cigarettes.

The fact is, in recent years, a study reported by National Bureau of Economic Research said that unemployment has been found the culprit on weight gain and decrease in physical activity. Other studies also show that there is a noteworthy increase in death by painkiller overdose, which is linked to mental health conditions caused by unemployment. Economists stated that the difference was largely because of the long-lasting effects of the recession and most job losses were mostly heavy physical labor.

In a poll conducted by the New York Times, most non-working adults in the United States are more likely had been through bad physical health, mental health, and lack of sleep. Also, they don’t seem to be exercising more during their free time. 57% of them said that they spend more time watching TV, reading, and surfing the Internet.

There are various characteristics of the recent downturn, which negatively affect a person’s physical health, according to the economist who sis the study. Most jobs that were lost are manual labor such as construction jobs. Hence, even if they exercise during unemployed, they were not as active as they while working.

Hence, unemployment has effects far beyond the job industry. As Qnet sources have already reported it affects health care expenses as well as mortality rates.

North American Spine Specializes in Back Pain

A person can easily be walking down the street, trip over something, and hurt their back. Once their back is hurt, it may take a long recovery process, in order for the back to be healed again. The back can be very sensitive, and using it all the time makes it even more likely to become painful. Everyone uses their back, and unfortunately, many people have back pain. Back pain is cited as a number one reason why people will miss work at any time in their lives. Even simple jobs that do not require a lot of physical activity, still require use of the back.

The more the back is used, the more likely there is to be injury. Those who have been in accidents, may also have back injury or pain, and the pain can be overwhelming. It’s possible to have back pain, to the point where the person can no longer function on a regular basis. If back pain has completely taken over the life of a person, then it’s possible to have the pain reduced or cured. Many different back pains exist, and most of them are curable or manageable.

Unfortunately, many are managing their back pain with the use of medications, which can build up in the system over time. Although medications are a great way to manage back pain, they only help one to exist, not to truly live. If one wants to live without back pain, then surgery may be required, in order to get rid of the back pain they are experiencing. When people think of surgery on the back, they picture a long process, a painful surgery, and a long recovery. There is a minimally invasive surgery that is now performed on the spine, in order to fix back pain called the AccuraScope.

It’s no longer necessary to have long recovery times for back pain, especially after back surgery has been performed. The incision that is made into the back is extremely small, and the person can be up walking soon after they’ve had the surgery. The surgery is also an outpatient procedure, meaning the person can go home within the same day. There is no need to live with back pain anymore, especially when there are so many remedies to help cure it for good.

This has led to North American Spine‘s continued financial success as a global leader in spinal care.  Not to mention the plethora of positive patient reviews from everybody that visits the facility.

Susan McGalla Offers Advice To Working Women

PR Newswire reports advice from Susan McGalla.


Susan McGalla has given this advice to make sure that the women in the working world are able to make the most of their opportunities. When women are following the tips that are listed above, they are going to make the most of their new lives and careers.

Be Confident

Women are going to find out what they can do when they are more confident in their daily interactions. These interactions are going to make life much better for women when they are presenting themselves better. A presentation that gives women more confidence is going to give them the best way to make sure that they are taken seriously in all aspects.

Get Your Degree

When women are out getting their education, they are going to get more opportunities in the workplace. Most women will find that they are going to get more out of their jobs if they are willing to get their degrees. These degrees are going to help women get better jobs, but women need to make sure that they make going to school a priority. The family and kids need to be priorities, but women need to make themselves priorities, as well.

Ignore The Ominous Glass Ceiling

Women need to make sure that they are not looking up to the glass ceiling nervously. A woman may know that she could be paid too little for her work, but these same women need to ignore these problems because there are many men who believe women should get promotions and better pay for their work.

When women are trying to do the best for their families, they need to take this information to heart. This information is going to help ladies make the most of their lives as they take care of their own families.


Want more? Check out Susan McGalla on being both a woman and a leader

Unemployment Benefits Claim Highest Since September

The jobless people are claiming for unemployment benefits and the rate is the highest in the last four months. After spending a long holiday people are getting back to the work field but no job is available. But the reason is still unclear of such a high rate.

Labor Department of the United States reported that the claims go up 316,000 from 19,000 in last seven days. Last year, the claims went to 329,000 at the same time.
The last highest claims was in September totaled 300,000. The disappointing retail-sales report is adding another anxiety in the U.S. markets.

The economist’s investors have not fully read the report. In addition, most of the workplaces are not hiring people because of poor weather and holiday season. At the same time, companies have already hired temporary holiday workers.

“This is not an uncommon problem because U.S. market faces the problem every year. The tread will need several weeks to be normal condition,” told by economists.

On the other hand, 252,000 jobs were added by the United States government in December that was one of the biggest hiring along with Susan McGalla and P3 Executive Consulting.  In addition, the business plans will need more workers in 2015, according to the reports.

The Labor Department reported, new claims have risen from 6,750 to 298,000 in last month. However, the volatility season will be ended within four weeks according to the experts.

Beneful dog food

Beneful is a brand of dog food made by Purina. This brand of dog food has nourishing
ingredients with a enjoyable mixture of flavors. It is the top main concern for
Purina to guarantee the value and excellence of Beneful. Purina’s refined tracking system confirms uncooked ingredients and are tracked, as soon as it is at their plants. Beneful is processed under very stern handling standards and to guarantee great quality.

Furthermore, Purina’s extraordinary controlled products that are forced by federal law, to including FDA and USDA regulations there are also many state laws,and other laws that control the labeling and circulation of food products.

Dry Beneful:

There are many different flavors and kinds of Dry Beneful dog food.  Such as, Healthy Fiesta which has a rich mixture of vitamins with good vegetables and nutrition. For the overweight dog, Healthy Weight has a calorie nifty blend with 10% less in calories, which helps your dog preserve a healthy weight.

For the dogs needing protein, Healthy Radiance has a lot of protein with balanced and equalized nutrition.  Helps support a shiny coat and healthy skin. Oh of course don’t forget, Playful Life it has extra protein just for that extra enteric dog that loves to run and play.

Wet Beneful:

There are eleven nutritious verities of wet Beneful with a nourishing real ingredients, Such as vegetables, chucks of real variety of meat, and grains always keeping that special pet of your happy and healthy.

Purina actually has the amount written on their package of Beneful on how much to feed a dog or puppy. Each dog or puppy is very different when it comes to how much to feed them, it goes by their activity level and there breed. You can purchase Beneful pretty much anywhere you can buy groceries like Target, and don’t forget the pet stores.

Overall Beneful is a very nutritious dog food blend for any breed of dog big or small, they aim into keeping all dogs healthy.

BRL Trust Investment: A Sensible Approach to Successful Asset Management

BRL Trust Investment launched in 2005 when they began offering trust services regarding private loans. BRL Trust already had over 100 loans at the end of their initial year of business. Confidence began to flourish from the drive and motivation that BRL Trust Investment services offered as well as from the varied demands of their clients. This lead to new key areas of business, including capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and administration and management of investment funds, while watching the complete separation of activities. According to the ANBIMA ranking, BRL Trust Investment is the biggest independent administrator of investment funds throughout Brazil.


The overall mission of BRL Trust Investment is to meet their client’s demands in an efficient, safe, and honest way with their experienced and skilled team, unique controls and various processes, and acquired knowledge developed over time due to its ongoing performance within the banking sector.


BRL Trust Investment has integrity and illustrates high moral ethics in everything they do, while consistently respecting both the interest of their clientele and the national legal system. They have the necessary discipline and determination as well as technical understanding as the key instrument in skillfully applying their services to achieve optimal results on behalf of their clients. BRL Trust knows the importance of both an external and internal relationship to create a solid foundation; one built on integrity, trust, and transparency.


Due to the subsequent development of the worldwide credit market and the level of sophistication of capital markets, today’s investors have become much more demanding and discerning as a collection, monitoring, and control operations. Striving to meet the persistent demands of the market, BRL’s Trustee Services provides both diverse and innovative services to ensure the reliability and safety that investors demand.


BRL’s Trustee Services contains the Assets Control System (SCA) that specializes in the monitoring, tracking, collection, and control of loans. Their SCA has a huge database with over 300 companies that are monitored in a variety of sectors, over 500,000 receivables transferred in collectibles, and a portfolio with over 20,000 clients overall.


BRL Trust Investment underwriting services includes preparing the company or individual, whether they’re living in Brazil or a different country, to raise necessary funds for allocation concerning structured deals such as real estate receivables, debentures or agribusiness receivables, in addition to participating in investment fund quotas issues.


BRL Trust Investment provides the most innovative financial services that ensure both the reliability and safety that today’s savvy investors demand.